Sheffield Wednesday - One Defeat And Panic Stations...
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One Defeat And Panic Stations...

So Wednesday fall to their first defeat of the season and it's panic stations already.

A slender 1-0 loss against a side hitting form and desperate for a first league win of the season in front of the Sky cameras - and we're still top of the league.

Still, that doesn't stop some Wednesdayites hitting the panic button.

I got back home yesterday to do my regular check over the fans' forums (I won't name names, you know the forums...) and it was almost like the Owls had tumbled down to League Two such was the out-cry from some supporters.

We were poor yesterday, there's no denying that, and things need to improve from that showing if we're to achieve promotion this season.

But it's one defeat, and, strangely, one defeat that could have come at a good time, if there is such a thing.

We're still top of the league, and if we're taking the positives from such a defeat, it's that Irvine and his troops can sit up and take notice of their errors and mistakes and, hopefully, rectify them in time for next week.

We simply weren't at the races today, but it's the first league defeat of the season and hopefully it's a blip.

I said before the match that it was almost set-up for a defeat for us.

And, as daft as it sounds, I went as far as to say that if we beat Brentford I'd go and put a big wod of cash on us gaining promotion as champions.

It's still early in the season, but going to a place like Brentford, live in front of the Sky cameras, and on the back of a 5-0 win, to get the three points there and move four points clear so early would have been superb.

It was all there for a Wednesday win - top against bottom, a still unbeaten looking for a win against a side who hadn't won in the league - and it was all in front of the live cameras.

It was also all there for a Brentford win, too, and that's exactly how it panned out.

We're going to lose games this season and it's certainly no disgrace to lose at Griffin Park - plenty of other teams will do this season and the Bees will no doubt start to climb the league ladder now they've got their first win of the season.

And it's a case of now looking at how exactly we'll bounce back against Carlisle at Hillsborough at the weekend.

If someone would have offered us our position, and our start, before the season kicked-off, we'd have snapped their hands off.

It's a blip, and there's no need to worry just yet - we'll leave that until further down the line if things start to get worse.

Until then, UP THE OWLS!

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The Journalist

Writer: Nick Mail feedback, articles or suggestions

Date:Monday September 6 2010

Time: 8:00AM

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I agree Nick. Yesterday was typical Wednesday - they build us up and then drop us down. A few players not on form yesterday, difficulty crossing dead balls past the first man, the left of the defence easily overrun, midfield second to the ball etc etc. However, we are still topof the league and our real teast will be this Saturday. Then we will know our likley potential. The good news for Father Ted is that he has a very decent set of player choices, something the Owls have not had for years. Up the Owls!
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06/09/2010 08:58:00

It's expected being a Wednesday fan unfortunately. Next week if we win we'll be world beaters again!!
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06/09/2010 09:30:00

How many times did we get beat like this last season with teams putting crosses into the box either to front or back post n our defenders *****ting it,Brentford obviously did their homework n capitliased on this.I also think Coke wa lucky and feel this wont be the end of the matter hope im wrong.All in all not agud performance yday against a team that wa firing long balls all the time,cud av easily lost 3 or 4 nil if not for weaver and the goal line clearances.Lets march on and get the results we need.
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06/09/2010 10:20:00

A bit disappointing but not the end of the world, really surprised by our lack of quality on set pieces. a few changes to freshen up the team, morrison for tudgay and miller in for potter, give us a little more goal threat. all in all, still a decent start to the season.
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06/09/2010 12:15:00

we was never going to go through the season unbeaten it's out the way now the performance was'nt acceptable simple as that
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06/09/2010 13:37:00

A point clear after 5 games, can't be too disappointed. Pretty poor performance yesterday I admit but credit to Brentford, they worked very hard and could have scored more, I know it was billed as top against bottom but after just 4 games that meant nothing. It was a good example of how difficult it will be this season and how teams will raise their game against us, most teams biggest game of the season is when we come to town so we've got to combat that and stamp our authority on the match, we've probably got the strongest squad in the league. Hopefully we'll get back on track against Carlisle Saturday and put he Brentford perfomance behind us. We are going lose from time to time just hope there are plenty of wins in between. I thought maybe Teale should have stayed on as once he went off and we went 4-3-3 we got too narrow and played into Brentfords hands who got men behind the ball and packed the defence, needed to get it wide and keep the crosses coming in for strikers to attack.
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06/09/2010 13:43:00

