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Chelsea Thank Owls

Jimmy Smith's loan signing at Wednesday could well be the start of a blossoming relationship between Premiership giants Chelsea and the Owls.

Midfielder Smith arrived at S6 on a six-moan loan deal, with a view to an extention, earlier in the week as Brian Laws looks to bolster his squad for the start of the new season.

And there could well be more Chelsea starlets heading this way after Chelsea sent a letter of thanks to the Owls gaffer for the club looked after young striker Ben Sahar during his time in the blue and white stripes last season.

The Blues are always careful when it comes to loaning players out, Scott Sinclair reportedly being denied a move to Leicester City last season because of the state of the pitch at the Walkers Stadium.

But now the Owls look to have struck a positive relationship with Big Phil Scolari's men at Stamford Bridge, with assistant coach at Stamford Bridge Steve Clarke believing S6 was the right move for Sahar - and Smith.

'Chelsea were delighted with the we way we looked after Ben Sahar and coached him; I received a letter of thanks,' Laws told the Sheffield Star.

'It's opened a possible link for us for the future: Chelsea know that their players will be looked after if any of them come here.'

And with the current crop of youngsters at Chelsea facing a huge mountain to climb to get in their first team ahead of the likes of Michael Ballack, Deco, John Terry, Frank Lampard and Ashley Cole, Smith's arrival at S6 may not be the last Chelsea youngster we see arriving to play in the blue and white stripes.

