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Fans Groups Plan Protest At Owls Board

Fans groups Time To Go, the Shareholders Association and Wednesdayite have planned a protest against the Owls board before tomorrow's home match against Walsall.

The groups issued a joint statement today to outline the protest plans, which are to be held due to a lack of response from the club with regards to details over the future of the Owls.

The trio issued an initial statement last week to call for a response from the club 'over conflicts of interest that we see as preventing the current board from taking unbiased decisions regarding the immediate future of SWFC.'

And after receiving no communication from the club, the fans groups have called for action to be taken against the board - starting tomorrow night on Parkside Road (by the directors car park opposite the south stand) between 6-6.30pm.

The full statement reads: 'On 19th November Sheffield Wednesday fans groups Wednesdayite, the Shareholders Association and Time To Go issued a statement calling for an immediate response from the club. The statement principally related to concerns over conflicts of interest that we see as preventing the current board from taking unbiased decisions regarding the immediate future of SWFC and the ongoing search for a lifesaving investment package.

We concluded this statement with a clear warning that the lack of an appropriate response would lead to the escalation of actions against the current board. Wednesdayite have carried out an on‐line survey of members and an overwhelming majority of respondents have backed an escalation which includes protest as well as other action. As the club have failed to contact any of the fans groups or issue any kind of response to the statement we have no alternative but to follow through with our plans.

Protest action will begin at tomorrow`s game against Walsall.

We strongly encourage anyone in support of protest action to gather on Parkside Road by the Directors car park between 6pm and 6.30pm tomorrow (23rd November). Depending on weight of numbers a briefing will take place at 6.30pm when we will outline our protest plans for the evening.

We encourage all participants to follow our brief and to only protest within the relevant laws and regulations.

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The Journalist

Writer: Nick Mail feedback, articles or suggestions

Date:Monday November 22 2010

Time: 5:51PM

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About time that something is done. We can't leave it down to those on the board to sort out our mess.
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22/11/2010 18:09:00

about time, hope its a proper one and not just a few muppets screaming abuse at HW again. not overjoyed at doing it before a game but needs must i suppose.
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22/11/2010 18:52:00

the escalation of what actions?
Hirsty's Shinpads
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22/11/2010 18:56:00

Lets hope they dont go to hard and just put their point across as we dont want another september and the team losing games because whats happening
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22/11/2010 19:15:00

I wont be coming to Hillsborough tonight due to work,but i hope they carry out this protest against the right people.We are in critical mode at present and any abuse aimed at Howard or Nick could push them over the edge.Lets just hope that gob s**t with the burbery cap is not around because he gave Howard some ***** at the last demo.But fair play to howard he singled him out.What we must remember Howard and Nick are not part of these idots that put us in this mess.
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23/11/2010 08:26:00

Wilkinson gave an update on the officla swfc web site yesterday stating that negotiations are moving forward. He also states that the head of the local fans investor group is fully aware and supportive of this. In light of this, why is this ridiculous protest being arranged. I am as frustrated as anyone, but I hardly see this as constructive. As much as we would all like to know exactly what the situation is every munte of the day, we have to be realistic. Negotiations like this are never held in public. My missis works for a compnay that went into administration earlier this year and the workforce, nver mind the customers, found out on the day that it happened (like it or not, this is normal). We have to get real about this. As worrying as it may be, if there are several parties interested, details of any offers will not be made public as to do so would only damage the club's or the investors negotiating position.
Report Abuse
23/11/2010 10:47:00

dobby1, youre spot on, lets not say anything, lets not be heard, lets all sit at home with our fingers crossed and hope for the best just because your wife worked for a shoddy company. how does knowing a name affect the investors negotiating position?
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23/11/2010 10:55:00

We have all seen the names that have been reported and I can't see anyone new coming in at this stage. Wilkinson states that they are at the final stages of discussions, which means they must be talking money - when you play poker, you don't see the other persons hand. What good will standing around shouting abuse do? I'll tell you the answer to that one **** all. If Wilco is right and someone from the fans group is fully aware and in favour of what is going on then why do we need a protest? I am looking forward to tonight. we have put together a decent run of form. For me there is no point creating negativity before a match.
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23/11/2010 11:07:00

oh, wilko said we are in serious talks with investors? how many times have we heard that? that theres serious money on the table, thats a popular one. final stages of discussions? another popular one. poker? hand? i like to think HW and the board know the name of the person they are talking too, what harm would it do for everybody to know? or are they just sat around a table calling the the investor 'mr X'? you need to open your eyes a little and stop accepting the spoon fed rubbish they are giving to us.
Report Abuse
23/11/2010 11:17:00

were you the guy in the Burberry cap by any chance?
Owls That!
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23/11/2010 11:28:00

Of course they know the names and unless you have been sat with your head up your backside Dezzy, so do you. To be honst, i don't care who, i just want it sorted. I have some sympathy with Wilco. Wednesday have a great history, a good fan base and I still believe that we have potential. However, depending on who you you listen to, we are between 22 and 30 million in debt. I can't imagine that money men are falling over theemselves to invest. The fact is that the debtors have to decide whether they are better off taking an offer now, or waiting for administartion and seeing what they get then. It is unbelieavably naive to think that there is any chance of these discussions being made public.
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23/11/2010 11:31:00

not at all, i just have no issues with people wanting to be heard, i wont be there tonight cos im working late but i certainly have no objections with people wanting to be heard i a peaceful manner. will you be joining dobby1 and the rest of the crossed fingers brigade?
Report Abuse
23/11/2010 11:33:00

ok, for the 3rd time, what harm will saying a name do?
Report Abuse
23/11/2010 11:35:00