All in all we have lost one game so far and is probably the best thing that can happen to keep our feet on the ground and remind us that we've got a long season ahead of us in a very tough league. AI did the right thing in blasting the players as it was a poor performance. The really interesting this will be how we respond against Carlisle this weekend. Fingers crossed we'll come out of the traps fighting.
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06/09/2010 14:25:00

I can only repeat what others have said really. It's not nice to lose, especially against the bottom side, but we are bound to lose games this season, no matter how improved we might be. We didn't play well but this might be just the tonic the players need to realise that no-one will give us anything in this league and if we start taking teams for granted or getting carried away with ourselves then we can lose against anyone and we'll find ourselves in this league again next year. Like others, I'm confident that AI will get them back on track.
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06/09/2010 15:32:00

Nick, no one has the divine right to win football matches, but it's the way we lost that people are upset about. Negative, defensive tactics from the 1st minute to the 94th minute. We're playing Brentford, not Barcelona. If we're going to go long in the in the last five mins we should have shoved Beevers up front to try and win some headers. And I don't accept this defeat coming at a good time.....what's that about. The defensive midset from the start and 2nd half perfomance suggests the team and manager had that attitude.....not to worry lads, if we lose, still top of the league. We should be dominating teams for the most part at this level and barring Dagenham & Hartlepool there hasn't been much between us and the opposition. Major improvement vs Carlisle required. Relegation should have been the kick up the backside we needed, not a 1-0 loss to Brentford.
The Owler
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06/09/2010 15:47:00

i actually kind of agree with the owler. for the squad we have, full of talent and experience, we should be taking points off teams like brentford, not shrugging our shoulders and saying "oh well, its only one defeat". If we are going to lose, do so with a bit of passion and ambition, not this walking pace football we got on sunday. Nice one owler, you have inspired me.
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06/09/2010 15:52:00

It may be arrogant but when I look at all of the teams in this league I can't see one that I think we should lose to but that's just not realistic. We'll win lose and draw this season and probably lose to teams we think we should beat. It doesn't make me happy but we are capable of winning a lot more than we'll lose and I'm hopeful that's how it will all end up at the end of the season and we'll get promoted automatically.
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06/09/2010 17:10:00

Thing is you havent come up against any of the decent teams yet,and your just edging the games you have won by 1 goal,apart from D+R(who are they?).!Even the whipping boys county put one past you.Think youll be loosing a few more before too long.Cant wait to get you down at the Galpharm.
80s terrier
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06/09/2010 17:43:00

Doh!Forgot the 5-0 win.Now thats more like the blip.You've been struggling for years,getting out of this division wont be a stroll in the park.!
80s terrier
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06/09/2010 17:46:00

Have to agree with owler. A good result against Brentford on TV would have put another 1000 on the gate at Hillsborough next saturday. Instead we have probably put 1000 off coming with a dismal performance. If we cant get a point at the bottom of the league team then its a sad state of affairs. AI should play M&M up front and 2 wingers get the ball in thier box and shoot on sight.
Whitham's Jockstrap
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06/09/2010 18:09:00

80s terrier, we all look forward to our trip to your tonka toy little stadium. must be nice for your inbred lot to see a decent crowd when we show up. drawing at home to bournemouth and tranmere and a severe beating at peterborough.....oh bravo huddersfield town, strikes fear into the heart of any team.
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06/09/2010 20:41:00

80s terrier you lot will be in league 1 for a lot longer than us this is where you belong, showed how far off you are from the championship when you were comfortably beaten by millwall last year. at least we will increase your attendances this season when we come to your place.
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06/09/2010 21:00:00

yes im a bit bored, so heres what a loyal, great supporter, mr huddersfield himself is...... We were clueless,absolute pants,a total waste of time and money.The sooner clarke goes now the better.Never thought id be saying this. We have to go up this season and clark has surely proved beyond doubt hes icapable of doing it.The man must go.In the meantime im out of it.I havent money to throw away.
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06/09/2010 21:03:00

