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Wednesdayite Board - 'Yes'

Breaking news this morning is that fans group Wednesdayite have called a Special General Meeting for August 6th to consider the formal bid for their shares.

The Wednesdayite web site has full details, including the revelation that the Wednesdayite board recommend 'YES' to the rule change which will allow them to sell their shares and 'YES' to sell the shares to Geoff Sheard and the Swiss consortium.

More news and reaction to this exciting development when we have it!

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The Journalist

Writer: Auckland Owl Mail feedback, articles or suggestions

Date:Wednesday July 23 2008

Time: 9:05AM

Your Comments

Could it be ... ?!
Please please please let it be. . .
i think ive just wet my pants
I'm past caring. If Wednesdayite do sell the shares will it be the last we ever hear of them? I hope so.
Radon Barrier
if they sell the shares, what do they do with the money?????????
swfcjambo, the W'ite dosh will be to the benefit of the club, fed back in to the academy etc.
Auckland Owl
wish you guys would stop going on about this and moaning. what will be will be just chill out get ya season ticket and support the boys through and through. it looks quite close now to be honnest but dont expect big things stability is the best that can be expected
Good god, I agree with almost every word blunts4life just wrote. I don't think I can be well.
Some of us aren't moaning about this news, bfl.
Auckland Owl
Well for what its worth Ive voted, so I just hope the rest of the members see sense and do the right thing.
Skeggy Owl
Its starting to sound good. really looking forward to the start of season now!!
Asking questions is not moaning. I've lost interest in the takeover because it has gone on for so long, plus there is nothing I can do about it. I'm more interested in last nights result. If our strikers can stay clear of injuries this season I don't see why we can't finish in the top 6. Either way I feel this is the season we will overtake United. We already have a much better defense and I think they rely too much on Beattie. I can see both Sheffield teams in the play offs next year. Now that would be interesting. Not beating doing the double for over 90 years and then beating them 4 times in the same year!
Radon Barrier
I don't care what they do with the money, i just want this take over to hurry up
Well done Wednesdayite for making a public statement!, i didn't expect that, in fact i thought the ballot would be shrouded in mystery, and had heard rumours that the Wednesdayite board were suggesting a 'No' vote. A bit of good PR from keys and co. Now the focus shifts to Hulley and Addy , i hope the the rumours of them wanting 50% more for their shares are wrong!
sorry for sounding synical but if there sending ballot papers out and the vote goes to sell why the hell are they stretching it even further with a EGM. the mind boggles
i thought that the ballot was for this
Instead of making uninformed comments ,try reading things a little bit more, the ballot always has been over a three week period and under company law the ballot couldnt start until a formal offer had been made ,what were wednesdayite going to ballot over a none existant offer? Any interested party knew the 3 week period this takes and the meeting is to change the rule so the shares can be sold and for the result of the ballot, try asking why the other two directors havent come out and said they are selling at the same price as Mr Allen and Wednesdayite.50% more no-one knows but any takeover party needs 29% of the shares so it now needs one of the two to sell . Hope that puts things in simple terms.
and yes ive voted the right way as well !!!
Mick, as matlockowl said, it was always going to take 3 weeks but I must admit that I didn't expect a meeting to take place. Maybe I have just not thought it through. And BladesForLife, I agree, stability is the way forward, your board has shown that. Unfortunately we have been run by clowns in the past and they wanted success immediately. If we can ge the debt cleared at least, it will give us stronger chance of success in future.
This has dragged on more than a dead dog on a lead, could there finally be a chink of light at the end of the tunnell? I feel like a kid waiting for christmas, if it doesn't happen soon I might stop believing in santa!!
i am not thick matlock. but there was no mention of having EGM to to make a rule change, everyone knew the ballot was going to take 3week. all i was saying whats the bloody point of balloting members to sell or not(costs etc), if the vote is no sell then its a pointless meeting then isnt it. all this is just taking more time also and more to the point what if you vote to sell and then the rule change gets blown away. as i said upside down thinking follows this blooming club every where
Radon Barrier - you wana stop drinking that stella pop, you are talking utter garbage - if you honnestly beleive that comment about wendy overtaking us then all i can say is that you are simply waiting for the little green men to come and take you away!!!