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The Journalist

Writer: Nick Mail feedback, articles or suggestions

Date:Friday July 4 2008

Time: 6:37PM

Your Comments

nice to hear jimmy went to ma school hpe he does well wiv ya nd makes it at the highest level! or wiv ya lol
KW, do something right for once before you leave and get on the blower to Abramovich, there's a lad, and tap him for 5 million or so to tide us over til the takeover goes ahead. Just say it can go on account........then get transferred over to Scolari and tell him we don't mind introducing Deco and Eto'o to the rigours of the english game for the first couple of months of the season, and we'll soon have em up to speed for him. Ta very much.
think you might be getting carried away a little bit here. good laugh though lads!! ha ha
Feck off dicksplatt!!
will it ever happen
They just bung all the discarded rubbish kids to the Sty, Your scabby club is the only ones willing to take them. How many loanies will you have come kick off? 6 maybe 7?
"club looked after young striker Ben Sahar during his time in the blue and white stripes last season." Yeah looked after him brilliantly, that's why he's just signed for Portsmouth. Another reject Chelsea didn't want. You silly birds will believe anything!
Sharp- Sahar has made appearances in Chelsea's first team and is still owned by Chelsea. He is on loan. Here is the concept- Sahar would have a difficult time breaking into a first team of Drogba, Sheva, Malouda and Kalou. Therefore it makes sense that he would be loaned out to a team in which he could get EPL experience, seeing as how that would be Sahar's eventual destination. Spout some when you have a clue.
we've always had a good working relationship with chelsea though so this is nothing new. ever since the days of dan petrescu going there and us landing leon knight
with all respect and discarding the numpty comment from 'will it ever happen - NO WAY' i think you guys are clutching at anything half decent at the minute and blowing it out of propotion. you will believe mr chelski is the new interested party next. ha ha come on lads comment realistically!! sharpblades carm down man you are losing the plot!! ha ha
Bluntblades, long time no speak, good to see ya still keeping the moronic tones going on ouy site as usual. And before ya say how Chelsea only give us their rubbish, well he carnt a bin that bad cos a certain little piggy club across the other side a Sheffield also wanted him but unfortunately he used his sense and joind the better side. Also when ya say Chelsea rubbish mate.,,,,!!! with a team with the strength and depth of Chelsea with their iminent signings, Id be more than happy to have their unwanted rubbish at Hillsborough. By the way would Shevchenko and Drogba come into the catogory of rubbish bladesforlife seeing as they too are unwanted at Chelski. Id certainly like to think so mate. Take Care Buddy. UP THE OWLS !!!!
Also Bladesforlife, ya need to be carefull how ya putting stuff, I said it before mate and Ill say it again, ya starting to sound very worried and jealous a what "could" ( before ya say anything yes I no it may never happen but I think it will ) what " Could" be about to happen at Sheffield Wednesday in the next 3 weeks. But mate hats off to ya ya passionate about ya club just like we are with ours, and who wouldnt be jealous. Well want good things for our clubs in the end, and it must be hard for all you blades watching the plot unfols ad Hillsborough. But hey dont worry when we get in the prem and we got out mega bucks ( tongue in cheek ) how bout we loan ya some of our rubbish to help ya out and make ya feel better. As a good will neighbourly gesture. UP THE OWLS !!!!
Bladeforlife - 2-0. Simple.
Actually made a mistake there the second part of that message was ment for Bluntblades rather than it was he who left the comment about owls signing Cheslki Rubbish. Hey we all human he he he !!! UP THE OWLS
you wana stop drinking that man pop steviepig, its a bit too strong for you. lol anyway what about our new 20m investment by mr mac today. 20m to spend to guarantee promotion - jealous dont talk daft. ha ha
hey im not coming on here to argue gameburton just giving my comments and views. i think you will get took over but probably half way through the season. as for vast amount of money becoming available - no chance. nevertheless it obviouslly will make you become more productive in the transfer windows. ill tell you what if you can keep bringing players through like spurr, woods, bevers etc you will be onto a good thing, ok they wont stop for long as they will want to go to bigger and better clubs but at least you are going to get some good cash in to pay of debts and help rebuild in areas desperate. lets face it you are a selling club. im not having a dig just saying it as it is.
Ya right in that respect bladesforlife, we have had to sell an awful lot of our assets and its arguable that if a decent bid came in for the likes of Spurr, Wood, Beevers, we at this point in time would consider selling. Unfortuanately the lack of money at the club hasnt been kind to us in this way and we havent been able to keep as its in the best interests to the club as a whole to sell the players and I think managers hands have been tied. I think we have a solid basis for a team for next year and if anything Im not after big money signings, what Im after is enough finacial stability to be able to hold onto the nucleous of good up and comming talent and keep a stable team that can gel together, work together and have drive and passion to move on up. Yeah Im realistic and no its gonna take time, maybe not next season I think if takeover happens its gonna take time for things to fall into place but put it this way the situation at our end a sheffield aint to rosie in the board room right now. Hopefully the takeover will give us new hope. UP THE OWLS !!!!
Isn't every club a 'selling club' apart from the country's 'big 4'??
ronaldo - real madrid? everybody has a price and if a player digs his heels in it can turn nasty, whoever you are!!
that's a bloody good link to have there, lads. To still be in and around the Chelsea set-up must mean he has shown some kind of potential, big clubs don't just keep any old rubbish, and if they're happy for them to go on loan to Wednesday then you'll be happy to get them surely. We have our foreign links which we are using to send players, but as a team who isn't in a particularly strong financial position then having good relations with a quality club is a very good asset for you to have. Think the lad should do ok, even if strength may be a factor for him to compete physically.
i agree with everything you say there stevetheowl but i think all wednesday fans know that your prize assets will be sold within the next 12 months without a doubt. i'm a blades trust me im fecking used to it. its only now we are seriouslly challenging and able to keep hold of the likes beattie, kenny, quinn, tonge with no problems at all - which is a first and have guaranteed pulling power in the transfer market. i think things will turn around for you but it will take a few years. only massive investments and backers will go to the big 4 or just outside and abroad. temas like wednesday will just have to cope , get on with it and hope for the best. lets be fair the youngsters coming through at your place at the moment is a HUGE hell. spurr, woods, simek and beevers would all fetch in the region of 10m combined. thats a massive step closer to stability and reducing the debt. its going to be nearly impossible for some interested party to come and buy you out with the current debt problem and god know what else. keep you heads up us blades have been there, seen it, dun it got ***** on many time and look at us now. hard work, grit and ditermination followed by bargin buys. i think we should role this division over this season. UP THE BLADES!! ps - wonder if sheard is looking at the red n white half of the city as a much better investement oppertunity?? maybe thats why its taking so long. ha ha
