Sheffield Wednesday - Reports Link Irvine With Sack
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Reports Link Irvine With Sack

Reports are emerging that Wednesday boss Alan Irvine is set for the sack today.

The Mirror is reporting that Irvine has said his goodbyes to his playing squad and staff and the Scot is expected to be sacked by chairman Milan Mandaric today.

Irvine could only watch on as Wednesday failed to beat nine-man Yeovil Town at Hillsborough last night in a match which finished 2-2.

The pressure has been on the 52-year-old former Preston boss since Mandaric took over the club in December.

And he's so far failed to deliver, with the Owls dropping down the league table at an alarming rate, despite Irvine being backed in the transfer window.

As ever, we'll keep you up-to-date with this story right here on Vital Wednesday.

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The Journalist

Writer: Nick Mail feedback, articles or suggestions

Date:Wednesday January 26 2011

Time: 11:43AM

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KEEGAN KEEGAN KEEGAN. Nice fella and i really wanted him to do well but clearly hasnt worked out for him. Thanks for the effort alan but time to go.
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26/01/2011 11:57:00

I agree I think its time to go now. We have a strong squad on paper but it just isnt working and we need a change. Not sure I agree with keegan as a replacement though. I hear that Andy Grey is looking for a new job now ;-) lol.
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26/01/2011 12:32:00

A mate of mine whos dad is a camera man for wednesday spoke to rob kelly after the match yesterday who apparently said he doesnt expect himself and AI to be in charge come the weekend
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26/01/2011 12:33:00

If it happens then I'd like to say thanks Alan (genuine nice guy) but it needs to be done because I think he's starting to feel the pressure and his brand of football is not entertaining in the slightest. I'd rather lose matches playing great football than the way we are doing! These are changing times at Hillsborough and unfortunately I think Alan is the next link in the chain that needs strengthening!
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26/01/2011 12:41:00

Come back and bring us on a wonderful journey Shezza!
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26/01/2011 12:49:00

cant believe anything until its made offical by the club
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26/01/2011 13:03:00

I hope Irvine doesn't go, shame people can't just find something else to talk and moan about instead and get on with supporting the guy, get behind him and his new players for the next month or so and see what happens, as normal Wednesday fans never give a Manager chacne and think changing things is the answer, has the past 13 years not proven that way to be the wrong to act!!!
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26/01/2011 13:04:00

Hills Owl - Do you seriously believe Irvine is the man????
Radon Barrier
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26/01/2011 13:16:00

He is no Mourinho, but i dont think change everytime some thing doesnt quiet go our way is the answer all the time, to many times teams sack managers far to early, its proven the best managers have been given time at a club through good times and bad times!!
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26/01/2011 13:21:00

Hills-Owl, i do understand what you are saying pal, but he's had a year now and we seem to be going backwards. Im not one for sacking managers but i just cant see him working. he only had a couple of years experience as a number 1 and think it shows. He just looks too stressed out, probably be best for his health as well if he leaves.
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26/01/2011 13:26:00

hills-owl-surely you cant be serious?? he's had plenty of time-and hasnt done anything that makes me want him to stay-he needs to go now!!!!!
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26/01/2011 13:29:00

he's had plenty of time - didn't go last night but went to brisbane road and second half was disgraceful - we gave brian laws plenty of time too i don't think its harsh given his overall record in the 12month he's been here but do feel dissapointed cos i thought he would do better but he simply hasn't delivered.
Patrick Blondeau
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26/01/2011 13:35:00

I think he should be made to stay and put right things he has done wrong. Um no, I mean . . . if he stays he will learn, the team will all improve and confidence and results will come. Oh I dont know. Sack him? Dont sack him? What is the principle our club works to on this one? Do we believe that if we find good people then things will work out when we give them time to develop what they have? Or do we believe that pie in the sky that feeds our wish to say good bye, you are no good, we'll get another better one from somewhere else. For me we have the right guy if the team play the right sort of football ie if its good to watch encourages good play and we can all support their best efforts every week. It seems lots of people aren't getting that feeling.
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26/01/2011 13:56:00

Mail now reporting he is actually staying
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26/01/2011 14:11:00

Impossible to do the right thing here, heart says AI needs to go he is squandering talented players and blowing our chance at promotion. Statistics and bitter experience tell my head that changing the manager rarely solves the problem, clubs often end up in a worse situation after an intial bounce (statistical analysis i have read definitely suggests this), tells my head there is little point. Need to have someone who we are absoulutely confident in then give him a 3yr contract that is basically unbreakable. That way we are stable and know we have to get behind the man in charge and so if things don't go right it is the players who get it in the neck (and in most cases it is usually their fault!)
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26/01/2011 14:21:00

