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Only On The Dark Side...

We always like to have a bit of a chuckle about our near neighbours at Bramall Lane - and good old Paddy Kenny is often the target...

The Blunts' number one stopper has been in the headlines before for all the wrong reasons, and he's been at it again after being suspended by the club for failing a drugs test, according to BBC Radio Sheffield.

Kenny tested positive for a banned substance following last season's play-off semi-final clash against Preston.

And the 31-year-old could face a lengthy ban, and could also cause the end of his long stay at the wrong end of Sheffield.

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The Journalist

Writer: Nick Mail feedback, articles or suggestions

Date:Tuesday July 7 2009

Time: 9:45AM

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come on auckland and the cronies - you constantly preach that this is a wendy site then you do an article like this. you bring on all the abuse yourselves!! don't moan when you get this site littered with abuse and comments you don't like!! wouldn't expect anything else though from the jealous poor relations!!
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07/07/2009 10:35:00

As much as I like to laugh at our neighbours I'm afraid I think the lad's been hard done by. The substance, ephedrine, which he claims was in a bottle of cough medicine, is present in many cold remedies as a decongestant. It is a slight derivative of amphetamine (speed) and has similar properties. These include appetite suppressant and concentration aid. Anecdotal evidence claims that ephidrine is a greater aid to concentration than caffeine. Its most common doping use is by bodybuilders before a workout for the increase in energy levels. However common side effects are an increased heart rate (so much so that all efforts at concentration would be useless), confusion, mania, hallucinations, paranoia, hostlity, agitation and panic. That's before you get on to the other potential medical implications (which can range from mild dizziness to pulmonary edema and collapse). Anyone would have to be mad to take such a drug to improve sporting performance. Sorry but I don't believe Paddy is mad, stupid or naive maybe but not mad. Isn't it more likely that he woke up with a cough or sore throat and decided to take some covonia or something?
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07/07/2009 10:53:00

First up, where do you see my signature on that article? Secondly.. who gives a stuff? Live with it. Paddy's going to have to :)
Auckland Owl
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07/07/2009 10:56:00

haha, 3 serious posts followed by smiggy's "and on that bombshell" comment. Hilarious! Although he's a blade it does sound suspiciously harsh, it did raise an eyebrow when I read it.... or should that be raised a half-chewed eyebrow.
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07/07/2009 12:12:00

robc I have to agree with you mate its easy done i know rugby lads that got 2yrs banned for taking dodo tablets for cold, however on the other side it would explain how he shifted the weight so quickly being a porker my self I have dabbled & it worked a treat (not that I condone it) paddy sorry mate but you will get a ban defo.
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07/07/2009 12:26:00

i thought ephidrine were herbal pills?(ecstacy), lol did wonder why he shifted all the weight so quick, who'd have thought we'd see the day Sheffield United cheat? Preston should sue it cost them promotion
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07/07/2009 12:31:00

Ephedrine (EPH) is a sympathomimetic amine commonly used as a stimulant, appetite suppressant, concentration aid, decongestant, and to treat hypotension associated with anaesthesia. Ephedrine is similar in structure to the synthetic derivatives amphetamine and methamphetamine. Chemically, it is an alkaloid derived from various plants in the genus Ephedra (family Ephedraceae). It is most usually marketed in the hydrochloride and sulfate forms. [Edited by TheFear]
Skeggy Owl
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07/07/2009 12:47:00

Total agree skeggy with every word you've said, come on Preston its up to you to sue, £50m will about do it, well you piggy 8astards started it.
ecco owl
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07/07/2009 13:34:00

Couldn't resist going on their site and having a go at the cheating fecker!! Spot on too...... Preston need to sue the scum, now the shoe is on the other foot!!
US Owl
Report Abuse
07/07/2009 13:53:00

Folks, just removed one comment and edited another. We rarely do this but we've got to take into account the legalities of calling people cheats etc as nothing has been proved until the investigation results are done. Go easy on us, our hearts couldn't take the strain of legal action! What you THINK and what is FACT at the moment are two different things! Cheers folks.
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07/07/2009 15:29:00

ha ha what a joke!! typical swines
Report Abuse
07/07/2009 16:46:00

no, you are typical cheating swines! get it right!
Report Abuse
07/07/2009 17:00:00

why are we owlswfc-pig??????? ps well done vitalfootballadmin!!
Report Abuse
07/07/2009 20:57:00

Admin please send me an explanation as to why my comment was edited. What I said wasnt libellous and I certainly didnt refer to him as a 'cheat'.
Skeggy Owl
Report Abuse
07/07/2009 23:00:00

Oh and PFL you KNOW what he's done is wrong. So think about what you say the next time you come on here maing yourself look an idiot.
Skeggy Owl
Report Abuse
07/07/2009 23:01:00

Well lads I think you’ve cracked it without knowing it, he took the pills because he caught swine flu down at pigsty lane lol.
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08/07/2009 00:48:00

