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Time For Laws To Go?

It's been the hot topic for all Wednesdayites over the weekend, and now we're asking you in the form of our monthly poll - should Brian stay, or should he go?

The 2-0 home defeat against Reading on Saturday proved to be the straw that broke the camel's back for many fans, coming hot on the heels of the 4-0 demolition against West Brom the previous weekend.

'Praise or Grumble' was in overdrive with fans calling for Laws to be sacked following the recent bad run of results - which now leaves the Owls on the verge of the Championship relegation places.

There were also some supporters, although they did seem the minority, who were backing Laws to steer Wednesday away from trouble.

So what do you think?

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The Journalist

Writer: Nick Mail feedback, articles or suggestions

Date:Monday December 7 2009

Time: 8:00AM

Your Comments

who do you think we are going to get that can do a better job?! WE HAVE NO MONEY! the last 3 years under laws has provided us with a level of optimism we haven't had for years!! yes we've hit a bad run but it's the players lack of quality that's letting us down, don't be stupid enough to think that we didn't seriously overachieve last season, and that was all down to good management. The only thing holding us back is our lack of funds and as soon as that's sorted out Laws is the man to take us forward, if we sacked him now he wouldn't have any trouble getting a job elsewhere and that's because anybody with a clue about football can see he's a good manager. SACKING MANAGERS AT THE FIRST SIGN OF TROUBLE IS THE REASON WE'VE ENDED UP WHERE WE ARE, STOP BOOING AND GET BEHIND THE TEAM!
Regi here are laws stats season by season. Season 2006-2007: Played 32 Wins 15: WIN= 46.88% Season 2007-2008: Played 51 Wins 15: WIN= 29.41% Season 2008-2009: Played 48 Wins 15: WIN= 31.25% Season 2009-2010: Played 21 Wins 5: WIN= 23.81% Overall: Played 152 Wins 51: WIN= 33.55% Overall without good 1st season and Sheffield derby double: Played 128 Wins 34: WIN= 26.56% So by your reasoning winning 15 games last season you think we overachieved ?. I like most fans thought it was a good platform to push on this season & be around the play off places at the very least.
Sorry but it's beyond the time that BL should've gone. His woes (and ours) this season are entirely of his own making. No further finance is going to come into the club. That's a fact we should face. If BL cannot work within the confines of his current budget then we need someone who can. I'm sorry, I never thought Id be advocating the firing of another human being at Christmas but there it is. BL isn't up to the job in the current circumstances. If we stick with him, we'll be in the bottom 3 soon and for some time to come.
regi and duds i agree with what yous say we should have pushed on this year but like regi said we just dont have the players if we stay up this year and thats a big IF i think laws should sell anyone he can get money for and just rebuild he can start with all the players that cant manage a full season
dublin owl
well if he is gonna go then this must be before or in January. I am not saying he should but a new manager must have the option to try and get new players in even if they are free's. I still think we need to be positive. it takes time to build a strong and consistant team and does help when money grabbing losers like wood dont show any commitment. Its a bad situation but we can get out of it. we are better than this and we have proved this by beating some very good sides this season. remember when sunderland were bottom at Christmas a few years back. look at what happened to them. we can turn this around. lets stop being so blo*dy negative!
go now for the good of sheffield wednesday
duds... I see what your saying but when i say overachieving I mean managing to stay in this division with such a small wage bill, the level of quality we have in the squad is a direct reflection of the amount of money we can pay, any player good enough to come here and push us up the division is going to other clubs with more money, that's not laws' fault, because of the lack of quality in the squad we can't seem to put a run together that will push us forward but I think we need to hold out with laws until investment comes, if anyone can suggest another manager that can come here with the same budget that Laws has got and do any better then I'd love to hear it, no proven, top manager is going to come here because we can't pay them... lets be realistic, sooner or later we have to stick with some one and support them through the ups and the downs...
I think you lot who seem to think Laws should stay have your head buried truly deeply in the sand. The great result of 0-0 at Ipswich was apparently something we were going to build on. Has anyone seen any evidence of this in the last Two games??? Nope I didn't think so. Personally I think hes lost the dressing room. Example he gave Spurr the captains last week strips it off him gives it to O connor I am sure that helped Spurr's morale. This was always going to be a disaster when we signed Purse got rid Woody. Created a bad taste in some of the players mouth I think. Hes got to go. Put McAuley in charge who probably knows what players to pick. LAWS OUT! Tomorrows defeat at Doncaster will be the final curtain I feel.
Regi, I see what you are saying with the wage budget but ! The players we have, on paper should be doing a lot better. Players like Spurr seam to be going backwards. In all honesty with the squad we have we should be pushing for a play off spot, not saying we should be in the play offs but we should be challenging. The fact that we are not lays firmly at the managers door. After steadying the ship last season & a respectable 12Th place, anything less than a play off push was going to prompt calls for the managers head. I like Brian Laws but he is tactically inept, and has to go.