McCauly did a good job when he stood in before and as done a good job with the accademy, if AI does go let MaCauly stand in until a decent manager can be got
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26/01/2011 14:28:00

i have to admit he has run out of excuses and ideas.He cannot blame the playing staff as he picks the team,Millian has backed him with funds and the dead wood we wanted out of our team have gone.So there is no one to blame but his self.When you look at the club of our size our following,and our players we should be top of table never mind being four points of the playoffs,and losing is not a option let alone a draw with a club of our size. But on the other hand can we continue to keep sacking managers. Tough call but we are in the position now to hire and fire when we want.
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26/01/2011 14:33:00

I've always said managers need a minimum of 3 years at a club to be judged fairly, no club is ever successful constantly changing managers every year. That said, I'm not sure AI is the man to get SWFC to where MM and the fans want and expect us to be in the next 4 or 5 years. If AI were to go I'd like someone to come in with strong SWFC heritage from the good old days like Nigel Pearson or John Sheridan (more money in compo for DA!!), I've heard Martin O'Neil mentioned by some but there isn't a cat in hells chance of that happening, there's more chance of me winning the lottery and my missus turning into kelly brook overnight!! That said, MM can walk on water and no doubt can be very persuasive so if he does let AI go, there's always the possibility of him bringing in a real top drawer manager to help maximise the return on his investment.
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26/01/2011 14:38:00

Don't think will see promotion this season that said say goodbye to AI get someone else in, and let him have the rest of the season and start a fresh, where's brian laws at, didn't do it last time round but never had any money but his style of football wasn't that bad.....
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26/01/2011 15:02:00

Radon Barrier. It is not relevant whether Hills-Owl thinks AI is the man or not. His point is, get behind the manager, get behind the team. Be a fan (derived from Fanatic) We have got a great chairman. I know you think that anyone who would rather back him than sack him is a 'sap' But we really do have an opinion too. We pays our money, we takes our chance.
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26/01/2011 15:02:00

Please just leave so i can go and get my tickets for saturday, because i'm sure not going if Irvine's still in charge. OWL25 good shout, Laws style of football was attractive to watch, but he never had the backing of the chairman, in fact he would'nt even share his pie with him.
ecco owl
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26/01/2011 15:11:00

ecco owl. This is all fair weather supporter stuff. Best fans in the land, do me a favour. Not going unless the manager is changed. To be honest, if AI is still in charge and all a minority of the support want to do is slag him off, I hope thay stay at home as well. We might even get players not frightened to make a mistake for fear of being booed everytime they youch the ball. Handing the initiative to the opposition. Any side, and that includes Hereford who go a goal up by any means at Hillsborough have the crowd playing for them. There is a section of the support who really ought to decide who they support. Who are the real fans. Maybe its the 'saps' like me who dont verbally abuse players or the manager when things are not going right. Get behind them to the last man. Thats what Fans do.
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26/01/2011 15:33:00

My point is you can't criticise a fan who wants a manager out because he isn't coming up with the goods. Getting behind someone for the sake of it is pointless. We need stability but with the right man. i agree with all the managerial sackings over the past 12 years with one exception - Sturrock. OK i shouldn't have used the term sap - but the point you make about you paying your money too is exactly my point. I'm fed up of people coming on this site calling people who complain moaners and not real fans. This is a forum for people to express greivances.Of course you have an opinion too, but accept that others who don't agree with you too. Youve tried to turn my point around. I'm not saying youre not allowed to express your opinion silently but you ARE saying that i shouldn't express mine on Saturday and should stay away. You have completely missed my point and tried to come across as a victim and TRUE supporter. we are all true supporters so stop taking the moral high ground. Of course it is relevant whether hills owls thinks hes right for the job, because it is a genuine question. i''m wasting my time cos you have completely missed the point anyway
Radon Barrier
Report Abuse
26/01/2011 15:59:00

Good banter boys, but i have to still state in my own option Irvine is still the man and either get behind him or stay away, booing has never helped any player or manager no matter when it happens, if you dont like Irvine and his style of football he plays save your money and read the write up in the paper!
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26/01/2011 16:07:00