Listen mate - we're all in the bloody crossed fingers brigade right now!
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23/11/2010 11:37:00

I hope the demos are before the match and at the end but not during the match. I would be mortified if we handed 3 points to basement dwellers because of this, we may need all the points we can get. Lets not forget who this is directed at, Its NOT the players on the pitch.
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23/11/2010 14:47:00

And what is the message we want to convey in the protest ... we are not happy, we would like the loan note holders and the board to step aside, we would like new owners, we would like to wipe out the debt, we are impatient, we are worried ... Great ...anything here that you do not think the board are not aware of ...and has it made any difference. Waste of time !! If you are going tonight then focus attention on the fact that we are all WTID and give the lads the support they need.
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23/11/2010 15:02:00

Well said DB2002 - I am 100% with you
Report Abuse
23/11/2010 15:31:00

If you dont approve, dont join in......simple as really. why even bother having a gripe on here. just dont give it any attention at all if its so pointless, some people really do moan and sulk for the sake of it. if im honest i find doing it before a game pretty stupid, sets the poor mood straight away. should have left it until after the game. im not actually a fan of protesting but i tip my hat to them for trying to do something no matter how small, i certainly dont go on forums having a moan.
Report Abuse
23/11/2010 15:35:00

interesting comments. i agree that we should be able to get our views across however i also agree with the comment that it is pointless, at least in this instance because everyone now knows how critical it is that investment is obtained sharpish even the loan note holders. in my opinion the protest is solely aimed at convincing the loan note holders to accept a deal and lets be honest we've seen how thick skinned they are already so 'a peaceful protest' is pointless and then I presume the 'other actions against the board will escalate'. it will only end up being an ugly mess that will achieve nothing that wasn't already gonna happen, other than a few nutters getting arrested.
Hirsty's Shinpads
Report Abuse
23/11/2010 15:55:00

DEZZYP ...Sure go and have your rant - free world. I'm not moaning just expressing an opinion. By the way ...if you think protesting before the game is stupid then don't join in - but stop sulking and moaning about it !!!
Report Abuse
23/11/2010 18:25:00

Report Abuse
23/11/2010 18:56:00

dezzyP unfortunatly you just proved all our points with the last post. Im not educated enought to understand how manage a multimillion pounds takever. Im sure you and the rest of the burberry boys cant manage to string a sentence together. Do your homework and stay in
Report Abuse
23/11/2010 19:09:00

dezzyP unfortunatly you just proved all our points with the last post. Im not educated enought to understand how manage a multimillion pounds takever. Im sure you and the rest of the burberry boys cant manage to string a sentence together. Do your homework and stay in
Report Abuse
23/11/2010 19:09:00

easy Waddle1993, iv never attended a protest or worn burberry thankyou. what points have you proved? you'll see the very first post i put on was i hope they dont scream abuse at HW....if you bothered to look. i refered to him as a retard because, like yourself, he didnt bother to read my posts properly and comes out like some sort of oricle.
Report Abuse
23/11/2010 19:17:00

ok lads, before this gets out of hand, i'll take back the retard comment to DB2002 and any other negative stuff, and i'll actually apologise. all on the same side i suppose. just found this on the bbc website..... .....promising yes?
Report Abuse
23/11/2010 19:32:00

fair enough DezzyP im grumpy and bitter.
Report Abuse
23/11/2010 20:44:00

just thought to myself over the past 10 years alot of people have been paper over Richards mistakes these same people are now in for a battering. some deserved but not all sorry for the rant
Report Abuse
23/11/2010 20:46:00

ha, i quite smoking yesterday, iv been biting peoples heads off all day. the love has returned though. What did you make of what MM had to say?
Report Abuse
23/11/2010 20:49:00

DEZZP ...first time I have been called a Retard ..but don't worry about it - I've been called a lot worse. Sorry if you took offense - I was just pointing out the irony in what you had said ... that probably makes me an Ironic Retard ...never been called that either UTO
Report Abuse
23/11/2010 20:59:00

DB2002, just ignore me, i actually hate protests, i just wanted a rant....never take up smoking, it drives you mad.
Report Abuse
23/11/2010 21:03:00

what is football about, if its not about having your say, who out there hasnt had a rant at the team over the years, the board, the manager, anyone who we can blame, thats why we pay at the turnstile, its what we do, we rant in the bad times we cheer in the good, we do that cos we care, but if every time we had a corrupt or incompetent board we had a demo, then every match since the 30s would start with a sit in, the tarmac outside the south stand would be worn out, and ill tell you this, anyone who takes over and makes a success of it will make money from the club, furthermore anyone making a balls of it too will make a few quid as well, there arent many board members of wednesday over the years who have ended up out of pocket, never mind what the balance sheet said, as much as i like the idea of the one wednesday bid, and ive pledged my cash to it, im not sure it can ever work, i think football teams the size of wednesday, no matter which division they are in, are the playthings of very rich people, we are in the ****, so we have to take what we can get, but i have an awful feeling that if we come out of this well, and get new investment, that history tells me a few years down the line we'll be having the demos all over again
Report Abuse
24/11/2010 01:28:00


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