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Blades Favourite Moments?

We here at Vital SWFC were wondering just what we could do to help our red and white friends from across town. No, really, bear with me..

You see, there's a nice web page ready for Blades Favourite Moments right here, but they don't seem to have any, which is strange. So I was thinking, in a pre-season spirit of bonhomie and goodwill, that we could perhaps suggest one or two favourite Blades moments of our own. We shouldn't have to think too hard.

Akpo Sodje sidefooting the ball past Paddy Kenny, and our very well-meaning chant of 'There's only one Bryan Robson' perhaps? Now that just has to be worth remembering, if only because it hastened the demise of the hapless United manager. You've got a lot to thank us for, guys.

Predictably, we could go back in time and suggest a few more: I mean we've already written about some really memorable Blades moments here and here and here, but, I know, they're really memorable to Blades for the wrong reasons.

There are various hair-raising (or rather more accurately hair-losing) episodes we could suggest.. losing an eyebrow, now that has to be somebody's favourite memory, better even than Alan Cork's giant beard. Colin's quotes are priceless.

Warnock himself: now there MUST be four million favourite things about him you could put on the Blades site, indeed we wrote about some of them here.

Or maybe, in desperation, we could help them out with some genuinely good memories.. Tony Currie waltzing through the West Ham defence and inspiring Motty (or was it Barry Davies?) to utter the immortal words 'A quality goal, from a quality player'.. shame Currie went to Leeds of course but didn't they all in those days? Shame also that no one from Vital SUFC remembers it.

So, come on you Owls, help where help is needed. Your favourite Blades moments?