Sorry fedup owl it actually sounds like your blaming the fans booing for the rubbish perfomances!!! You keep going and sitting there quite content and happy to see them poor performances, I however have no problem with fans booing after they've paid good money to watch them performances.
Report Abuse
26/01/2011 16:17:00

going to watch your team is supposed to be a relief from the drudge of normal life - and it is and always has been a great escape from daily frustrations - thats why we pay em so much - but when there's no passion, commitment or skill to elevate your emotions for the 90minutes and the following week its terrible and its been terrible for bloody years at hillsborough - now we've got a team thats supposed to compete at the level its at and none of em look in the slightest bit bothered so that makes me wanna boo em - players and manager.
Patrick Blondeau
Report Abuse
26/01/2011 17:24:00

I agree with Hills-owl. Change is not always everything. A new manager would freshen things up but it would most likely end in the same rut we are in now. I seem to remember a Sir Alex Ferguson nearly getting the chop at Man united in the 80's but for a last minute goal that saved his job. The rest of his career speaks for itself! Give Irvine some more time and then we assess the situation in the summer. Even for a new manager to come in, I cant see him working wonders. I think that they would struggle for promotion with the current position of the club. Im not being completely negative but Im starting to think its turning into a consolidation season. Im modestly thinking us fans may have to accept that, considering financially this is the best position we have been in for 10-15 years. Up the owls anyway, hope we get promotion, if not then its a definite title winner next season.
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26/01/2011 18:21:00

Ban the coin throwing idiots for life, don't need those morons. Times can't be that tough if people have got money to throw away, I really wonder what goes on in some peoples heads sometimes, utter scum!
Report Abuse
26/01/2011 19:18:00

can't blame alan irvine for players missing penalties, last 2 home games 2pens missed cost 4 points = playoff place. we have new players coming in we should have strong finish, hopefully playoff place, then game on.
tommy craig
Report Abuse
26/01/2011 19:43:00

Very interesting and fair minded discussion. I tried to weigh up pros and cons in previous feed but would like to point out one salient fact that's helped me move from the unsure into the time to change camp: Last Wednesday league win was December 11th. It isn't even as though we've been playing great teams! Exeter, Orient thump us, really hammer us. Yeovil are unlucky not to walk away with the points when they've only 9 men on the field! Coke scored the first penalty but the ref called for a retake and he skyed it. Napoleon asked for one quality in a general "is he lucky?" On last night's showing Nappy wouldn't employ Mr Irvine and I'm increasingly of the opinion that Wednesday should be having second thoughts about doing so. It must be pointed out that there are a great many talented managers unemployed at the moment. Now may be the right time. Sorry Mr I.
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26/01/2011 20:36:00

lets look at the facts here we have a manager who bought in 9+ players in the summer and after 23 league and numerous cup games still doesn't know what his best team is who his the best strike partnership is plays defencely and gets stuffed away from home on numerous occasions i know we have changed managers a lot over the last decade or so but we have the best squad in the division and are stuck in no mans land off mid table i would rather he picked 11 players and gave them a six game run as you only succeed by being consistent.
beverley owl
Report Abuse
26/01/2011 20:37:00

we have probley got the highest wage bill in the division but not the best squad, look at southampton one of their payers could be sold for ten million (reportedly) how many teams are interested in our players ? irvine had to bring in free transfers players other clubs didn't want because we had no cash, and now we are in a position, to improve things but it will take time to gel, come the weekend we could be in the fith round of the fa cup and a couple of good results in the league could really see us push on, back milan and keep the faith, you might think i've gone nuts but i can see us getting promoted by winning the payoffs you herd it here first.
tommy craig
Report Abuse
26/01/2011 22:03:00

Do you think the team is performing as well as it could or should Tommy?
Report Abuse
27/01/2011 00:12:00

I havent seen wednesday play since cardiff in 05 seeing im in malta but everyday i follow wednesday and all i can say it that AI brought in some new blood now and they sound decent (i listen to wednesday player) look its up to MM at the end of the day if he has faith in our manager so should we, MM knows what hes doing look at what happened to portsmouth he did great there and will do it here so if AI stays we should get behind him. I hate listening to us lose and i get frustrated to but that is up to the players because any players he puts on the field should be able to perform they all came from higher leagues and they have to roll their socks up and get on with it. I love wednesday with all my heart and i cant wait for the day were back buying good players like dicanio and carbone and waddle for that when we cud get players like that. come on wednesday.....
maltese owl
Report Abuse
27/01/2011 09:14:00