Laws is doing an awesome job for us when you weigh it up. Kept us in the league on a shoestring budget, building links abroad and with bigger english clubs and working wonders in the old loan market (excl. kavanagh). Would love to see what he could do with a bit of money behind him. And to bladesforlife, my 2-0 comment wasn't intended to start an argument but it is frustrating when you come on here, say a lot of intelligent and contructive comments and then add in *****take comment at the end just to ruin it all. Your club is in a more prosperous position right now I agree, but I genuinely believe that Sheff Utd won't be promoted this season. As for us, I think we're coming towards the end of a bad era for us. The fact that Chelsea are looking at us favourably (thanks to Brian Laws) can only be a good thing.
I think every time the Blunts come on here they come on to have a dig. I take it as a compliment, a lot of them care what's happening over in the blue and white side of town than what's happening at their own club. All these it'll never happen comments make me laugh. The more they use them, the funnier it'll be when it does happen, albeit 2-3 weeks in to the season. I just hope they continue to come on when the season starts, and after the first derby match of the season...
i dunno you come on here and try to say constructive comments and you still get slammed for it. why? well i'm not going to start throwing the abuse around as it gets us all nowhere apart from banned. all im saying is just look at things realistically instead of how you would all like things to work out. as for the laws comment i think he is doing a great job and totally agree with gameburton07. mind you his wife is a big wendy fan so you can imagine what his life would be like if he fecked up. we dont come on here to have a dig nickswfc just to talk realistically as you lot do get carried away a hell of a lot. lets be fair it doesnt take much for you to start singing from the roof tops does it. for the recored i think you lot are in fr a sluggish season and will struggle but laws can generate a dae bassett / neil warnock dressing room team spirit so i think that will stand you in good stead. i think you will survive just and i think if any wendy fan could take that now then theu would snatch my hand off. look at us in the early 90's when you were spending millions upon millions upon millions. we were struggling on shoe string budgets just to get along. we all go through it. must admit it is annoying when you come on here and try to have a decent conversation at get abused all the time. i go on many vital sites along with other fans and the wendy site must be the most fierce and against rival clubs coming on here than any other. why are you all so deffencive and so quick to jump down peoples necks. like i say im not causing any arguments as it get sickening!!
i must admit i find it flippin hilarious how the blunts think its their god given right to go up lol there are far better teams than them in thid league, they have average players, kenny is a decent keeper, noy as good as grant but decent, killgallon not as good as wood but decent, who ever u stick right back isnt as good as frankie, left back is the closest ure gunna get to equalling one of our back 5 n thats only coz hes a centre back, in a year ull av no chance, n beevers, enough said there, ure strike force only has beatiee as a major threat, all the rest are average, and the same for ure midfield tonge has long past his sell by date, quinn is a good player ok but ure wings are crap, u will not go up this year n i luv how optimistic u lot sare, itll make it that much better wen u realise that ure crap mid table and then start blaming the manager haha good luck next year, ull need it for the positions ure aiming, n thats not from a wednesdayites point of view thats from a footballing perspective, xxxx
smiggypiggy - dont show you self up luv because you are doing!!!
THIS DOES REALLY MAKE ME LAUGH AND IF I WERE SMIGGYPIGGY I WOULD KEEP WELL SHUT, WHAT AN EMBARRASSMENT TO ALL WENDY FANS. sharpblades, no we wont go down, easily mid table, maybe suprise a few people n go better, our team isnt awful n u no it, think about hu went up, west brom beat us in injury time n drew with us, we beat stoke away n drew at home, we beat hull at home n lost to a wonder goal away, were not a relegation team at all, oh n we beat the supossed certaiintees for promotion this year at home n a wonder goals topped us from doin the double, n uve admitted u dont have depth a centre half u dnt have creativity and ure strikers dont score enough, all this doesnt mean ure goin up, uve just spelled it owt, know read it n realise MID-TABLE MEDIOCRITY= you lot. you will not go up, n wnt even go close, u had a decent end to the season in which u eventually conceded 3 to a team who wud of gone down otherwise (a team we beat 5-0) u wnt go up simple as, i think we both need t be wary of donny being a suprise package n finishin higher than us both, now that wud be emmbing n im from donny xxxx smiggyswfc
Come on pigforlife, you guys have had 1 season back in the big time and think you're bertie big b****cks! Trying to preach to us about football! Neither club are hardly Manchester United or Liverpool, let's face facts!
was he p155ed when he wrote this garbage.
ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha
johnny, i will agree with you there, cock. We aren't at all and chances are if things carry on the way they are we never will be.
neither sheffield club will ever be like that is a fact johnny. but you have to admit and take your hat off to us for scrambling for everything with NO money and gaining granual success which is why we are in a pretty healthy position now. you lot are at the other end of the spectrum where you have sepent millions upon millions and wasted it hence the pitty state you are currently in and have been for the best part of 10 years!!
For all the millions we have wasted, and all the millions you lot have acquired, both clubs aint had any recent success pigforlife. Wednesday havent won anything for 17 years, United havent won anything for... 83 years!
we have never had over 50m to spend in 3 seasons? pleat alone spent 28m. dont turn around and say you have never had you chance to become a worth club. as for us accuiring oney - mate we have well and truely grafter for every penny and deserve it. look at you lot now - looking for an easy way out. dunt surprise me one bit!! its easilly states you have had more money to invest thatn we ever have. even now we are challenging but not spending anything near what you spent in the early to mid 90's come on!! you had ya chance and made a right pigs ear of it!! ha ha that suits you lot perfectly!!
please. i'm ony replaying back to johnypig not having a good before all the comments come fludding in. ha ha another catch frase that suits. ey getting good at this. xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
typing too quick sorry - meant to say 'not having a go before all the comments come flooding in'
Your straying from the point pigforlife, i know you keep banging on about us wasting money, but neither club has, or is gonna have success for a very long time. Last time i checked, both clubs are still in the same division, the championship.
ho ho ho yeh you are right johnnypig, not for much longer though m8
We'll see at the end of the season, although you're probably right. I agree with you about your lot getting your finances together, I have complete respect for what Mr McCabe has done, turning a relatively small club that was getting 10,000 gates into a major 2nd tier power. If the Wednesday board had half the brains of him then we'd be in a far better position than now. McCabe's vision is great. But you can't really compare today's United to 90's Wednesday, we spent a little more money, but were challenging for the title in the top tier, not the 2nd tier.
Johnny, that is brilliant to read. It shows that you have respect for United & i agree that us now compared to you in the 90's is a no-match and im sure a match between the two would result in us getting a right pasting by Hirst & Waddle etc...

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