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Owls' Takeover Problems Continue

The proposed takeover of Wednesday by a consortium led by Geoff Sheard has taken another twist today with the revelation of the involvement of a convicted money launderer.

Richard Francis Downes, imprisoned in 2002 for conspiracy to launder hundreds of thousands of dollars, is the man responsible for producing a letter in the name of an offshore bank in Dominica to provide proof of funding for the takeover.

Downes, originally from Ormskirk, Lancashire, also known as Richard Francis, admitted his involvement with the proposed takeover to the Yorkshire Post, but Sheard denied to have any association with him.

And Wednesday also confirmed that Downes' name was used by Sheard when he started negotiations earlier this year.

Downes, now based in Alicante and refused entry back in to the USA unless permission is granted from the Attorney General, also revealed that he'd looked in to investing in Chester City and promised to help the club to the heights of the Championship using funding from the Private Capital Bank in Dominica - the same bank being used with the Owls' takeover.

Sheard used the letter as proof of funding for the Owls' four main shareholders, former chairman Dave Allen, fans' group Wednesdayite, Geoff Hulley and Keith Addy.

All four had agreed to sell their shares should Sheard's backers come up with the promised money and have it legally verified, although Sheard later revealed that it was just a means of 'getting a foot in the door' when confronted by the Yorkshire Post that PCB was not an operational bank, and claims that Sheard knows the bank's owner appear to be false.

The promised takeover at Hillsborough now appears to be at a critical stage - with Sheard's hopes of invesment appearing to be at fading fast.