Radon Barrier. If I appear to have twisted your argument to the point that you seem to think that I think all the boo boys are not good supporters then I apologies. Although I used to go everywhere and anywhere in the past, seasons upon seasons of never missing a game, I rarely go away these days, although I have had a season ticket at hillsborough for 42 consecutive seasons. I am not as fanatical these days as I once was, and probably knowhere near as fanatical as most of the boo boys who I have critisied. However, I am passionate about my club. I have brought my 2 daughters up right, both of which are season ticket holders. Like all fans, we feel the dissapointment. My eldsest best ever day as a Wednesday fan was the playoff final at Cardiff. She still relates to the day as the best in her life. My point regarding booing at individual players and calling for the managers head whilst they are playing, might make that section of the fans feel better, but it will never make the team play better. How many of them do you think are relishing the chance to under perform on Saturday? God forbid. I respect all opinions on here. Obviously we all think that our points are valid or else there would be no forum. I will continue to express mine when I feel like it, and expect others to express theirs. Up the Owls
Report Abuse
27/01/2011 09:33:00

fed up owl. It is a very emotive issue, which is why people are so passionate. You have got me thinking though about whether or not sacking him is right. Although i had my initial concerns on his appointment, i was happy with him until recently. I just think he lacks a bit something. Leave it up to MM. You are right about one thing though - booing him won't help because MM will make up his own mind.
Radon Barrier
Report Abuse
27/01/2011 11:11:00

I think every fan has the right to boo and to express their opinion if they feel that the performance/result was not up to par and worthy of the money paid, but I do not agree that any fan should be booing during the match at any player or the manager. How does that help anyone? Once the game is over, boo if you are unhappy but during the match just makes no sense at all to me and can hardly be described as support. I've already said it but I'm firmly behind any decision that MM makes. He has put his money where his mouth is and has shown that when he thinks AI can't do what it is expected then he will replace him. There's been a lot of change at Wednesday recently, on and off the pitch, and like MM says it is going to take time to turn things around. I don't think AI can be blamed for all our results to date either. It's too easy to make him a scapegoat. Some of the players permformances just haven't been good enough, and yes, I know what the manager's job is but what is he supposed to do when players on the pitch are making stupid mistakes. They have to take responsibility for themselves. I am as disappointed as the next fan but I really don't subscribe to sacking the manager every time we hit a bad spell or thing's aren't going as well as we want them to and I don't think that just reeling off stats that support the view you want to believe justifies this approach. MM says that solidarity and stability is the key now and I agree.
Report Abuse
27/01/2011 11:55:00

I didn't hear many calling for AI's head when we won 4-1 at MK dons, 6-2 at home to Bristol Rovers or 3-0 away at Bristol City. Seems to me a default setting for some very fickle fans during a rough spell is to sack the manager as if that is the miracle cure, it's happened far too many times during the last 15 years and hardly ever has it improved things, do fans never learn. For gods sack AI is no Mourinho or Ferguson (Yet!!) and SWFC are no Barcelona (yet!!) so we need a bit of a reality check, all the time MM is calling for unity we should support him and his decisions whether that be to back AI or sack him. All the time he's calling on all fans to stick together then I will back him 100%. As for the other night I've no doubt if Coke's penalty had gone in and made it 2-2 we almost certainly would have gone on to win given the time left in the match and our numerical advantage, from what I heard their keeper is unlikely to have a better match in his life which quite possibly saved them from a drubbing, a disappointing 2-2 could quite easily have been an acceptable 4-2 win!! Results over the next 2 or 3 weeks may tip the balance one way of the other for Irvine, I for one hope he turns it round and shuts a few of his critics up as I'm bored senseless of constant calling for the managers head when we don't get the result we want, half time humble pie on the menu hopefully very soon.
Report Abuse
27/01/2011 12:25:00

I think if we get a good result against Hereford then that will give us the impetus for a good league run (like when we played Southport) However if we lose then it might give us more impotence than impetus so personally I think this game is make or break for everyone? If MM says get behind AI then thats the least we can do after what he has done for the club! I hate losing as much as the next fan but we need to embrace the change and just man up for the rest of this season, whatever the results? Look at Man City, they were in our position once and now look at them!
Owls That!
Report Abuse
27/01/2011 12:42:00

This has to be one of the most sensible debates in vital history. We are all Wednesday, all want the same thing, and if we were all the same in how we go about getting what we want, then the world would be a very boring place. Reality is, we have a side that is under performing at this level, and a manager who seems not to be able to get the best out of his playteys consistently. Maybe thats why these players are playing at this level. JJ can be a world beater on his day, awful the rest of the time, no in between. MM has called for unity. Lets get & stay behind the chairman 100% whatever decisions he makes. If that means refraining from booing whilst play is in progress then lets give that a go. Half time & full time are acceptable times to voice dissaproval. Lets hope that the players & manager have had a big wake up call. Up the Owls
Report Abuse
27/01/2011 13:54:00


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