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Something For The Weekend?

We've seen countless deadlines for Geoff Sheard's proposed takeover of the Owls come and go - so can his latest one finally see a new dawn at Hillsborough?

The Lancashire businessman has told the Yorkshire Post today that a deal to finally complete his takeover at S6 could well be complete in days, and that he hopes for it all to be done and dusted by the weekend.

This, despite saying that he didn't want to set any further deadlines after previous one's haven't been met - so could this be the real deal this time?

Thousands of Owls fans will be hoping so - hopeful for a new start for Wednesday, grateful that all the talk, all the speculation, all the rumour, and all the press, can finally be put to bed and the club can finally start to move forwards.

'It's a matter of days away - I'm hoping we're done this week,' he said in today's Yorkshire Post.

And former Chairman Dave Allen confirmed his hopes, saying: 'He phoned me to say the funds were in place - which I'm pleased about - and it was hoped to do the deal by the end of the week.'

Sheard had already previously overcome the hurdle of purchasing the shares of the former Owls chairman, as well as fans' group Wednesdayite, and met with former director Keith Addy and current board member Geoff Hulley this week to conclude deals with the duo.

So there could be a fresh start at S6 just in time for the Owls' next home game against Watford a week on Saturday - here's hoping, and keeping everything, yes everything, firmly crossed...

