Sheffield Wednesday - What we don't know can hurt us!
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What we don't know can hurt us!

Two bad performances on the bounce at the end of a terrible week for Wednesday. Robin May expresses his fears off and on the field.

Now this is nothing new, we may have been billed as one of the league's favourites but all Wednesday fans know consistency has never beeen something we are really capable of and with a team still not firing on all cylinders it would be a huge task for any manager.

What worries me more though is the timing of this bad form in relation to the bank problems.

I like most fans am usually anxious for one reason or another but something I have been worrying about recently is what if any impact does the financial situation have on the players ?

I have spoken to quite a few fans on their thoughts on the influence of the financial situation and its a 50/50 split. There are some that say this will definately effect the players and yes it may well do, but how does it effect the manager and the backroom staff? Would potential job cuts have a knock on effect throughout the entire structure of the club, which in turn damages the player's morale?

When Irvine was let go from Preston there seemed to be little reason for his departure. However now as a manager of a club that may be looking for cuts you could argue that there would be a reason for Irvines departure should it be needed, which could seriously effect his morale.

I'm not suggesting Irvine is showing any signs of being uneasy but considering this year is supposed to be all about assembling a club capable of winning football matches, it may feel pointless at times that other off the field events are conspiring against you.

The fall of Portsmouth was well documented last year and now various legal hammers have hit the game in order to be firmer with clubs which have lead to wide spread cuts accross the leagues. A much harder stance on the finance of football has come at a bad time for clubs like Wednesday and Portsmouth last season. Should they deem it necessary, these laws can bring clubs to their knees.

Even with our issues I don't believe it's as bad as that and I'm sure it won't get that far but it does make me wonder what AI actually knows and is it worse than we're lead to believe?

When Lee Strafford took over he revealed how close we were to selling Mark Beevers at any price just to balance the books, so with that in mind Lee Grant anyone?

Grant went for a fraction of his worth and seemed from a fan's point of view the start of a fire sale.

Arguably he was at the time our biggest asset on the pitch and the fact that they were not willing to hold out for a better offer seems to suggest things may be more serious. Yes clubs are also aware of our situation and are able to really take advantage (especially when it's a former manager) but the sale of Grant for that sum of money, was in my mind, a disgrace.

Despite how it sounds I'm trying not to be too pesimistic but considering what Strafford said when he first took over and what seems to be happening at the moment it would suggest there may be much bigger problems than we are aware of.

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The Journalist

Writer: Robin May Mail feedback, articles or suggestions

Date:Tuesday September 14 2010

Time: 11:00AM

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Well said. Time to go!
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13/09/2010 14:28:00

i think there are more problems than we are led to believe why dont the club just be honest with the fans ?
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13/09/2010 17:03:00

i think there are more problems than we are led to believe why dont the club just be honest with the fans ?
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13/09/2010 17:05:00

I really do think that we will end up in administration before the end of this season. We seem to have built a squad assuming that investment was coming in, but it hasn't happened, and I don't think it will while things are so desperate - Who's gonna invest in a sinking ship? (which is what we are). We had to sell lee grant to keep the taxman happy in july, the bank had to bail us out in August, how will we pay in September? At least if we go into administration, evreything will be out in the open, the club will be put up for sale, a fraction of the debt will be paid, and we can start again.
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14/09/2010 11:17:00

I agree with what has been said but i think the selling of Grant was good business getting 1 million for him and replacing him with the experience we have got in Weaver now. We have also made some great signing over the summer and lets face it we are having a bad patch at present but i would rather it be now than in the run in to the end of the season. If we are successful on the pitch this will attract investors as they can see that investing in the owls as lucrative. I think that the people that have offered the board assistance should be taken up on the offer. They have a better track record than the current board member. UTO
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14/09/2010 11:17:00

yes but what i cannot understand is that other take overs around other clubs happen within weeks or days.Ours has been ongoing for 3 years.We have had everyone from the Russians,Sheard,Club 09,Chris Turner,Dobson,and Fern.Now i know all these people are not short of a few quid and most of them love Wednesday.So who who knows what the hold up is.The other theroy is that the figures are worst than what is always been broadcasted 26 million.
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14/09/2010 12:29:00

look at the statement on Wednesdayite today given by Hobson,Now he has said here i am my money is here,lets move forward.So its on a plate he has made a move so if it gets knocked back it is the board again.He even tried to assist with the tax bill but was told he was not needed.?????
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14/09/2010 12:37:00

