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Warnock Latest In The Frame

Yesterday it was Shearer, today it's Neil Warnock, as the rumours continue in the press as to who the next manager of the Owls will be.

Former Newcastle and England international Shearer has already played down yesterday's tabloid headlines linking him with the manager's hot-seat at S6.

But today the shock factor is just as big, this time the Daily Mail linking former Sheffield United boss Warnock with a move back to his hometown with the blue and white side of the city.

Owls chairman Lee Strafford is taking his time over picking the right man for the job, and the Mail are reporting that Warnock, current manager of Crystal Palace, is high up on his wanted list.

Warnock has previously joked that he'd love to be manager of Wednesday - before spending a load of money and getting us relegated.

But rivalries aside, and although any approach for Warnock would more than split the Owls' fanbase, he has an impressive record during his stints with the Blades, Notts County, Huddersfield Town and Plymouth Argyle.

Warnock has also been linked with the vacant post at Premier League Bolton Wanderers.

And although doing a good job with Palace, steering them just outside the play-offs, the London club have experienced some financial problems of their own of late, and that could prove a factor in his future at the club.

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The Journalist

Writer: Nick Mail feedback, articles or suggestions

Date:Tuesday January 5 2010

Time: 9:30AM

Your Comments

my season tickets in the post lee
id have him but why would he want to come to us surely he will be loving this
I would rather have pleat back pls no, i will not go to a match with him in charge and buy season ticket for stocksbridge park steels
bodsy owl
Bet god Warnock is laughing his socks off. I would hate him to go to swillsborough, because he is probably the only manager who could keep your rabble in the division.
Gloucblade - don't you have some business to attend to in court? You must be so proud of your club, or "The mardiest club in the world" as most people know them! Decision to sue over WC bid is hilarious!!
Have to admit i think he would be the right man for the job if only he didnt have that disgusting piggy history!! No way he'd wanna come to us though i'm sure of that but then again, who is gonna wanna come to us in the situation we are in?? It dosn't seem to be getting any better on all fronts at Hillsborough lately and the situation is worrying!! I hate to say it but i think the next manager will be someone from the lower leagues or an ex manager trying his hand again... League One here we come :-(
I can't believe people are saying they would have him. I can't think of anyone worse to get the job!
Even looking at the picture above of him angers me soooooooo much.
please god no...
they should not put his face on this site replace with a pig i cant stand the bloke appoint someone quick i cant stand it any longer
bodsy owl
Rather not but guess we need someone to try keep this bunch of s***e players in this league. I don't see any of it really.
warnock is a wild choice i agree, but at the end of the day he is a proven manager at championship.He has good decisions on signing quality players and is probably the man to get us out of this bad situation. HAVE IT ON GOOD AUTHORITY THAT DAZ FERGUSON HAS BEEN INTERVIEWED AND IS IN LINE. IRVINE ALSO A POSSIBILITY.
I can sleep easy just come on sky Warnock not coming thank god
bodsy owl
the man has never got past page one of the coaching manual, so no regardless of the fact he is a died in the wool blade. Whoever we get as manager needs to find who is the rotten apple and get rid of him as it is always a player who completely ruins the dressing room. Take Francis for instance we started on a downward spiral after the '93 FA cup final and that coincided with the signing of Des Walker who, although a good individual player, destroyed the team spirit and was the only constant factor during our demise. As long as the new guy advocates good football his major task is finding the none team players
Hirsty's Shinpads,19528,11688_5833102,00.html its not over yet