Lads as I said about 2-3 weeks ago I live in the next village to woody my son shares some of the same group of friends & I have been told rightly or wrongly that he has lost the dressing room & thatís why Akpo went to Charlton as well her is not the man to take us forward Howard Wilkinson is out of work with a point to prove he is one of us give him the job he has an eye for talent & tactical brilliant not something you could say about BL!
ps that should read BL is the man to take us forward- sorry i'm a muppet still better than a pig lol
see i'm still at, BL is not the man
Its not a case of not avin the money its more a case of playing the right team instead of playing the same team week in and week out wen performances av not been gud enough.BL as ad the money and bought crap with it even our free signings all panic buys i mean come on Purse club capt @ cardiff released on a freebie if he was that good do u think they wud av let him go i dont think so Mr Laws wake up and smell the coffee and see wot the rest of us are seeing before it all goes tits up,defeat tomorrow just isnt thinkable,get jj and ee dwn the flanks to giv more attacking options even if u av to put tuddy on wing and play dare i say it clarke upfront wi varney or jeffers lets get our money from that cripple before he vacates our premises another laws mishap.
I liked Mr Laws and every week me and my brother wud av same debate and now it seems he's right hes not gud enough.And BL saying this isnt good enough from his team etc and changes will be made yes changes made where drop the ones thats performing and leave the others to try n gain sum confidence back tut tut Mr Laws.
Yes laws made some bad decisions and he will be gone this week but all that will happen is get someone in win a few matches and this time next season be in same postion as we have no money and then we will be after yet another manager Sturrock sumed it up when he was sacked Sheffield wednesday want to be a top flight club and to be a top flight club you either need time or money and wednesday have neither.
bodsy owl
Yup i definately agree with the majority, BL has got to go!! Football is a result based business and regardless of who ever is in charge its their duty to deliver this - Fo those who vote BL to stay in charge look at duds post and you will see our win ratio is no where near good enough in the past couple of seasons. 4 WINS ALL SEASON FOR FFS!!! This season has been a massive embarrassment on and off the pitch. The performances I have managed to witness have been nothing less than shocking, team selections have been poor, signings have been even worse and i dont think BL is the man the turn this around. As a club we need to move forward up the league and push for the playoffs not fighting for relegation AGAIN!!
the trouble is our budget is a relegation budget not a promotion push one. no money=crap players = no goals= relegation sorry lee has to go
bodsy owl
The poll so far would seem to disagree with you bodsy. For all of you who blame the chairman and not the manager, let me turn the question you have asked so often on its head. Who are you going to get to replace him? Like it or not, football managers are alot easier to replace than chairmen. We've been up for sale for so long I've forgotten when we weren't but no f***er wants to invest so where is the money going to come from? Answer that.
Wish i knew there too many people not willing to part with there shares which puts investors off. My point is we sack laws yes we will get few wins which always happens when there is a change in manager but without money we will be in same place next season. LS said we would be bought out by March 2009 and still nothing he should make false promises
bodsy owl
I don't blame the chairman at all, I think he's done a cracking job since he's come in but bodsey summed it up o money=crap players = no goals= relegation sooner or later we have to learn from our mistakes...
What do you suggest Regi? The situation was exactly the same when Sturrock went and MacAuley turned the team around in four games, enabling BL to enjoy his most successful ever season. No money then but it turned out the players weren't that crap after all. Give someone else a chance and let's find out how crap our players relly are. I'm betting they'll surprise us.
really, sorry about that
I have heard BL is going and wilkinson will be manager by end of week dont know how true it is but we will see i just wish it was not so hard being wednesday fan sometimes i cant wait for the day when can all put posts on saying how great we are all i want for xmas is a wednesday win pls
bodsy owl
so you're saying we should give MacAuley the job? seriously? in the position we're in we, if we do sack Laws, then we need someone proven and experienced, any ideas?
When's Sodje due back.I read somewhere last week that his loan spell with Charlton was finishing at the weekend??
Agreed Bodsy, would love to be talking about how great we are, and looking forward to the future. Yes I'd give MacAuley the job as caretaker and if he did I good job (as he did last time in this division, with a losing team and no money) I'd give him the chance to earn the job. A caretaker did Newcastle no harm, how many of there fans were up in arms over the summer wanting Alan Shearer (who's record leaves something to be desired). Chris Hughton just got on with the job. How are they doing, just remind me. We shouldn't rush to fill the ositionand bind ourselves to a contract too soon. Give a caretaker a chance and dangle the job as an incentive. MacAuley would be my man. You've failed to say what you would do regi.
Lets just hope if Laws does go we dont get Southgate or Shearer, I agree with Rob if BL does go then MacAuley should be given a chance but i have heard Wilkinson in line for the job but time will tell. Lets hope we get a good win against Donny
bodsy owl
why are people saying that laws needs to stay?? he clearly needs to go. its NOT all to do with money either!!!! you need to know the best team to pick, the best position for every player, tactics, team selections and substitutions and the timing of the substitutions. the last 2 matches have been totally wrong and have been 2 of the most embarerassing matches ive ever been to. he has to resign. what about darren ferguson??? scouts the lower leagues which we dont do and has brought players like boyd and mclean n m-smith to p'boro????