Some cough medicine contains psuedo-edphedrine and someone would have had to drink quite a few bottles to show up on any drug tests. I thought it was common practice in football nowadays that when players have ailments, the first thing they do is go to the medical staff of which ever club they play for. I would assume the medical staff have a list of what products players can and cant take. I for one would be feeling pretty let down if I was in the same situation.
Skeggy Owl
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08/07/2009 01:37:00

skegg-pig - he's been found guilty of nothing yet. Buy the looks of things it is an innocent act meaning a fine for him and the club will most likely than not be the outcome. there are no signs of intent according to alot of facts stated. but all will be revealed soon. you lot want to calm down, mind you - you lot call only gloat and enjoy our bad outcomes - after all we are the city's 'BIG BROTHER'!! nothing is happening with your scrubby club and nothing ever will - keep on dreaming that one day you might just might be on an even keel as us!! muppets!!
Report Abuse
08/07/2009 08:39:00

Inspite of BFL's miserable bleating I still believe you're being harsh, Skeggy. Paddy's old manager Warnock has mounted a defence of his former player based on Paddy's lack of mental ability. "Daft but smashing" it seemed to go. Whatever you may think I still believe it is not beyond the realms of possibility that Paddy wakes up in the run up to the playoff final, feels he has a sore throat but is worried that if he goes to the team dr they won't let him go so he nips down the chemist. It really doesn't take much for any kind of substance to show up in a urine test, the body takes what it wants and then excretes the rest via the skin, the bowels or the bladder. I really don't think Paddy is a cheat, a big daft kid who wanted to play and not let the team down maybe. A little charitable thinking isn't a bad thing now, afterall, United lost the game and we get to beat them again this year.
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08/07/2009 08:48:00

I dont think Im being harsh at all. What I am saying is Paddy SHOULD have gone to the medical team at Bumhole Lane. IF they told him what to take then THEY are just as much to blame. If he didnt go to them then, like everyone is saying, he was very stupid indeed. Oh and PFL go and find someone that cares about what you say, you are becoming repetative and boring.
Skeggy Owl
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08/07/2009 15:44:00

No arguments over Paddy's intellectual capacity Skeggy, yes he should have gone to his teams medics but who has never made an error in judgement? I seem to recall an argument this time last year when you were vociferously attacking anyone who dared to question the validity of that cock who tried to buy Wednesday. Even when I made no such comment........ Until just then.
Report Abuse
08/07/2009 16:55:00

robc well said, glad to see someone had brains and can comment fairly for once. skeg-pig - get back in that dole queue that's a good little snout sniffler!!
Report Abuse
08/07/2009 20:57:00

Maybe I am wrong after all.
Report Abuse
08/07/2009 21:11:00

robc are you a pig in disguise, cos i'm with skeggy on this one, one thing you never do as a wednesday fan is feel sorry for anybody who plays in a pig shirt, its only going to attrack scum like pig4life on this site, try putting the boot on the other foot, do you really think they'd feel sorry for us if was one of ours, they'd have him hung drawn and quartered by now.
ecco owl
Report Abuse
08/07/2009 22:42:00

thats where you are wrong though ecco-pig!! no point turning on your own supporters and having a pop at robc just because he doesn't side with your usual biased swill. you lot seem to forget quite easy of your own comments you constantly make. if kenny is found guilty than fair doo's nothing we can do, but it's fair to see that there was no intent of cheating and just a carelees act involving a bad cold. He should have followed club procedures yes, whatever - i think this has been blown out of proportion to cause a big headline and topic. what i am almost certain of is that this wasn't an enhancement act towards the sport but an innocent mistake resulting in not taking the correct routes towards a cold. this can and will be proved nodoubt very soon.
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09/07/2009 02:27:00

if kenny is telling the truth he will be fine, if he's not then he's going to get stung big style which will probably end his career as he's already 31 now. the club had no option to suspend him as this is standard protocol with any employer pending investigations.
Report Abuse
09/07/2009 02:32:00

Ecco, firstly no I'm not a pig in disguise (lovely image thankyou very much). Secondly, as I believe Wednesday to be God's own club and better than any other, it follows that I believe Wednesdayites should be better than any fans (and much better than our neighbours) and therefore capable of a little bit of fair mindedness, compassion and decency (real British values, not like hate and ignorance that belong to those who support the BNP and their ilk, misunderstanding what it is to be British). Finally I know how to spell attract (cheap shot over an obvious typo but that pig in disguise crack was uncalled for and p***ed me off).
Report Abuse
09/07/2009 10:06:00

Well put robc. I agree with everything you said.
Report Abuse
09/07/2009 13:32:00

can'r expect anything else but crap for the idiots ecco and skeggy
Report Abuse
10/07/2009 16:41:00

I like paddy think he should be back in irish team dont like some of the posts im reading hear lads even if some are jokes can we not wait till it is proved before haveing a go .. and im not trying to step on anyones toes here
dublin owl
Report Abuse
12/07/2009 09:20:00


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