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Irvine Eager For Derby Debut

Wednesday boss Alan Irvine will take to the manager's seat for the first time in a Steel City derby clash insisting that points are much more important than local bragging rights.

The clash against the Blades is usually a one-off encounter, a cup-style game which fans of both Wednesday and United look for straight away once the fixtures are released.

It gives Wednesdayites and Unitedites the chance to bag bragging rights for months on end with victory, regardless of league position.

But this one is much more important to Wednesday, with their Championship status also at stake.

Three points are a must, regardless of the opposition, and the Owls boss knows that all too well.

'To Wednesday and Sheffield United fans this is the biggest game,' Irvine told the official SWFC website.

'The points are massive and there is no way I am going to play that down. The fact is that we need three points and it's vitally important that we get them. In my opinion the points are much more important than the bragging rights.

'It's a fantastic occasion and if you're a footballer these are the games that you really want to play in. When you were a young lad you didn't dream of playing in games that were non-events, you dreamt of playing in big games; cup finals, derby matches, World Cups, all those kind of things so that's surely what you want to do as a professional.

'Nobody should be in any doubt as to what the game means to the fans and nobody should be in any doubt as to what the points will mean for us.'

The biggest crowd for any Championship match outside of Newcastle this season is anticipated at S6 tomorrow.

There are still some tickets left but fans should snap them up before 4pm today by visiting