Sorry, not having the last comment about Des Walker. He's a legend and trying to pin Wednesdays demise on him is blasphemy. What about the crap players, dodgy chairmen and useless managers? Des joined in 93 and didn't leave until 2001 - 8 years. We weren't relegated until 2000 and that had more to do with the useless foreign crap that Danny Wilson wasted millions bringing in than anything else. Seems Des spent 7 years destroying team spirit...and keeping us comfortably safe in the premiership. During this time we had the likes of Di Canio throwing regular tantrums and De Bilde. I bet they were great for team spirit. Walker was a Wednesday legend and I wish we had a defender that was even half his quality right now. Our current crap form can't be due to one bad apple and the whole team has to take responsibility for this. I do think that some of our players just aren't good enough and some are seriously overrated but they should still be better than relegation fodder in this league. They need a manager to give them a good kicking to get them in gear and playing with a genuine belief and desire to win. Give the job to Des!
well said baldowl des was great i would give my right arm for a player like that at min, i just wish they would make there mind up and get someone in to stop stupid talk like Warnock
bodsy owl
Just remeber - this is the man that (a few years ago) said he would love to manage wednesday - so he could buy loads a *****e players, get us even further into debt, relegated two divisions and then ***** off to cornwall to retire at our expense. THERE IS NO WAY THIS MAN SHOULD BE CONSIDERED AT ALL
We're too big a club for that clown, he'll only manage scummy little clubs!!
NO,NO, NO, NO, NO! He is just one very bitter absolute blade through and through porker. Ferguson for me. It's not just what ya know, its who you know in this game, and they dont know any better than him. If he can get Peterboro into the Championship, he can get us into the Premiership.
ha ha ha ha ha ha keep it coming as promised neil....get this ***** club in the conference within 3 years...UTB!!
thought the Walker comment would provoke some reaction. yes he was a very good player but he wasn't a captain who inspired and he was self interested. i met him several times and at no stage did he ever indicate that he cared about anything other than himself, not the club. there are some at hillsborough like that now and they are the cause of players wandering round the pitch like lost sheep
Hirsty's Shinpads
NW this is brilliant!! knowing he would have his blades shirt on underneath his piggy outfit week in week out. priceless.
Ferguson has just ben named as PNE manager.
Radon Barrier
ferguson was my 1st choice.....gutted.....whats taking so f***ing long to get someone in????
Woodhouse. No court cases at the moment, everytime we go in, we come out with lots of MONEY, remember what that is?
He was mine too. The warnock story is a wind up and the shearer one nonsense. Irish looks like sorting out a deal with NI. The options are shrinking again.
Radon Barrier
Warnock isnt coming anywhere near swillsboro, but its giving a lot of people a good laugh...especially Warnock! Wonderful.
gloucblade aren't you embarassed. I don't see the argument. Hillsborough is clearly the largest, best and better situated of the two grounds. Just cos its got a hotel and has had a lick of paint doesn't make the Lane in the same league as hillsborough. You can't polish a turd. I just don't get your argument. With regards money. Its no good having it if your chairman won't let you spend it. Now why don't you and bladeforlife hold hands and go for a windy walk off a large cliff (and our website). If you want to know where Uniteds biggest website is why not try your trophy room - no ones been in there since the war.
Radon Barrier
Radon, No argument intended, surely you see the funny side of this?
Its hilarious, but even Warnock would not attempt to go up s**t creek without a paddle. Whats taking so long?, no one really wants it.
We have no money so who would come! one of any standing. as for Des Walker HS wtf are you talking about I have also met des a few times he is a down to earth level head bloke yes he's not a shouter but a great player good captain & a nice bloke. Blame Atkinson for leaving, Francis for not being up to the job, pleat for all the foreign crap, Danny Wilson for being a joke & Dave Richards for fecking off with the money (allegedly)
its all about opinions Horbury and that is mine. IMO the demise is linked directly to Linighans header which unfortunately led Francis to make a few poor choices but other than that he had us playing the best football I have seen us play before or since and once Francis was gone the apart from Atkinson the others were obviously not upto the job
Hirsty's Shinpads
Fair comment gb but you are bound to get tarred with the same brush as bfl, who is an idiot. I've just read Warnocks biography and quite liked it, although he did let himself down a few times. He is definatley taking the p155 with this one. My new favourite for the job is Terry Curran - He would kick some ar5e. gb next time there is a discussion on the best ever derby goal, just look at TC's at the Lane in 1980 and realise there is no discussion.