he has to go not up to the job he has spent are cash on crap players, we need to look at good younger players from the lower leagues not has-beens from the premier & championship like Jeffers or purse miller gray the list goes on lads not up to the job!
You never know sturrock looks like he might be looking for work soon stranger things have happened in football.
bodsy owl
I totally agree that there is a very good possibility that BL has infact 'lost' the dressing room. It wouldnt surprise me one bit, especially when Laws thought it would be a good idea to 'publicly' character asassinate Woody live on the radio over his reluctance to sign a new contract. The thing is I can see BL STILL being in charge after christmas. And by then we will whether we would like to admit it or not, be in deeper 5h1t than we already are because we will be rooted to the foot of the table and some if not all of our better players will be looking to go elsewhere. Im of the opinion that the right time to get rid is now because that would at least give the new manager time to have a good go at getting us out of the mess. The only stumbling block we have is that we cannot afford the money to get rid of Laws.
Skeggy owl
If we go for MacAuley as caretaker we can.
Although i like the man and hes a top bloke i think its deffinately time for him to go. The side he is putting out is clumsy to me. For example when we played Ipswitch we had two centre halfs on the bench and he played a right back there ? and Darren Purse ? why did we sign him its as though laws cannot think of anyone else and the first name comes to mind and yes well have him. I know we have no money and that needs sorting out for the future of Sheffield Wednesday but we can surely do better then the likes of Purse, Miller. Anyone agree ?
Wilkinson, Sturrock can you be serious, they always say never have them back, plus style of football under them was big boot, McAuley ok did a job for a few matches, but caretaker managers always do well,ok most of you lot are calling for Brian's head, i'm a home/away season ticket holder i see them more than most, if i was calling for anybodys head it would be the players whom played sorry gone over that white line the last few weeks, i'd sack the lot of them because every one of them are a disgrace to this club, thats coming from a passionate supporter that goes week in week out not someone who comes on here shouting the mouths off because the results are not what they want to see. Brian is not a bad manager, yes he's made mistakes, but i think its the players that should be looking at themselfs, there the ones letting the club down not Brian.
ecco owl
im the same i go everyweek, and im unhappy because its clear to me that he plays the wrong team, he chooses the wrong subs and at wrong times and the football being played is diabolical, and event though i agree 100% not 1 of them deserve to wear the shirt or in my opinion get paid for the last month, some of the blame must land on BL. i have no idea who would be a good enough manager to replace him but what i do know is that when/if this investent comes i wouldnt trust BL to spend the money wisely!!!
Bring back paul jewel lets giv him a proper run lol.Does anyone else think the players are possibly playing like this for us to get on his back and out of the club cos i dont knw wots goin off and ow promising young players all of a sudden playing rubbish and looking lost on the pitch,but yes i agree with holding back their wages until they earn it cos dont see y we shud waste hard earned money to pay their wages wen they not bothered.
ecco you say brian isn't a bad manager, the whole ground could see we needed to make substitutions at half time on saturday if not before, yet none were forthcomming until it was to late.
Sorry Olly, Supersibon, witholding money from the players would break their contracts and leave us open to a law suit which would mean expending money we don't have on lawyers. Paul Jewel did a great job at Wigan because he had financial backing. If we opted for him I wouldn't expect too much. The job he did at Derby was poor to say the least. Until we sort out Brian's future I'm afraid there's little point playing pick a manager. Ecco we can't sack the players as it would cost more than we could afford. Everyone who's blamed the lack of financial input from a new investor or the current chairman please feel free to go out and find a billionaire to take us to the promised land. In the meantime the rest of us can see that a change in management is the only viable choice. Economically, football-wise, it's the only thing that makes sense.
I think you're all wrong. The situation is not good but give BL a chance to turn it around. Yes I think he has made mistakes but give the guy a chance to try something. I'd like to see some changes - like not playing Varney. I'm not even going into "is there someone else better" - look at the last 10 years - has there been?
how long do we give him?? need a new approach to this relegation fight, because thats what were in and probably will be in till the end of the season. give him time its less time for someone else to come in and possibley fix it.
Some of you are off your heads give him chance what mind bending drugs are you on. He has a 26% win rate bought crap players & is tactically inept & allegedly a bully who feels the need to publicly berate his players but takes little blame himself. Thatís great for morale! get rid now you cant blame LS he is just talking the club up itís PR we all want investment it wont happen if the product is sub standard & the brand is badly managed come on lads he has to go! Up the owls!
If Laws was to go this week, please champion the cause for Darren Ferguson to become manager. This guy would be a massive plus for SWFC, and deserves his chance with a solid championship club like ours.

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