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The Journalist

Writer: Nick Mail feedback, articles or suggestions

Date:Saturday April 17 2010

Time: 10:06AM

Your Comments

Fans are up for it, just hope the players are
course you pigs are up for it you think you are miles better than what you are..always have. HARDLINES
ouch pot,kettle.Listen piggy we will see ow you cope wen you av no money n struggling to pay wages for decent players etc lets see ow your team fare n ow your fan base will stay loyal(not).
Wednesday are sheffields biggest and best club, always have been and always will be, everybody in football knows it and deep down even the thickest blunt knows it too eh BFL? Form, league position and money in the bank may fluctuate from time to time but ask anyone, Wednesday are the biggest club in Sheffield, Utd have been and always will be the poor relations, that's why you revel some much in Wednesdays misfortune. We don't give a f*** what your club does yet you lot clearly continually fuss about us which proves a lot I think. I don't expect to hear much from you lot if Wednesday win tomorrow, previous seasons have proved you spout crap for weeks up to the derby then disappear after Wednesday win.
ha ha what a load of wendy ********* that was eh sussexpig!! you seem to forget we are up the the double against you yet again..last season was just a fluke hence the 96 years!!
just 1 big**** take party at swillsborough tomorrow for all blades fans regardless. can't wait..come on palace!!! i'll have my palace shirt on tomorrow along with many more. ha ha
palace shirt? have a listen to yourself. the only highlight in your season is what happens to us isn't it? as sussex says above the majority of wednesday fans couldn't give a toss what happens to united but all you seem to care about is us losing. now if that is not an inferiority complex i don't what is. dry up and get back where you belong
Hirsty's Shinpads
pigforlife shouldnt you be more concerned that your lot have failed AGAIN , only this year you havent even choked on the big stage , you have faded into obscurity! we will stay up regardless of what happens tomorrow and i cant wait to see what rag tag lot you turn out next season when mccabe has stripped more of your assests...................but hey ho you have got a hotel!! p.s. you enjoy wearing your palace shirt tomorrow...... i have enjoyed every minute i have spent in my tevez shirt these past few seasons
another derby double!!
wedtillidie has a good point. all little piggies care about is wednesdays lack of money and us losing. id rather have no money than to waste what money we have on stupid hotels. it says it all when hillsborough was selected as a world cup stadium and bramall lane wasnt. biggest,best, better club = wednesday
league 1 = wendy now piggy. how we didn't win that game i'll never know. you got us at our worst and you were lucky (JJ ding dong bad man gangster rapper (the tail end) )....should have got sent off.
at your worst youve bin like that all season you pigster.
we had the better chances, you didnt win the game because you only had one chance and that was a lucky cross! morgan is a disgrace the way he plays hands all over our strikers today. we just didnt have the quality to win the game. the ref was poor especially to us. nice to see the pigs making no noise again until they knew they had a good result( ie the final whistle blew ). just hope we are two points within palace going into the last game of the season!! wednesdat till i die!! plus biggest crowd united fans will be apart of for a while!!
What game were you watching bfl. Not a terrible result though. Probably the toughest of our remaining games. as long as we can stay within 2 points of palace after next week, still in our hands. Cardiff are bound to field a weak squad. If we do stay up we will end up above United next season. They are a team on a downward spiral. Now the game is over bfl readback your comments above and realise what a tedious idiot you are. And you are usually wrong as well.
Radon Barrier
ha ha only you poor relations could pull positives from that game today..what game were you lot at? we totally dominated the first half and only went behind due to having less men on the pitch. The first 25 mins were all united. you had a 10 min spell in the first half where you scored. the second half again was all us and you had the last few minutes. Our second string injury hit and loaned squad were the better side out of the two today which says everything about you sorry lot. reckon palace will win there next game and you will be relegated before a ball is kicked on swillsborough!! don't you worry we are having a good old laugh. UTB!!
So you actually stayed for the 90 mins this week pig ? Thought you normally trotted off with your snout between you legs on the hour mark. We may not of won today & there is a good chance we will go down at the end of the season, but at the end of the day im glad im not YOU. laters pig, don't let the barn door hit you in the arse when you get home
Just had another thought pig ! if we go down, by the next time we play you at hillsborough work will have started on our World Cup stadium. Go & check into your " we've got a hotel " and think about that. lol *****er
why did alan irvine bring clarke off instead of tudgay(not that clarke didnt deserve to be substituted himself)??? marcus tudgay is lazy and has been in disgraceful form for quite a while. i was taught at least 1 of the strikers sticks with the last defender and our strikers have no idea how to play together. very poor today, i really cant see us getting out of this, we dont have any creativity in the squad. and no fire power up front. be a miracle if we stay up :( lol-10 men on field when we scored, like that would have mattered-always looking for a excuse piggy!!!
Utd only threaten from free kicks and corners like all crap teams over the years, can't sting two passes together to create a chance from open play!! Utd fans need to open their eyes and realise they aren't getting anywhere near the premiership for years to come, very poor championship side and will be lucky to maintain that status over next few seasons. Poor manager, poor team and crap stadium rightly ignored as Sheffields World cup venue, Hillsborough will retain its place as one of the countries top venues in the coming years, just need a playing squad to do it justice now!
listern to cup. ha ha ha you are league 1 ***** come on palace. look on the bright side you will have a nice trip to rochdale next season!!! ha ha ha ha
Bfl your a cock and any other blunt who wishes to go down are thick as *****! Sheffield needs a derby and with Leeds possibly comin up next season would be great with all these yorskshire Derbyshire you thick *****!
Derbys that is!
is this what your seasons come down to now t**tforlife1889 supporting other teams instead of your own because your season has been so s**t. why dont you go and buy a palace season ticket as you seem to be more bothered about them! you shouldnt want us to go down as we are you biggest gate of the season by far. god knows how you are 9th or whatever you are because you werent any better than us. we werent at our best either (havent ever been this season). why should JJ have been sent off didnt see anything wrong with him apart from his shooting. obviously our site is more interesting than your scummy site!