Morrison doesn't look match fit yet so I'd got for Mellor and Heffernan up front with Tudgay right and Teale left.
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07/09/2010 10:01:00

he's never going to get fit playing 15 minutes here and there, its time to bite the bullit and just throw him in, if he tires towards the end, then take him off. tudgay on the right isnt a bad shout, id love to see him thrown the the middle of midfield, all the attributes to be very effective.iv not really seen anything of heffernan, cant really judge.
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07/09/2010 10:16:00

Thanks for visiting our site DEZZYP.I stand by everything i said on both sites.Yes we were pants against bournmouth,a game we should have won at a canter.We were a disgrace!When we play teams like yourself though we have a habit of raising our game and playing to our true potential.Town v Owls i feel sure will be one of those games,and i will be there to watch it! In the meantime ive better things to spend my hard earned on than watch Town.My comments dont come from a sense of misplaced loyalty,they are completly neutral and based on what i firmly perceive to be accurate and true,having a)struggled to find time and money following Town home and away this season,and on the other side of the coin b)from listening first hand to what your own supporters think of Wednesdays plight in this and previous seasons.Yours in sport 80s terrier.
80s terrier
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07/09/2010 10:42:00

80s terrier, you get the impression huddersfield mean anything to us, trust me, they dont. nobody cares in the slightest about them, just another 6 points to us. You sound like one of these people who only go when they are winning. why dont you get off your arse, stop being a dole monkey, get a job then you can go and join your fellow inbreds watching triumphant draws with tranmere and bournemouth......retard.
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07/09/2010 10:56:00

DEZZYP. Your fertile imagination apears to know no bounds.To think that you are going to take 6 points from us is hillarious.I havent seen anything in the games youve played so far to suggest you will even manage 2 x draws,and thats if we dont raise our game.Face up to reality mate,Wednesday are in this division because they arent good enough to be anywhere else,and for what its worth it beggars belief how they managed to stay up for so long.At least i have a grasp on reality and can see that Town are under achieving,so far this season we have played some half decent teams and the likes of charlton who are tipped for promotion along with ourselves (that includes the owls).Charlton got a footballing lesson at the galpharm,and went home with their tails between their legs having been well and truly beaten 3-0,if you think you can turn up and just take 3 points of us then you are likely to go home the same way.Sheffield Wednesday are a div1 team only 2 points infront of us having met meager opposition so far this season,we have underachieved and our best is yet to come,Wednesday dont phase us your just another div1 team as far as were concerned,last seasons whipping boys. As regards being on the dole,LOL. I own my own business son,i got to where i am now by being carefull with my hard earned,not by throwing it away,football is something i can take or leave.For what its worth i am fairly confident that i have sufficient funds available could buy your run down club tomorrow.My workforce are out and about today while i am typing this letter in the comfort of my office.! How come youre online?
80s terrier
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07/09/2010 11:46:00

because i have a computer and access to the internet. iv never actually heard somebody talk so much s**t. you claim you have met better opposition, tranmere and bournmouth at home are not decent in the slightest. did super huddersfield raise their game to get these draws? did they raise their game to get battered off peterborough? i must say, they do sound like big game performers. i look forward to turning up at your rugby pitch to claim our 3 points. oh, only girls and gays put lol. are you that eager to be loved that you pester other football clubs supporters and bore them to death, if thats your plan, its working.
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07/09/2010 12:13:00

Well we will see DEZZYP,we will see.So long as you still have a club by then,that is!
80s terrier
Report Abuse
07/09/2010 15:26:00

No offense intended.
80s terrier
Report Abuse
07/09/2010 15:45:00

80s Terrier Huddersfield are a tin pot club with tin pot fans such are you! You can take or leave football? In other words when the results are going well you go and support your team, results go wrong you aren't a fan? Very loyal fan mate! You talk your club up but for the last few seasons youve blown it. Huddersfields level is league1 end of chat. You are right we are in league 1 for the mean time because we deserve to be here however we will rise again because you can't keep our team down too big of a club to remain at this level for too long!
Report Abuse
07/09/2010 21:46:00


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