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The Journalist

Writer: Auckland Owl Mail feedback, articles or suggestions

Date:Monday July 7 2008

Time: 10:00AM

Your Comments

David Unsworth scoring the winner for wigan at Bramall Lane, after being told he was surplus to requirements at the start of that season. You couldnt have written it !! I laughed so hard that sunday my stomach was hurting for days
Aston Owl
My favourite Blades moment? Seeing them get relegated from the Premiership,then getting rid of Warnock,then failing to go straight back up. HA HA.
There have been some moments of real flare at the Lane which we all remember fondly ;)
Don't you mean flair? On second thoughts, probably not.
Auckland Owl
No he did mean flare,they always got shot down in flames lol.
Coops, without wanting to start a Blades-Owls slagging match (erm, maybe that's what this article is for :) ) is a prize tit. What a sad, sad man. Surely the Blunts have won enough trophies to warrant their own favourite moments haven't they? Hang on...
Brian Gay-le, Dane *****ehouse and the rest blubbing like little girls after they were run ragged and beat at wembley 1993. What would they have done if we'd scored the 10 we should have had?
Hopkins last minute play off winner! laugh , i nearly shat myself. Unsworths penalty,getting sent down by tevez conspiracy, getting sent down by hans segers conspiracy, mark steins last minute goal, all their best players going to leeds, Warnock!
Getting spanked by Wolves in play offs. After laughing at Des Walker.
you've really gone and wound bladesforlife up now...hahaha i bet he's loving this!!!!!
like it greeny! my favorite moments going to be when their "parachute payments" run out and they realise there totally and utterly screwed!
pigforlife has been trying the old 'intelligent football debate' angle for the past few days, this should bring out his true streaky bacon colours!
just shows what you are all about. really really sad. BUT........... shows you are mighty jeasolus of us. this pathectic article says everything.
Oh I could go on for-ever.......Three sided ground,Tony Currie and Mick Jones goin to Leeds, Don Givens missing that penalty in last minute against Walsall, Chelsea scoring in last minute to send them down, Boxing Day, The semi-final,last game in prem against Wigan, last season against us,Their dodgy chairmen over the years including that Israeli guy who came out as a woman, sam???...........priceless.
Both clubs have always had an unhealthy intrest in the others downfall, so don't come the condescending, higher than mighty tone, it doesn't suit you ! Get back to your sad 'snortbeast, we've got more money than you' pig****e than you usually post on here
pigforlife has got more heads than worzel gummidge! Please put the abusive pigs head back on, the 'i'm micks mate and i want to talk about football' one is boring
Don Givens, sending the blunts down to division 4
warnock telling us what a great place the premiership is over and over again, then oops getting the sack during that very same season, priceless............................
the silence from the piggy faces as we bounced and bounced and bounced, what a fantastic day!!!
Every Pig disappoint fills me with joy, just hope it happens more often. Would love to see them lose in a play-off final against us, now that would be the greatest!!
will it ever happen
I agree greeny9, pigforlife has got a fair few faces (split personality issues??) no offence pigforlife. What about United fans sharing all their memories of all the trophies they've won................ hmmm!
it's gone oh so quiet, schhhh....
And it's still very quiet!!!
will it ever happen
what about the signing of john ebrell,cost 1 million from everton,played one half (of a match) never to be seen again,quality signing.and also twice been relegated from premiership,putting blame on other clubs,for getting them relegated,
ecco owl
ecco, you forgot something about Ebbrell...he got booked in that 45 minutes! That was when we were financially in the *****, yet still spent a million on a player. The chant of "sacked in the morning" at Bryan Robson, that you all seem so proud of, if you remember, we actually joined in! For those few seconds we were all in it together. The real favourite moments will be up when I get more time. (A lot of mentions about that 1 game this season i notice!)
sad sad sad sad feckers. not going to bite just shows how much you envy us and how you realise what a force we are going to be this seasom coming. it does feel good that all wendy fans are trying to get this site looking red n white, finally at last some sense from the poor relations accross the steel divide. LETS FACE IT WE ALL KNOW WHOS NUMBER 1 IN SHEFFIELD AND IT AINT YOU LOT AND NEVER WILL BE!! the futures bright is fooooooooooooooking red n white. God you must feel threatened to put together a thread like this - jealousy eh snortbeasts!!! ha ha haxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
you enjoy your first derby win in nearly 8 years, dont forget we were at our lowest under nobson. there... there..... there every fecking where empty seat.... empty seats!! what an embarrassment to sheffield football you are. thats why you are the poor relations!!!!xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
when united were too tight to sign marradona sayin he werent good enough for 200 thousand and signed some over crappy player instead lol
not going to bite eh!! tut tut
normal service resumed from pigforlife!
That's more like you pigforlife! Back to normal at last! :)
Although i have to admit pigforlife, i am jealous about how McCabe has managed to transform your finances and sort you out
You've got it a bit wrong, bfl: threatened and jealous? No. Having a great deal of fun? Yes. Just a bit of banter! :)
Auckland Owl
I agree that it's a fact that McCabe has done a fantastic job stabilising the club and making them solvent, this has been a long slow process and has involved asset selling in the past. This is the mountain that Wednesday are now at the foot of. Unfortunately for all the gloating piglets, a takeover WILL happen (eventually) and what has taken them 10 years of penny pinching to achieve will simply drop into our laps overnight, AND THAT IS WHAT REALLY WORRIES PIGFORLIFE AND THE REST, WEDNESDAY ARE GOING TO RISE FROM THE ASHES AND ALL YOUR SNORTING , GRUNTING, TROTTER STAMPING BOASTING IS ABOUT TO COME TO AN END!!! LAUGH IT OFF IF YOU WANT PFL, BUT ARN'T YOU A LITTLE BIT SCARED IT MIGHT JUST BE TRUE ?? I THINK YOU ARE!
my fav moment woz wen tudgay put that delightful volley passed fat man kenny. ooooo da memories. o well same again next season. if i wo utd fans a wunt even bother coming hilsbra this season cause they will only be heart brokem!!!!!!!!! hehe up da owls
parden da spelling mistake i meant HEART BROKEN! HEHE up da owls
johnnypiggy - i didnt say anything out of turn and im not going to sit back while you lot abuse us!!
boothe - what about cantana??? ha ha you lot said he was useless and that was only what in the early 90's!! i rest my case lado. just for the record grenny9 you are the biggest numpty on here and johnnypiggy aint grunting far behind!!
Just tell me you are not in the slightest bit worried that i'm right pigforlife and that the takeover will not bother you in the slightest! (If it happens, i'm not convinced myself)