Looks like things are moving in a positive direction. But given that a take over offer has been sooner or later (Sheard or others) has been on the cards for sometime, I still cannot understand why Wednesdayite did not PRO-ACTIVELY take steps to change their constitution and put in place a more streamlined process months ago. In that way they could have been ready to accelerate the process when a valid and legally acceptable offer came along
if sheard takes over all i think hell do is get as much shares as he can and sell on to some rich tycoon* looks more inticing wen you dont have to go through a procces like he did
What should Wednesdayite do with the funds from the shares that they sell ? …here is a suggestion …. Since Wednesdayite had 10% and Hulley and Addy have a similar amount each, then the money could satisfy the other two shareholders demand for an extra 50%...And before anyone starts telling me that Hulley and Addy do not deserve to profit further from this deal and that the money should be used for better purposes then don’t bother …I agree….BUT at the end of the day if you think that the very best thing for the club is that the takeover to goes through and if Hulley and Addy are really going to hold out and risk the deal then the best thing to do with the money is to solve the problem …wave goodbye to the two of them, once and for all, and let the new investors deal with issues like investing in the academy
I think that any money that Wednesdayite make out of this would be used to promote the club in the community.
Skeggy Owl
Skeggy sound like a Miss World contestant ..."I want to do good work in the community" .... the new investors can promote the club in the community helping it to move forward
Well if you knew anything about Wednesdayite, you would know that that is exactly what they do already.
Skeggy Owl
What as opposed to complicating and slowing down take overs ?
work in the community,the only place that money should be going is to brian laws,lets get the club up and running first,the community will after wait,team comes first everytime,after all the community are not going to put the ball in the net are they.
ecco owl
The change of rule is alongside the vote to sell and so there is no hold up ,if the rule change doesnt get a yes then the shares cant be sold. What you Wednesdayite knockers should be asking is when are the two directors are going to sell their shares not continually banging on about Wednesdayite who have recomended that their shares should be sold to the sheard consortium.
knockers maybe but this all could have been avoided with a vote to rule change in the agm. they will never please everybody all of the time matlock but all iam saying is this all could have been avoided. as i said the mind boggles
There would still have been a three week period after a formal offer for the shares had been made ,rule change or not, a week to send the ballot out and two weeks to vote so changing the rule at an AGM would not have made any difference.
Hooray, yet ANOTHER anti Wednesdayite suppoter who knows absolutely NOTHING about what they do. DB, I suppose youre still blaming Wednesdayite for the hold up of the takeover going through.
Skeggy Owl
BFL you sound like you are in denial. I hear Beattie could miss the start of the season - seems to be getting injury prone. You can't stop the inevitable. Just hope for your sake we don't draw you in the cup or it could get reallyembarrassing for you.
Radon Barrier
Just read Joe Asstons 'don't sell comments' .Is this the same man who backed ken bates? the same man who led the 'gang of four' idiot MPs demanding danny wilson be sacked? He says we don't need to accept takeover and we are far from broke!. £30M in debt and nobody left to keep the bank sweet , what planet is he on?
Planet Joe. As I just said on the forum, give us some solutions to our current predicament, Joe, don't just slag off those who are trying (albeit slowly) to move the club forward.
Auckland Owl
Shut up Skeggy you idiot. Read what Mick is asking. Don't just try and make him look like a fool because he doesn't want anyhting to do with the cult that is Wednesday*****e. Don't cults normally all gather together in a big room in the end and all commit suicide while the leader runs off with all their money. See you in the next life Skeggy you brain washed fool.
Skeggy ..I said that they complicate and slow down takeovers...I never said I was blaming them for takeovers not going through. ....I do believe that their shareholding existance and their no sell constitution acts as a deterent to ANY potential investor ...I have also argued that they could have changed their constitution months ago to allow sale of the shares (since this is what the majority of Wednesdayite want) - in the eyes of ANY investor this would have made a discussion with them more productive (ie knowing that they actually had a cosntitution that permitted selling the shares) .... If they had wanted to be VERY progressive and proactive they could have changed the constitution to not only allow sales of the shares but allow sale of the shares based based on a vote by the board of Wednesdayite only rather than a ballot ...if that had happened (and of course Wednesdayite members would have had to agree to it) then ANY investor would find the process more attractive, be inclined to share more information and be able to accelerate the process...... I'm not ANTI wednesdayite, I'm trying to make a reasoned arguement.