Good article. At least LS tried to keep us in the picture. We will not go into administration becasue of 2 reasons (1) the Board would loose the money they are owed, and (b) the bank will also lend more because otherwise they loose the lot in debt write off. What value in advice, experince etc is this Board giving us??? A competitive business changes Board members regularly - when did ours last change?
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14/09/2010 12:40:00

All the euphoria after the Hartlepool result has evaporated and we seem to have gone over to complete gloom after two 1-0 defeats. All right Grant went cheaply but this has not led to a wholesale sell-out: we did not cave in to Blackpool's bid for Tudgay remember, and so far there has been no indication that players will not receive wages. All right, fans have been kept largely in the dark about goings on despite Wilko's "open letter" which I think raised more questions than it answered but let's not drawn in to an epidemic of depression which you could sense spreading to the terraces in the last game.
owling wolf
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14/09/2010 12:41:00

Im also led to believe that we didnt get 1 million pound for granty only 300,000 with a further 200,000 depending on them getting promoted and granty making 40 appearances.Dont know if this is tru but would really like to find out and if so its the worst buisness from board so far.
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14/09/2010 12:44:00

garrymo: Other clubs do not have a) A fragmented shareholding such as ours. You often find the vast majority, if not all of a club's shareholding resides on the club's board or at least in the hands of one or 2 people. Not the (well publicised) case at Wednesday b) The amount of debt we have and c) The incumbent board members we have who seemingly want to stay on board after any takeover. No wonder it's never happened, and not likely to in the future while ever this board clings onto "power" IMO.
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14/09/2010 12:50:00

Its a sad thing to say but it looks like adminstration is becoming the only sensible and relatively quick solution to this problem. The investment saga dragging on for years has been enough of a negative distraction and now we are selling players for peanuts because we're broke and borrowing more money from the bank to pay our bills. Its time that this all came to an end one way or another and I hope I'm wrong but I cannot see any significant investor coming along any time soon. I realise that the bank don't want to simply lose millions of pounds but how long would you keep giving money to someone that owed you millions because you wanted to protect the return you've been owed for years and have no imminent sign of getting back anyway? We're just becoming a joke and the line needs to be drawn somewhere sooner or later, one way or the other. If we can't get genuine worthwhile investment, beside holding "serious" discussions", then we should just bite the bullet of administration and make a fresh start. People will lose out in the short term but this current situation is going nowhere fast and I am truly sick of it. We're already a broke League 1 club now! Where does this end?
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14/09/2010 13:59:00

The bank fired a warning shot over the bows of the bank note holders and major shareholders who are holding out for more money than quite frankly their shares or notes are worth right now. The bank have obviously agreed to take a hit (at least in the short term) if an acceptable investor comes in. They might only want 50% of the debt clearing straight away. The problem is the other individuals who wont accept 50% of what they perceive they deserve, so they keep turning investors away. The bank has said, stop playing games, we are in charge. I think we may well see some progress on investment now. Wake me up when it happens.
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14/09/2010 14:55:00

I think a takeover/investment needs to happen soon or we'll definitely go into administration because the bank weren't happy about bailing the club out last time, so I can't see them doing it again. Like someone said, the line has to be drawn somewhere and WHEN the club goes running back to the bank asking for another hand-out, te bank is likely to say "enough's enough".
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14/09/2010 16:02:00

if we go into administration does all tha lent money to the club lose out and that includes the bank and get sod all or what does happen
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14/09/2010 16:30:00

A lot of creditors will lose out if we go into admin including lots of local businesses who Wednesday may owe money to.
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14/09/2010 17:07:00

SACK THE BOARD. why the hell wont they accpet investment? its so obvious we need it. eventually all the interest from investers will dry up and we'll be in all kinds of trouble, its so frustrating!
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14/09/2010 23:38:00


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