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Time's Up, Alan

Will Wednesday's 5-3 defeat at Peterborough United be Alan Irvine's final game as Wednesday manager?

I write this article on the back of our fifth defeat in our last eight npower League One games.

Of those eight games, we've won just once and drawn the other two. Our two victories since the turn of the year have come in the FA Cup.

Of course, Wednesday's priority is with promotion back to the Championship this season, and the recent shocking form has left us seven points adrift of the top-six and in grave danger on missing out unless drastic changes are made.

Chairman change? Check. Player arrivals? Check. Manager?...

The defeat at London Road, although as disappointing as all the rest, is more worrying simply because it was half expected.

Yes, Wednesday didn't play awful, it was an improvement on some of the other dire performances that we've had to put up with in recent weeks.

But I can't still can't see beyond that 5-3 scoreline, ten men or not.

The thrashing at Exeter, followed by another defeat at Leyton Orient by a similar heavy scoreline were bad enough.

The Yeovil game seemed to be the straw that broke the camel's back, but it wasn't. Another chance, it seemed, for Irvine to put things right.

Irvine was in a no-win situation at the weekend, victory over lowly League Two side Hereford in the FA Cup was a must, and it was job done in that respect.

The clash with Posh was always the true test - a game away from home against a side also gunning for promotion this season.

The players said they were playing for the manager, this was the time to prove it.

Yet still we fall short. Another loss against a side battling for promotion. It's simply not good enough.

Irvine said before tonight's match that the first goal was key - and we got it. Yet we held on to it for minutes. It happened three times in one match.

I've been hoping, through bad result after bad result, that we could turn things around and that we could still make the play-offs this season, but that hope is dwindling rapidly.

Those rose tinted specs are wearing extremely thin.

Our new chairman must do something before it's too late, and now's the time to do it.

Irvine may be a nice bloke, Mandaric said he was one of the nicest himan beings that he's ever met in a Radio Sheffield interview, but we've had enough nice guys who just haven't been up to the task in years gone by.

We need change and we need it now.