If you had actually read it properly, Paul&Shack, you would have noticed that I was responding to what DB2002 was saying. And at least he had the maturity to come back and respond without making childish comments, unlike you.
Skeggy Owl
Some of us don't like Wednesdayite. Deal with it Skeggy. Not everyone dances to your tune.
Why don't you like Wednesdayite, dare I ask Paul&Shark?
Did I say I was asking you to either, no I didnt. What I was saying is get your facts right before you come on here talking about things you clearly know nothing about. If you had anything about you, you would joing in the main forum instead of hiding on here.
Skeggy Owl
I don't think anything Joe Ashton has said appears to be unreasonable. I also think we owe Dave Allen some appreciation for his efforts while he was chairman - who can blame him for wanting to get shut. The whole process is extremely difficult to understand and i don't pretend to understand it. I don't think Wednesdayite understand it fully either. A little knowledge is more dangerous than none - they are well out of their depth. Am I correct in thinking that they only got their shares because Dave Allen was badly advised. The only people who do understand it are Deloitte and Touche who don't actually seem to be involved. I hope Mr Sheard is on the level otherwise we could be in trouble again.
Radon Barrier
How exactly are D&T not involved?! Both Hulley and Addy supposedly told Sheard to go through D&T last week! Who wouldn't be out of their depth? No one (as far as I know) on the Wednesdayite board is a stock broker, so they asked for legal advice aka DOING THE RIGHT THING. They really can't win, no matter what they do they'll still be the bad guy in some deluded people's eyes. I know we're Wednesday fans, and we're used to pessimism, but this is it guys, be happy! I really don't think GS and his ocnsortium would've pressed os hard for this to happen if they didn't think they could get us somewhere (ie the Prem) so stop worrying Radon and get ready to celebrate!
Are you sure they are involved? Could you clarify this. Just because they were told to go through them it doesn't mean they have. Could anybody clarify this? If they are overseeing it then there is no problem. I hope the deluded comment wasn't aimed at me just for pointing out the obvious. As for the pessimism - have you read my comments earlier on in this article.
Radon Barrier
The reason I don't like Wednesdayite is because I don't like the way they bullied them out of the club. I do believe that Dave Allens family were threatened by the so called Wednesdayite (law abide doing the right thing all the time group). Why should a bunch of people have any decision in the furture of this club if they have done nothing to warrant it ie paid the money for the shares. I don't want people who are part of a minority having a big say in my team. I have been on the Wednesdayite web site and read what they stand for and have tried to keep an open mind but I can't help feel thatit's the same people in the background as it was with Ken Bates. You've even got the MP's involved again. I'm sorry if this disappoints any of you but I would never hold my club to ransom and I would never stand in the way. PS I don't hide anywhere my friend.
bullied and threatened?? Please explain Paul&Shark
Comparing Wednesdayite to suicide bombers, and now a cult! I dont think you understand that Wednesdayite is a democracy, not a dictatorship Paul&Shark
It was in the news at the time Johnny. Why do you think he resigned his post and took a back seat. His family was threatened and he wants out. I can't understand what he's done so bad for the club. He is a business men who has helped the club out which was in a mess and still is but I think his few million that he put into the club kept it afloat otherwise we would be in admin with Leeds. Then we wouldn't even be having this conversation because your shares would be worth nothing and someone with real money would be able to take us forward like they are trying too.
Johnny Walker go on the star web site and see what one of your deluded friends has put on their Mr Ashton and read the response from all but 2 people one of which is a pig has said they want nothing to do with Wednesdayite and they want to sell to Mr Sheard. You may be a democracy but the true Wednesday FANS have no band wagon to jump on that means something to us.
Dave Allen stated that it was disagreements in the board room that made him walk out on Wednesday, not that he was threatened. He was once shouted at during a game in the south stand, but nobody ever said that that person was a member of Wednesdayite, is that the incident you were referring to? I've not mentioned in my above posts that DA has been bad for the club. I dont know Mr Ashton so i cant call him 'my deluded friend', and i dont agree with all his comments, but thats the beauty of a democracy Paul&Shark, people have different views. And please dont insinuate that you're a 'better' fan than me, or any other member of Wednesdayite, we all want whats best for the club at the end of the day. Please grow up.
i can only hope now that hulley and addy have agreed to sell their shares,that wednesdayite follow suit please lets be rid of them all,they've all been holding the club back, far too long.
ecco owl

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