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The Journalist

Writer: Nick Mail feedback, articles or suggestions

Date:Friday September 19 2008

Time: 12:39PM

Your Comments

Give Sheard 7 business days to name the people behind the bid and provide clear proof of funds which are completely unconnected to this criminal character. If he can't do it, cease all communication and tell him to sling his hook. Enough is enough.
Enough is enough. The excuses that Sheard has come up with to delay proceedings all make sense now. They don't have any real money and the whole syndicate sounds a bit dodgy. Their proposed takeover has become an embarrassment. I know we are desperate for new investment but we shouldn't be doing business with characters like these and we should pull out now.
Put the For Sale sign up again, this is soul destroying, you're quite right enough is enough!!
Brighton Owl
At the begining of this takeover saga I will openly admit that I was very "pro" Sheard as far as him beingthe best for what he was saying that was going to happen. But Im afraid to say that my level of optimism has seriously nosedived in the last few weeks and I am begining to wonder if this is all some pipe dream of a seemingly businessman wannabe.
Skeggy Owl
Michael Knighton springs to mind, Sheard will be juggling a ball on the pitch next. this has been dragging on since January time for him to put up or pi$$ off.
This is sad. My confidence started to slide when the whole 'foot in the door' thing came up with the Dominica bank. Why would you need a foot in the door if you have backers with £500milion to throw around? We really didn't need this! On a brighter note, any news about that possible takeover group that that Nick published on 1st April ;o)
we already knew the letter was from richard downes yorkshire post wrote that a few weeks ago contridicts what they wrote today in some parts too, PCB never heard of or seen sheard 3 weeks ago. Now they saying PCB allowed downes to act as middle man between sheard and investors. BORING
Confusing as heck and very demoralising.....GS needs to buy before the end of next week or back out totally. There will be other investors if he would just get out the darned way!
US Owl
do agree with that though US owl just needs to be over soon one way or the other, whatever anyone else says we are a good investment, big city fanbase,staduim, and for the price of robinho you could buy the club stadium and clear all the debt
He HAS to be given an ultimatem as faras a deadline is concerned. If he doesnt like it and turns round and says "***** it Im out of here" then we will know just how serious he wasnt.
Skeggy Owl
Told you weeks ago it was a big scam, but would you listen to the wise words of someone from across the city at Sheffield biggest club? No deserve all you get for being so gullable. I would take time out, chill and snack on a bacon sandwich.
what exactly are we getting?? hes brought wednesdayite and the remaining board together and led to a change in wednesdayites rules to sell shares if nothing else, and its only an 'exclusive' in a local paper wouldnt take it literally as i said it contridicts what the same paper wrote just last week
Just when we were having a decent conversation, up pops that ****wasp SB. Id keep your comments reserved that p1ss poor excuse of a team you support, and go back to playing with your school friends, if you have any !
Skeggy Owl
Be careful blunt one. Do not anger Skeggy when he's p***ed off. I think that this takeover is in the cr*pper now even Skeggy has ceased to defend GS. At the very least we will know where we are and how to adjust our planning if a deadline is set. Skeggy, I'm not mocking you, it took guts to say what you believed and it takes even more to admit you may have been wrong. F*** it! Ipswich tommorrow, C'mon Wednesday!
I didnt think for one minute that you were Rob. The thing is we KNOW how **** things are and can admit when things are wrong but I dont like it when the like of that idiot comes on here spouting his crap when there are enough problems going off in that ****hole of a ground for him to worry about. If he wants to talk sensibley , highly unlikely, about football then fine. But Id rather he didnt because he doesnt seem to know what he's talking about half the time.
Skeggy Owl
Of course he doesn't, he's a blunt! He has to lash out in order to make up for a lifetime of disappointment.
see its playtime again with the snorters from bumhole lane. go back and play with pigforlife ,blunt blunter
The bit that amazes me is when GS says that he has nothing to do Downes and no idea about the background of Francis. Hold on a minute !!! ….you used a letter underwritten by this character to try and convince SWFC that you had backers with money in a bank that does not exist (in the sense that a bank is usually a place that holds money)…… claiming that you know nothing about him is a bit rich and claiming that you did not know anything about their background is just unbelievable...As for comments from ‘wesp’ …. Wake up mate !!! …. Sure the stories do not all match up in the YP …we are talking about a convicted money launderer, someone who is using fraudulent documentation to try and buy our club and a bank that does not actually have any money…. Is it a surprise that the comments from these three groups do not all match up … of course the stories do not match up …somebody is lying ..and given the characters involved that should not come as a surprise !!
my point was people are taking the views of a convicted money launderer as you put it as gospel
nice one mick=piggy, im sure you dream of me every night?? ***** the takover just support the lads, to be fair you arnt doing that with your poor attendance so far. the people who are going at the moment are the true supporters and i respect them. all the others are just *****ers!!
wesp .. Ok got you....that would be fine if GS was not admitting that he used a fake letter, from a fake bank without checking who the credentials of the person signing the letter (whi just happens to have been in other similar deals connected with Football - and happens to have been coincidentally involved in another deal that GS was involved in !!!) ...To date their is no proof as to who is telling the truth about who asked who to do what ...but personally I would not trust either of the groups.