Radon Barrier
Terry Curran says he'll do it for nowt on sheffield star website.
Radon, Please don't tar me with THAT brush! No offense intended, I just love the way the media have picked it up and really gone over the top with it. NW then saw the opportunity to stir it up and got on the band waggon with TV and newspaper interviews. From your point of view, I really doubt Curran is what you want, surely you need a proven fighter who knows his way around the division to keep you up? Legend players with no managerial experience are exactly what you DONT need. Speaking of great Derby goals, remember Alan Birchinalls brace at Hillsboro in Sept 1964? I also remember David Hurst getting a beauty at The Lane.
have look at this sounds like something happening i know we heard it all before but give it a chance,,10304~1919935,00.html LS interview think this why not got new manager as it depends on the investment which should be done one way or another by end of Jan
bodsy owl
Bobsy just watched it very good m8 if it's true? Hirsty the fact is Francis had big Rons team we play that style of football under Ron Atkinson he was the man who could have taken us forward possible still could? As you opinions are like ar**holes but Francis come on never done anything a boss. fact
sorry that should read as you say opinions are like
No I don't gb but i would like to see it just to put my mind at rest tht Currans is the best. I don't want Curran as manager but I am that fed up of it all I think it might be good just for a laugh. In his post match interviews back in the day he used to come across about as well as stable as Warnock, so at least we would be going down with a smile on our faces. Waddles 65 yarder at wembley was OK as well.
Radon Barrier
Hirsty SP - Francis was the worst manager we have had in living memory. He was a major factor in our fall from grace. He inherited a fantastic team and destroyed it over time. His stay was only prolonged by the initial success of someone elses team. Before us he was a DISASTER at QPR, where he caused a player mutiny by refusing a player time off for the birth of his child, suggesting it should be induced on a non match day! He messed up every subsequant managerial post he had. I am convinced that had Atkinson stayed we would have won the league that year. At the end it was between us Man u and Leeds. Leeds won - the difference between all the teams that year was Cantona. If he had played for Man U they would have won or for us we'd have won it. But who wanted to see him play on grass. What a Dickhead. He cost us our one chance of the league. Would Atkinson have made such a mistake. Of course not. Good footballer though.
Radon Barrier
francis the worst manager we've had in living history?! lol ok. yes he made mistakes and every manager inherits the previous managers teams but then makes his changes. Waddle a bad singing? Warhurst? Bright, much maligned at the time but still scored a lot of goals. if I could watch that kind of football again at hillsborough at that level I would. You didn't enjoy regularly beating the best teams, finishing in the top half of the big league, going on numerous cup runs and playing in europe? Are you being serious?!
Hirsty's Shinpads
Yes i am. Waddle was a no brainer, Warhurst he got lucky with (as a striker) but then fell out with and Bright was average. Lets not mention cantona again.What about short arse sinton. Other than Waddle and Warhurst he made poor signings and had terrible man management skills. All the good times were with the remainder of atkos squad. imagine being fortunate enough to inherit that squad and a ton of money. well he did and made a right hash of it. Don't look at how well he did early doors with the squad he inherited look at how poorly we did when his signings started to come through. i could have took us to Europe with that squad and budget. the guys an idiot.
Radon Barrier
no I disagree. i am an atkinson fan and he did well but ultimately his team finished 3rd in division 2. that was not the same team that then finished 3rd in div 1.
Hirsty's Shinpads
what i mean to say is that the team needed to progress to achieve in div 1 and francis obviously managed that otherwise we wouldn't have done so well. Oldham and West Ham who finished above us didn't fair so well. For every so called bad signing I'll give you a good one. Petrescu etc
Hirsty's Shinpads

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