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The Journalist

Writer: Nick Mail feedback, articles or suggestions

Date:Wednesday September 3 2008

Time: 11:07AM

Your Comments

Thought he was no longer setting time scales...Perhaps it is really happening this time.
let's get that player shopping list sorted then...
I was once hopeful but as the article says we've seen so many of these deadlines come and go that I'll now only believe it when I see it. Interesting that the transfer deadline has gone though.
Ha Ha!!
(sorry, could'nt think of anything else to say, other than we're one big joke at present!!. 8 months for a takeover!!)
This was posted by EireOwl but it makes perfect sense to me. Don't get too excited, its just a theory a friend of mine has. She's not a Wednesday supporter, but she does know an awful lot about this sort of thing. She says that its to do with news cycles and financial year. I can't explain the financial year bit cos I really don't understand it, but the news cycle thing is interesting. Had the deal gone through during the summer or prior to deadline day, its big news. It remains big news because everybody presumes that we will spend big. That drives prices up, thats not what we want. So, you play the "long game", protract the deal. It gives the impression of negotiation, rather than coming in all guns blazing and money no object. If handled right, it barely makes an impression on the news cycles, especially the national media. Next window is January, news cycle has moved on, people forget. The only thing that is fresh in the mind about Wednesday is that they made a couple of loan dealings. The impression is that we are still scrimping around for cash. Prices stay down, expectations drop and you build. When the blocks are in place, you hit the market hard, make surprise signings that no-one believes we were capable of and you get a running jump. These guys are remaining in the background for a reason, which is they don't want to draw the attention. They are fronted by a guy who is obviously shrewd, but doesn't appear to be a massive money man. She gave me several examples of this method being used in big business and politics, and some of the examples would surprise you (classified fellas). These guys are business men, its about degrees of risk and decreasing that risk. Do you see how everyone has become bored with the whole saga? It doesn't make the national media news cycles anymore, its only reported locally . Even we aren't sure what amount of money will be available over the next few months. Be under no illusion people, you do not take on a business concern that is twenty million in debt unless you have the means and smarts to turn it around. My friend doesn't even follow football, but she spotted this pattern almost immediately just by watching the developments.
Skeggy Owl
I hope you're right Skeggy, it's a very interesting argument at the very least.
BREAKING NEWS!!!!! Today at 0930 GMT Mr Geoff Sheard announced that he had found a family of legendary 'Big Foot' living on parsons cross with their pet horse Shergar. It is hoped that they will be unveiled to the Worlds' media at a press conferance to be held in 'The Ball' car park at some stage in the next few days.
NEWS UPDATE. Mr Sheard has delayed revealing his 'Big Foot' discovery, as unfortunately they have gone to Loch Ness to visit their close friend Nessie. But he hopes to have more news early next week
Be gone you non believer.
Skeggy Owl
Ladbrokes have installed Shergar as their 2/1 market leader for the St Ledger. It is not known if he retains his old ability , but a stable inside contact known only as Geoff says he is catching pigeons on the gallops and his owner Mr B Foot is believed to have had a substantial bet on him
I agree, let's hope that this works out at last. However, I don't necesarily think that this will automatically lead to huge money being made available. It will definately lead to greater stability and a group of investors with a genuine interest and ambition for the future. I am quite sure that this can only be positive, as the current directors do not have enough money to move us forward and their investment must be like a millstone around their collective necks. I know that Man City fans ar eeuphoric right now, but I do think that Wednesday is a club with a soul and I really hope that we hang on to this. Football is all about money right now, but it in my opinion, it is not sustainable and I would hate us to fall in to the trap that City could have faced, had they not found an arab in shining armour.
if i were him i'd stop setting deadlines. creating a rod for his own back?
The thing is you cant even compare the takeover at Man City to ours !
Skeggy Owl
interesting read that skeggy. makes sense
I'm not comparing the two takovers, simply trying to illustrate a point. This takeover could be great news for us and lead to everything that we all hope for. I am sure that I am not alone in hoping that this is the case. However, we do not really know who is behind this. When Sinawatra bought City, he seemed liek the answer to everyon'e prayers and it oculd have all goen very wrong. There is no doubt that this has been a protrated matter and the prospective investors have been very secretive. This is probaly sensible on their part, as they want to keep their cards close to their chest. but i really hope that they are 100% kosher businessmen!
I wasnt saying that you personally were comparing them but a lot of people are. A lot of people are trying to discredit Geoff Sheard but all its doing is making him more determined to get it done.
Skeggy Owl
I really hope you are right. Always good to see your positive slant things on here
Whilst I accept that the financial circumstances of the premiership and the championship are different. The need of Dr No or whatever he's called to liquidise his assets in order to keep one step ahead of the rozzers and all that. The takeover of city is still a business deal whereby one party transfers ownership of a football club to another party. Yes Wednesday is owned by a number of parties but the essence of the business is the same, a football club. So why can't we compare the two takeovers Skeggy? Not looking for an argument, just interested (don't want to type as much as yesterday).
It is as simple as what you have put Rob. Wednesday's shares are spread out and Man City's new buyers have had to deal with one person. Look at it this way, it would only take one of the parties that are involved at S6 to bugger it up .
Skeggy Owl
Fare enough but from what I understand all prties have agreed to the sale. Everything appears to be in Mr Sheard's court now. I hope your points made earlier are true but I still have had most of the optimism knocked out of me. Glad that you are still looking on the bright side, it's important that someone does.
that was parties by the way
geoff its time to stop the crap mate and wake us up when its done. owls fan sick of all the false dawns CHEERS
A completely different story here...
UUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUHHH, I'm so excited!!!!!!!! Remember what it is like when you're 16 and you're dating a girl and you're waiting to score and at one point you realize you've waited so long you don't even care if it's gonna happen or not any more? THAT'S HOW F*CK*N EXCITED I AM!
stay calm it might be as long as he said last time, days he said 185 days later it was still days at burnley match and now its days again
Ever the optomist eh Mick !
Skeggy Owl
sorry skegvegas but i was one of those jumping and cheering the last time he said it. if you get burnt once thats a accident but get burnt again the same way then your a fool
Thats why Im letting it takes it course this time. BUT I wont put up with these PEOPLE who think the know better than everyone else.
Skeggy Owl
the ones without due dilligence
Like the way you put that Mick.
Skeggy Owl
We can only hope
"The ball is in our court but I won't drawn on a timescale, despite what has been printed elsewhere." Thats what he's just told the Star.
the stars a united bias paper you can tell that by their reluctance to print this story even though it made bbc and sky, then a day later sticking some 'exclusive' one line quote at the end of wade small article because its negative. If you look at the stars headlines throughout all this theyve been printing vote no to sell by joe ashton and anyone else when the same day other papers print addy and hulley accept offer.
look back acroos the headlines that make bbc on takeover or even yorkshire post then compare to what the star go with-nearly all of it is negative opinionated journalistic garbage
Don,t agree wesp the star reports facts not headline grabbing rumours...
i think its about time dat sumet happend. we av all bin w8n 4 ages 4 summet to happen n all dat cud be over by da weekend and we cn start going places. we need to believe that he will du gd 4 us n dat we move upwards and onwards. it myt nt b liyk man city but hu cares. we av sumet money cnt buy n dats passion. we were voted best away travlers last season so dats sumet we cn say dat were proud ov. cum on da barmy army n lets also beat dat scum accross town lol up da owls!!!!!!!!!!!!!
what are printing 'joe ashton urges members to vote no' on the same day as every other paper was printing 'hulley and addy accept in offers' and 'phil buckle backs up ashtons call' are they facts?
the thing is the smaller the area youre reporting on the more page filler stories youre gonna have both news and sport, just make up or re-hash an old story just to fill the paper
maltby_owl - we don't speak chav - it takes about 10 minutes to read your comment, please use proper English.
Awesome English that Maltby Owl
"Up Da Owls"...
just a thought for you which weekend will it be this one ??? the next one or another 9months
On a serious note, I'm of the belief that if this doesn't happen for whatever reason, we're in big trouble. I can't see anybody else going through 8 months of negotiations to obtain a club with so many complexities, one of which happens to be £25-£30 million of debt. The fact Sheard has persisted this long is a testament to him and can only mean that his tenure will be as focussed and as driven as his attitude is right now. With that in mind I can't believe some idiot 'fans' had the nerve to give the man hassle when he sat in the stands against Wolves. For now I've got everything crossed.
can someone just tell me when its done. i'm going for a kip for a week or two. i'll start getting excited then.
i will personally send a princess to wake you when its done in 100years or is that part of a fairytale
do you know something,46 comments 47 with mine,no sign of the pig, its great to have a debate without any squealing from the other side of the city, only wish mothers in maltby would stop their 5 year olds from using the computer.
ecco owl
spoke too soon, he's only blowing kisses at me the wufter!
ecco owl
Maybe they now accept the takeover is close and we'll then resume our role as top team in Sheffield, their finances have meant they've had the advantage over us over recent years but that advantage may soon be gone!
its tuesday now and still no princess!!!

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