must admit it though, you do have to ask yourself 'is this just a wind up' to try and put bums on seats??
Very confussing situation
pigfl ....pretty amazing wind up ... found a fake bank, money launderer, business man with nothing better to do for 8 months and managed to get the attendance to drop by 5,000 (or whatever the number is) .... even Wednesday couldn't dream that one up !!!
well they aint doing a bad job of it db2002
"wind up to try and put bums on seats" are you *****ed pig for life?? how does all this put bums on seats? sense or ***** off!
Bums on seats would happen if a more reasonable pricing policy was adopted. Haven't the "wise ones" who run our club (and every other club) noticed that "times are hard" and other such cliches. People, particularly those with families, can't afford to lay out increasingly large sums for something that is ultimately a luxury in life. To count on a fans loyalty "whatever the price" is as morally bankrupt as a dealer maniulating a junkie. Eventually there's no choice but to go cold turkey. Sorry about that, got the soapbox out again.
As a Wednesday fan I think you've all been blinded by media smokescreens and false accusations. The reason we're all biting at it is because we're all a bit tired of how long this has gone on. This takeover has been frequently delayed mainly because of how divided SWFC was. I realise it's now down to Sheard, but the majority of the wait has been because of how messed up the club has been. Sheard will complete the takeover and put money back into a newly-unified Sheffield Wednesday which can only be good thing. Stop biting at all the negative rumours and giving the idiot Sheffield United fans something to laugh at and wind us up about.
Anyway BFL, getting back to what I said earlier, how do you know a merger won't happen in our lifetime. I heard that from a big hitter in London. It would be a smart move for United, finally moving out of Wednesdays shadows.
Radon Barrier
you really are stupid then rbarrier. we are a very sound financial running club why would we want to be associated with you gimps!! come on talk sense m8. I HAVE HERD FROM A V GOOD SOURCE THAT IF YOU LOT DONT GET TAKEN OVER IN THE NEXT 2 WEEKS, THEN YOU WILL BE GOING INTO ADDMINISTRATION!!
you lot really are bitter arnt ya!! no matter what is said, even when complimented you have cheap swipes and comment unfairly. anyway mt best mate said you lot were crap today but are playing warnock footy which grinds out results. its another point on the board for you lot again, unlike us useless overpaid posers!!
What planet are you on piglet? The only 'v good sauce' you have got is the heinz tomato that you put on your turkey dinosaurs and alphabeti spaghetti. As for 'Warnock football' that is precisely what you grunters are playing under 'Little, fat, cockney, Biggins lookalike Blackwell' and where are all your millions? all i ever see are players being offloaded from the overcrowded sty, so they can score against you for their new clubs
greeny9 - you tail end!!!! go and argue amongst yourselves again!!
Im sorry BFL but I would have thought you have more important things to worry about, than coming on here all the time. And I think the "arguing amongst yourselves" statement is a bit rich coming from you, have you checked your own fans forums lateley ?
Skeggy Owl
i dunno you try to comment fairly and praise the poor relations and all you get back is grief from a part timer!!!it also seems that some of you also carnt keep off of our site too.
well now you can have greif from some one who is not a part timer..we dont want your praise we dont want anything from you apart from that you feck off you fecking piece of 5***** ok!!
Yeah, i agree get lost you piggies onto your own site you are becoming a pain in the ass. I know its hard trying to emulate Wednesday's lustrious and sucessful history, but coming on here and slagging us off aint the best way to do it. I do feel sorry for you being jealous of our history, fan base, stadium etc but please vent your frustrations on your pig site. Thanks.
You see the thing is we dont "argue amongst ourselves", we discuss things in a grown up manner and accept things when we are wrong. Most of us on here would accept that things are not right at S6 and would also agree that there is a long way to go before we are back where we belong. We will ADMIT that at times we are **** but we do not go around THINKING we are better than everyone else even though the evidence is there to say otherwise. Ive said to you on a number of occasions BFL that if you want to come on this site and talk football then fine, thats what this site is all about. But there are times when you just cannot help yourself by opening your mouth and letting the first thing that pops into your head be put on here. Yes you are right I am a part timer, in fact I would go as far as to say that I am an "armchair" supporter, but does that make me any less of a supporter just because I have my priorities in order over the Owls ? I DONT think so I KNOW so. And I would love for you to try and justify that comment to my brother who is a supporter, but due to the fact that he lives in the US, cant get to the games. Do me a favour my friend before you come on here spouting your crap about who is a fan and who isnt or who is the better club. Think about what you say first, and look at your own club because things arent exactly harmonious there at the minute are they ?
Skeggy Owl
One thing we don't have to argue amongst ourselves about is you pigforlife .We are all in complete agreement that you are a 100% full weight T055ER!
Well his last two comments have been wiped off by admin because they did that with his mate BluntBlade. He will have to be careful because they said if it got out hand they were going to starting banning supporters like him from rival teams.
Skeggy Owl
cry cry piggy piggy cry!! (double standards)xxxxxxxxx
BFL just scroll up this comments page and read what you have written. If i'd have written all that childish nonsense I would be embarrassed.
Radon Barrier
have you seen the table piggy!! should be you who is crying!

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