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Laws Relaxed If Wood Stalls On Deal

Brian Laws revealed today he will be able to spend any cash gained by player sales on reinforcing the team - a good situation to be in, according to the Owls boss.

Richard Wood (who, lest we forget, asked to leave last season and appears to be assessing his worth in the current marketplace) and Tommy Spurr are mulling over new deals at the moment. Whilst Laws would love the pair to stay, he gave a clear indication of his intent in saying 'No player is invincible or irreplaceable. If someone moves on, they move on.'

He told the Sheffield Telegraph: 'There are offers on the table to them and there are ongoing negotiations which I expect to continue through the summer.'

'There is no need to go chasing because they are under contract for another year. I'm not overly concerned. Equally, you don't want it to drag on. We don't want to sell and we don't have to sell. But we all know that there is a price for everybody if it is very good money.'

The majority of the Owls faithful regard Spurr as a favourite son, see him as the future of the club and would implore Laws to retain him at all costs.. feelings about Wood are more ambivalent following the Coventry City episode, and the centre back berth could be filled by Purse plus Hinds or Beevers, with Buxton (and the bonus cash from any sale) as cover.

Only time will tell, but Brian Laws evidently will not now be backed into a corner as contract discussions continue.

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The Journalist

Writer: Auckland Owl Mail feedback, articles or suggestions

Date:Thursday June 18 2009

Time: 9:24AM

Your Comments

Sounds like Laws is preparing us for the fact that Woods will be moving on. Have to say he would be mad to want to go to Coventry though.
Coventry !!! Hardly a forward step, if he wants to go then let him. Got to be worth a couple of million, use some of the cash to make Tommy an offer he can't refuse & put him on a long term deal. Woods was hardly pulling any tree's last season (excuse the pun )
Would (whilst were punning) like to keep both of them. I have doubts about Purse and would like to keep our strong defence. That being said, BL is probably applying a little pressure with this statement whilst testing the waters. Coventry may not be the stuff of dreams but watch out for a move from Cardiff following the sale of Roger Johnson to Brum.
just heard we've been linked with Sammy Clingan, prob an alternative if Potter keeps stalling would def prefer Clingan to Potter though
Clingan still has a year left on his Norwich contract - can't see them letting him go for nothing. We could always use some of the money we get for Woods though lol!
so does potter so we must have some funds there
Is anyone else a bit gutted about Wood? One of our best defenders and he seems like he's not really ar*ed about staying with us.
Right, I'm gonna set myself up for both Sheff Utd and Sheff Wed fans to rip the **** out of me here, but here's my little plan... Sell Wood - aim to get about 2.5 - 3.0 million for him. Use that money to bring in: Billy Sharp and Sammy Clingan. If we've got any money left over then find another defender...
To be fair to Wood, we dont really know what his intentions are yet because he's on holiday. I think we'll begin to know more when he's back from his jollies
I really cant see us getting 3m for Wood, he's only got a year left on his contract, and unless we sell to a Premier League club (unlikely) and inflate the fee a bit, then I think we'd realistically be looking at around 1.5m tops
I see your point Johnny, but if Kyle Naughton is valued at 5million, Wood is worth around 3million in my opionion - regardless of what stage his contract is at.
If Wood does go, TBH, I think we'll do well to get 1 million
The Owler
how many years did Scott Dann have left? 3.5m and theres not too much between him and Wood
Not sure how long Dann had left on his contract wesp. But he went to a Premier League club, who can afford to pay silly money. Unfortunately, Wood wont be attracting interest from top flight clubs, only Championship teams, so the money involved wont be as much.
Weather or not Wood does go Gameburton07, we don't want billy (not so) sharp, he's not good enough for this league, he can only be valued at about 100,000 anyway, i would certainly have Clingan, but i think he's out of our price range.
ecco owl
im more worried about spurr to be honest
Me to Bradford, plus Sharps a piggy ******** & i wouldn't have him if he was free.
Had a feeling I'd get nailed for that. I nominated Sharp because I rate him. I couldn't care less whether he's a "piggy *******". In my opinion he's good enough for this league but he's in a team that doesn't play a style to suit him. Laws knows how to get the best out of him (from their time at Scunny). Anyway, back to topic - I too am worried about Spurr. He's the main asset we should look to tie down. Wood - I'm gutted about him stalling on things and haven't forgiven him for his transfer request. He's a strong player but he's replaceable I suppose.
you might have something in that gameburton. according to a source at the ticket office the deal to take wood to the lane is 750k cash!! some of you guys valuation of him is madness and you can't compare him with naughton. naughton will go for big bucks and rightly so. i think sharp is a good player, and he has the ability, personally i want him to stop because i still think he will cut it with us but i wouldnt be surprised if laws goes for him (old boss and all) not sure though if billy would agree to the move. any money you guys bring in on player sales wouldnt go straight back into the team building - probably a third of it would be given the debt. imnot being harsh but it down to the debt the club has.
i still wouldnt be surprised if wood came to the lane with webber going in the opposite direction.
BFL has now got a source in the ticket office. Is that when you were trying to get a refund on your season ticket?
my mate has worked in the ticket office for the last 15 years. can you not comment properly to a fair and honnest post - any of you?
You should practice what you preach your truffle sniffing knuckle dragger.
Skeggy Owl
dint last long did it pig? don't come on our site preaching the good samaratan act!! back to your usual insulting way and thats when you comment fairly. ha ha i dunno.
Well pig for life, according to the above article, laws has been told he can have any money generated by player sales! What do you know about our debt anyway? We've made steady profits for the last three of four years now i think, assuming this continues, theres no need to sell players primarily to ease the debt. Obviously with wood having 1 year left on his contract its in our best interests to ship him off, unless he decides to sign on that is. Personally think he will go, not to the lane mind, and if he did there'd be no such swap involving danny webber, as he is a free agent!