It was in our hands today and we blew it. We know how those ****s play and it was obvious it would be a set piece. We haven't defended corners, free kicks well all season. The strikers are clearly not good enough and this is a massive problem. Not sure I'd keep any of them whatever happens in summer and league in. If beat Cardiff then maybe we can do it. What a disaster this season has been. Brian Laws has got alot to answer for but ultimatly the players have to take responsibility. We are better than our league position shows but players have not showed enough responsibility in some key games. Yes Sheff Utd aren't pretty to watch but they are safe and hard to beat. We on other hand seem to be a lost cause. Fair Play to Irvine hes a top manager and went for it today and trust him to do a good job wherever we are next year. We can't go on like this without any money scraping around for players no one else wants... LS WE SERIOULSY NEED INVESTMENT. COMPLETE JOKE!!
just seen the goal on tv, didnt realise it went straight in. WHERE WAS THE DEFENDER ON THE BACK POST??????? this is basic defending??? disgraceful!!!!
Complete fluke goal, clearly didn't mean it, if he said he did then he's a lying 5hit. Potters goal on the other hand was a proper football goal created in open play and well worked expertly finished. Only one team was really trying to win the game so fair play to Irvine, a bit a luck would have yielded 3 points, Utd are poor and were there for the taking, unfortunately we're not quite good enough ourselves to put our foot on their throats and keep it there. Another struggle next season in the championship (with SUFC) or a successful positive season in league 1, think some fans may opt for the latter??
look on the bright side, things could be worst if palace hadn't gone into admin and lost 10 points we would be in the sh-t, joking apart we are very poor,why dosn't irvine give jeffers a start ,clark was useless and tud gay would be better in midfield like last season, i also think the chairman is a joke and we are no better now than we we were under laws.
tommy craig
ha ha ha every blade wants wendys to go down...all this twaggle about gates etc just for the record both forrest and newcastle brought more supporters to the lane than you sorry lot this season. we have an awfull season but now half as awfull as you lot and its going to get a whole lot worse believe me. and yes all blades are palace fans for the next 2 games. send them down now. also reckon your looking at a 10 point deduction next season as you will be filing for administration. UTB!!
Pork for life did you go to same game we are both poor and i always thought to do the double you had to win both games? like we did last season. the ref was a joke and we need a front man who can score if we do go down at the end of next season we will be passing the pigs cos if you carry on playing like that you will struggle!
Bodsy owl
pfl the reason forest n newcastle fetched more supporters to lane is cos they were given more tickets than us if we ad been given more then so wud we.With all this money at the pig sty and you still field a team of crap.
pig for life you twittered on about selling your allocation all last week on the blogs, well looking from the kop yesterday upper tier right hand side must have been 20 seats spare. explain!!!!!!!!!!!
i disagree tommy with view that we are no better than we were with laws. truth is if we had kept laws we would have been down by now! you cant blame irvine if we go down its the players, mainly, and laws fault!
i agree irvine has tightend up the defence, but he continues to play the same forwards and plays varney out of position on the wing when we have other options why was sodge sent out on lone ? why isn,t jeffers given a start, he brings on subs to late in the game to make any differance? the fans deserve much better than what we're having to put up with, we have a chairman who talks bull-sh-t and a manager who watches a different game to the fans. i know you will say give the manager a chance but us wednesday fans seem to give every body a chance and it gets us nowhere .
tommy craig
Yes under Laws we may have already been relegated Wednesdayforlife, but i'll say this much about B.L that in all my life watching the Owls, B.L always got the players up for playing against the pigs not like yesterday, total disgrace to pull on that blue and white shirt everyone with the exception of O'connor.
ecco owl
what was the point of replacing clark with soares? he put johnson up front who can't finish for toffee, i'am sure jeffers would have burried that chance late on.
tommy craig
we were the better side had the most possesion and should have won the game on sunday, you didn't know what hit you in the first 25 mins and the dirty elbow on cresswell was tactical and changed the game...8 mins with 10 men and you score...says it all. reckon palace will beat west brom there last home game, west brom with nothing to play for and live on sky. won't go down to the last game. come on palace..please!!
everybody is on about playing jeffers, i know he is probably our best finisher, however he has been poor every chance he has had, in three years he has only scored about 5 and that isnt good enough. i agree laws could motivate for the derby but that is only two games out of 46, albeit big ones but still. clarke isnt good enough but i really dont feel jeffers would be any better! he plays johnson upfront because of his pace, and because he crossing has never been good enough for a winger. I have been thinking and am still undecided what would be best for us staying up ( struggling next year) or going down (starting all over again!) i then i think SHEFFIELD WEDNESDAY shouldnt be in the 3rd division.
everybody is on about playing jeffers, i know he is probably our best finisher, however he has been poor every chance he has had, in three years he has only scored about 5 and that isnt good enough. i agree laws could motivate for the derby but that is only two games out of 46, albeit big ones but still. clarke isnt good enough but i really dont feel jeffers would be any better! he plays johnson upfront because of his pace, and because he crossing has never been good enough for a winger. I have been thinking and am still undecided what would be best for us staying up ( struggling next year) or going down (starting all over again!) i then i think SHEFFIELD WEDNESDAY shouldnt be in the 3rd division.
just read the chairmans notes on official site, sold 9000 season tickets for next season, i think he owed it to those fans who forked out hard earned cash to use some of that money to get a couple of qaulity players in to help keep us in the championship rather than lg 1, also sacking laws cost the club over 600,000, i feel that is were the season ticket money went.
tommy craig

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