pigforlife, i'm not going to bite to your split personality!
i'm not in the slightest bit worried. if a takeover happens then it happens but you are in too much debt and god know what other hidden cost implications are hidden also. if the 30m plus debt is wiped out which it wont but lets way it will be do you honnestly think anyone would even consider investing another 20m into new players? no SANE person would and sheard is no different. lets be honnest as it stands at the moment you are a lowley club, turnover is at its worst for years, only 6,800 season tickets sold, a ground that was good 25 years ago - now its runned into the ground, a fan base which continues to decrease of average attendance on 17,000 if you are lucky. LETS BE FAIR YOU WOULD NEED TO HAVE THE WHOLE DEBT WIPED OUT, AND AT LEAT 30M INVESTED IN NEW PLAYERS, GAINED SOME RESPECT IN ORDER TO EVEN COMPETE AT THE LEVEL WE ARE AT NOW!! hope that answers all your questions greenypiggy. PS - johnnypiggy im just commeting properly and sticking up for the club i support. split personality?? pot calling kettle black there darling. xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
darling? i love you too pigforlife, let's never fight again xxxx
me thinks the piglet doth protest too much!
This time next year rodney........
As a Wednesday Fan my favourite United memories have to be in matches between the two. Altough United have a better head to head, most of these are forgettable. The two memorable ones are boxing day massacre ( I went with my Dad who is a Blade) and the semi final. Until United beat us by 4 or beat us in such an important game all the talk of 92 years since a double etc. is all a bit hollow. bladesforlife1889 does have a split personality because on one hand he tries to justify his presence on this website as healthy debate but continually drops his guard with unhealthy pointless bitchy comments.
Radon Barrier
radon barrier - i think any wendy fan would drop their guard when you lot post a debate like this? i think its shocking and ad that you have done this we wouldnt even waste out time and effort on you ot. it does say alot though the fact that you are jealous of us. for the record during this debate i havnt said anything wrong no have had a personell dig at any wendy fan, so the split personality comment is unjustified. stop trying to add fuel to this already sad debate. UP THE BLADES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I wouldn't drop my guard because I wouldn't be on a Utd debate in the first place. I don't know why you think we are jealous of you. When were were dominant in the 90's we won the league cup, had a good crack at the FA Cup, played, albeit briefly, in Europe and finished third in the league - we were in with a shout with 2 games to go. Since Wednesdays demise all United have managed is one season in the premiership - when you were robbed ( No team except the big ones or a London based one would have got away with what West Ham Did) The only other thing you have managed is to stay above Wednesday. Being better than a poor era Wednesday Team is a very low bechmark and leaves all your boasting sounding very anaemic. You are right about one thing though - the split personality thingis a silly debate. So i will say no more about that.
Radon Barrier
There's no point in having a debate on your site numptygetalife eh?????? cos there's no bugger ever on it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!ha ha ha ha.
Apologises for the split personality comment, it was just a joke, but you do wonder what pigforlife will get up out of bed from day to day sometimes!
What's with all the kisses and calling people darling ? If you want to come out this is the wrong website. Up the blades? more like up the arse!
Perhaps you should change yoyr name from pigforlife to Zorro , he was a gay blade!
aww come on greeny9, i'm all for people getting along on here, let's all show a bit of man love! xxx
blades fave mo, chris waddle bending a free kick in at wembley, you'll never see yer piggies beat the wednesday at wembley, enough said, nar ***** off this site red scum.
council owl
you fancy a bit then greeny9 ?? ha ha dont flatter ya self darlin!! all good banter boys - then councilpiggy comes along with his verbal insults some of you showing your true colours now!! did you go to the semi final in 93 councilpig? ha ha thought not!!
at last a friendly comment from my new mate johnnywalker96, ha ha noticed i've actually gone to the effort and spelt your name properly with no 'pig' included!! ha ha i dunno whatever next.
anyway back to the footy. dont know what you guys think but noticed clinton morrison is now a free agent - how mint would he be for you guys. i'd be gobsmacked if laws didnt even try to sign him. he can bang in 20 a season. what do you think? agree or disagree. i even think blackers should look at him
Ah, I love the sound of friendly discussion :)
Auckland Owl
BFL is nothing but a two faced tw*t. He comes on here trying to have a bit of banter and attempting to crack the odd joke. Yet on his own site, if you can actually call it that, he's going a little bit too far with the name calling. I dont mind friendly banter but him and his piggie grunters are way out of order. So BFL does us all a favour and stop polluting our site and contain yourself in your own filth of a site.
Skeggy Owl
skeggy pig - another one showing her true colours ha ha i dunno. you try and get on with folk and look what you get in return. you are proving me right and most of you would argue with yourselves. no name calling on our site luv and as for the two faced comment im not even going there. ive said i want to get along and 20 mins ago i said back to footy talk and asked and made a good point. so im not swaeing away from that now because i carnt be bothered with all the bickering anymore. + if you wana get banned continue doing what you are doing. so lads what do you think about the clinton morrison sitiuation? i think law wants his head looking at if he doesnt make an enquiry about him.
I'd be surprised if we can afford his wages bladeforlife, he must be commanding around 10k a week, unfortunately this is too much for us. Could be a good signing for your lot though, think he might do well playing alongside a big lad like Beattie.
to be honnest all blades fans luv sharp and i think hulse and stead will do well this season. prefered pairing has to be sir beattie and sharp. i think morrison is absolute quality and i'd have him at the lane tommorrow on a free. he would be wicked for you lot playing along side sodji. laws surely has to act.8k a week i bet he's on and when you compare that to the 750k on jefferes + his 7k a week wages morrison would be a mega bargin buy.
went to all the games at wembley mate, how many times u been, just the twice? once when we beat yer, the other a *****in queen concert you arse bandit.
council owl
hehehe, hey i kinda liked Queen council owl! ;)
Made me chuckle out loud though council owl! :)
ill let you have that one councilpig. been twice once when you *****s battered us (WONDER MAN ALAN KELLY) the other when we lossed in the playoff final to palace in last min. johnny mate - why are united so ***** on the big stage. wembley twice, cardiff once, old trafford twice. whats the crack there then??????

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