i can see sharp going to join up with laws and wood coming in the opposite direction as a straight swap.
What have you been smoking, bfl? Why would we want that waste of subs bench space?
Auckland Owl
well all the strikers you lot have mentioned are well well above what you can expect.
you are going to be a midtable club at best if you over-achieve again like you did this season. no chance of playoffs so you have to go for very average players in this league or in the league below.
Do you think we care what the fack you think piggy ba5tard, seem to remember you pigs were going up to the premiership if i'm not mistaken, and talking about signings who are them two you've signed, not exactly gonna set this division alight pig, do us all a favour go on your pig site with all your mates, if you have any.
ecco owl
in english now please you dumpling???
Come on pfl, why dont you grow up. We know that we can't have a sensible discussion with you because all you do is come on here and try to wind people up. You still havent answered my question... are you really a grown man??
he's an idiot who makes stupid comments. kyle naughton maybe a decent player but he has only had one season in the championship. Beevers was outstanding in his first full season as was richard wood. I think you have to realise that you hav'nt really got the strongest squad, i will admit it is larger than ours but there is little to imply that you will be able to get promotion this season. You bottled your big chance against a very average burnley team, just like you bottled it against us because there is no passion in your team. Just like there has never been any passion in your team. Please dont come on here and make stupid comments then as soon as you get a rise out of someone, start getting all high and mighty. you have tarnished yourself as an idiot with all the stupid childish things you have posted in the past, and that is why no-one has time for you. You only come on here because no-one posts on your web*****e.
some of that twaggle was actually true - when NW was manager there wasn't a side with more passion than us - hence your 10 year wait to beat us. richard rumours are building - 400k move to the lane and beckford / sharp swap deal. bring it on!!
You need to find one of your porcine friend called ChipButtyBlade because, like you, he hasnt got any friends to talk to and seems to spend more time on other teams sites. Nobody cares what you and your deluded 'mates' think about us. I think you should be more interested at whats going off at your own club. I mean what about BT, he went back to West Brom because he couldnt stand playing the same ****e style of football week in week out.
Skeggy Owl
it's hard being the smaller little skint brother all the time aint it skegpig?
Skint we may be, but we will never be the smaller brother my friend! You will always be chasing our shadow. Hence the reason you constantly have to come on here to try to justify your clubs existence. 10 year wait to beat you... what?! What 10 year wait?! Still not answered my question... are you really a grown man?? If you're a kid then I can understand why you live on this site, but if you're a man... then it's very very sad
im your long lost father johnny-boy now shut up or you will be grounded and your spending money will be stopped ufn!!
haha. So in other words, you're a 12 year old boy.
No he's only 6 years old, and by some of his comments he is a girl?
ecco owl
was that an ecco?
That cofirms he's a 6 year old child with a comment like that.
Skeggy Owl
got rid of your season ticket yet sparrowlegs?? and hows your bid for Jack Rodwell going? reckon you'll be able to beat Man U to sign him?
course they will, a bunch of small time charlies like man u cant compete with the might of sheffield united!!!!
the takeovers going well i see. ha ha ha micky mouse chairman from the cross!!
PFL I wish you would get your facts right before you at least try and see if the one brain cell you might have works. Its NEVER been a takeover, what else have you been reading ? You concentrate on your own teams failings and seek medical attention for your obsession as far as being on here all the time is concerned.
Skeggy Owl
Why do you spend all your time on here little pfl?
Because he's a sad little knuckle dragging f00kwit ?
Skeggy Owl
wat are you lot like eh? swooping down to pfl's level just ignore the guy he hasen't got a clue and wat ever happens happens thats it lol
lads some people in life will say things just to get a reaction and or attention whether it be positive or negative. i dont mind BFL coming on here some of his comments amuse me some i find interesting some just are absurd but there is nothing wrong with some banter and rivalry call it what you like but when comments get personal thats where i would want to draw the line the only thing i envy the blades is thier ability to have a massive wage bill if we were in a position where our wage bill could match that of our neighbours across the city we would be comfortably top 2 team in this division and with the money from premiership we could look to establish ourselves as a premiership club for years to come
their wage bill hasn't helped them be a top two team in ccc or establish themselves in the premiership so nothing to be envious of there Aussie.
they cant attract the players that we could Dubai if we could afford the wages we could get better quality players as we have a bigger and better brand than they do IMO so i feel we would be top two in this league and when we get to the prem if quality players are going to wigan fulham ect we are better bigger than them so with the money come the better players and then we can build a team capable of staying and competing in the prem
ha ha ha an absolute cracker that you deluded poor relations!! yet our wage bill still isnt anywhere near close you sorry lot had several years ago. what was it again francis and pleat spent between them 60m?? and you still fu+k*d it up!! ha ha ha
60m???!! stop making things up again pfl. We wish we'd spent 60m on players! Our record signing still is Di Canio for 4.5m so how can we have spent 60m in total?? Our wage bill wasnt that sky high either when Francis was in charge, Des Walker was one of our highest earners on 5k a week. How times have changed!!
kurb crawler pleat spent 28m in 1 season!!
you lot have spent some mega money a lot more than we could ever wish to spend. we arn't spending the sort of money now that you lot spent 12-15 years ago
sign of a big club isnt it?
'we arent spending the sort of money now that you lot spent 12-15 years ago'... so. Whats that got to do with anything? Why do you always feel the need to compare yourselves with us pfl? I thought you lot were a 'big club'. Plus, if you notice, you're in the Championship this season, 12-15 years ago we were in the Premier League, so of course we were gonna spend more money. Who did Pleat buy for a total of 28m in 1 season??? Please get your facts right before making things up

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