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The Journalist

Writer: Nick Mail feedback, articles or suggestions

Date:Tuesday February 1 2011

Time: 11:22PM

Your Comments

7 points off the play offs, 14 off 2nd place! Even at the start of the season we had the 2nd highest wage budget, before Milan came with is warchest. It's not a personal thing and I don't think he was the wrong man to appoint at the time, but I do think that with the squad at our disposal, we would have a better chance of promotion under a new manager. Sorry Alan, got to go...
north stand owl
Spot on nick
Yeap spot on. He is a very mundane stubborn person. I expect nothing less than him to be gone by lunchtime tomorrow. Nothing personal just isn't manager material for me.
Time's up he's had enough chances, get rid of him before the season is a write off. Get Hughton or O'Niell someone who's actually done something! Irvine is a nice bloke but that's not enough. We've got more chance of going down yet again rather than going up under him!!! It's shocking he's got no excuses he's got Mandaric's money he's brought in his own players and he's still no where near good enough!!! Get rid now Mandaric and bring someone in with a good record or experience. O'Niell would be ideal!!! Get him before someone else does.
Where's all the AI Irvine lovers? Come on let's here how we should get behind this man and give our support! Got to go!
MM made commitment through January. Now that it's Feb. that time is up. AI's a terrific bloke, but, man... we can't afford to go down every further.
Colorado Owl
Couldn't have put it better myself Nick! Really like Irvine as a person but as a manager he's not the man to take the club up the leagues. With all the new signings over the past 6 months I worry if anybody knew would have the same problem integrating new signings but fresh impetus and ideas are a must. This is not a knee-jerk reaction and at the end of the day Irvine was as much to blame for taking us down as anyone else.
Most teams when they go down to ten men shut up shop and go ultra defensive espeicially when they can go away with a 1 point Or 3 and don't normally give 3 goals, Yeovil went away with a point with 2 sent off! Heads dropped again last night, no confidence and how can they gain confidence with a leader who hasn't got a personality or no idea! Best not say or boo too much since I'm a moron for venting my frustration! Ssshhhhhh!
If we lose sat we could be 10 points off the playoffs, act now MM, Irvine is not the man to lead us now or long term
AI will be gone by the weekend I'm sure of it, MM isn't stupid and getting in the play-offs is a must, don't look like achieving that at the moment. What good is winning the FA Cup but getting relegated to league 2!!!! No team will do anything conceding the amount of goals we are at the moment, getting rid of Purse hasn't solved that has it all you Purse haters out there who blamed him for every goal we conceded!!! I haven't seen the incident but as soon as Potter went off I knew we'd lose, I've got about as much confidence in the team at the moment as the players have, new manager now urgently needed. All calling for Martin O'Neil need to wake up, can't see a cat in hells chance of him coming to us, MM might be able to work miracles but that is surely a stretch too far. Still if it happens I will doff my cap to the great man.
Hiya guys, my first post on here so hi! :D I think AI HAS to go but time is rolling on for another day and it seems the houdini of league 1 is going to escape the sack once again. I think that we need a manager with some fight and passion and who has more than that than Roy Keane?with the right support and money could be a great manager!
agree with you on o'neil - he's too good for league 1 - have to say i like the almost optimistic way that you say 'what good is winning the FA cup' like its the good old days and we're mid table in the prem and having a good cup run!
Patrick Blondeau
Welcome JP. Yeah, I donno why I keep getting surprised when there's not a morning press conference announcing the sack.
Colorado Owl
Purse was crap!!! End of! Heart of lion, skill of donkey!
jpowl i think that is a good shout about roy keane.He is a man with passion and fight for the game.He took sunderland from bottom of the championship to the premiership so maybe he can take us out of league 1.Just an idea but irvine has got to go and he has to go now!!!
Before Purse arrived we had a solid Championship defence. Then it all went to buggery as captain calamity replaced captain greedy. At the moment I can see decent players with no idea how to play; no organisation, no plan. Who is at fault for this? Has anyone noticed in the last two games when JJ gets the bit between his teeth we look a different side going forward but without him we lack umph (for want of a better word). In this plethora of disparate points I'll also point out Weaver's drop in form since assuming the captaincy. Perhaps make him club capt but look elsewhere for a team capt? That and a goalie of his age needs more competition than can be provided by O'Donnel (even with the experience he'll gain at Alfreton). Finally Wednesday don't have a team at the moment, just a set of players. There is no guidance, no voice of wisdom and experience, no spirit and not even any luck. If that is what we're lacking and Alan Irvine isn't providing it then it's time to look elsewhere. I won't pontificate as to who, that's MM's job but we need direction and we need it soon.
If Mandaric is half the man we think he is then he's been working hard behind the scenes looking for AI's replacement. It clearly won't be O'Neill or Big Sam and think the best target we could hope for is maybe Hughton but that may be a long shot! MM is in the game to make a little money which he has done with his previous clubs and he won't want us languishing in the lower divisions unnecessarilly. Saying that, he also probably doesn't want to leave us completely without a coaching set-up for any length of time!
I don't think for one minute we'll win the FA cup as we'll probably get mullered at Birmingham but that is the only competition we seem to be able to score and win in, can't see how we can win 3-0 at Bristol City yet struggle against far worse sides in league 1. I;ll happily end our cup run in the next round if it means a sudden up turn in our league form. If we can win 7 or 8 games in the next 10 we'll be right back in contention but can anybody see that happening cos I can't.
Hello fellow Owls! My first post too. I'm in the 'AI has to go' camp as well, performances and results just aren't good enough and there is an air of inevitable defeat about our games at the moment, especially away from Hillsborough. Agree with sussex, it seemed inevitable once Potter walked, that we would lose as we always seem to capitulate when down to 10. Also agree with sussex on O'Niell, why would he come to league 1? Living in Sunderland, as I do, I don't think Keane would be a good choice. He did a good job getting them out of the championship, albeit with relatively unlimited funds, but then proceeded to sign players that worked hard but just weren't good enough and then he lost the dressing room. MM might surprise us all and pull an unknown name out of the bag, like he did with Avram Grant, he has plenty of contacts in Eastern Europe.
Even if O'Neill would consider league 1 and the challenge, he would not work for a Chairman like Mandaric so we can rule him out straight away! I like Keanes passion for the game but other than that one season where he got the Mackems up what else has he done? He had money at Ipswich and go the boot there! MM will appoint the right an and might have a trick or two up his sleeve! It is inevitable however that Irvine will be going soon! Madine seem's to know where the net is though so that's something!
Owls That!
does any1 think irvine will be out by the weekend?
Hello, Mr Mandaric, please put us out of our misery!
Too many goals conceded in too many games against lowly opposition. Chances over, now its time to go. We need to change now or we're gonna miss bus for the play offs.
AI doesnt seem to know what his best 11 players are.Making 4 or 5 changes every game is not good management in my book.He sees how the opposition will play and then chops and changes our team to suit.Why not let the other manager worry about how we will line up.Its just another example of his negative thinking for me.
leons gloves
In our last 6 league games we've scored 8 goals and conceded 19 drawing 2 and losing 4 this is just not good enough.
And in our 1st 6 league games we had scored 9 and conceded 3 winning 3 drawing 1 and losing 2,meaning we are scoring less and conceding more.
I've been in the stick by Irvine camp for while but now I have to admit that it looks like time to make the change. The number of goals we're conceding just can't be ignored. AI knew the defence needed changing and has now brought in his own back line and they just aren't up to it. 4 to Orient, 5 to Exeter and Peterborough. This is the managers job to sort out but I think AI has reached a stage where he has MM's decision easy. The big job for MM is replacing AI with someone who can get this turned around quickly.
We have scored 9 goals and conceded 8 in the last 3 games. Lost 1 drawn 1 and won 1 with missed penalties and sendings off all important. It has been a great ride. AI should stay. Breaking the habit of sacking managers is important.
I know im going to get a lot of stick for saying this but I still rate him as a Manager, just needs a bit more time. (but i doubt he will get it) Anyway It should be Potter getting the blame for this result not Irvine.
We couldn't score against 9 men and couldn't defend with 10. Enough is enough.
I totally agree with what someone said where I think MM will be working on a replacement as we speak, AI may not know much about it but MM has a good head on his shoulders, I have no doubt we will soon have a decent man at the healm :) UTO!!
OddOwl, you have hit the nail on the head with your name!?
Owls That!
hi everyone my first post too....think alan did a good job but time for him to go and Sean McAuley to take over for next few games while someone is found suitable for the big job ahead!..he knows the players well and hasnt done a bad job in the past!
here's some numbers if anyone is interested in win percentages of recent owls managers in the format: games won/total games/win percentage. Sturrock: 35/104/33.65% Laws 52/154/33.77% Irvine 24/59/40.68% Jewel 12/38/31.58% Atkinson (First Time) 49/118/41.53% (Second Time) 9/27/33.33% Here are some other managers Keane (sunderland only) 42/100/42% O'Neill (leicester only) 85/223/38.12% only statistics I know but they suggest we might end up worse off
Hirsty's Shinpads
hirsty whats his games lost percentage?
Patrick Blondeau
I'd be keen to know what Chris Hughton's win percentage was at Newcastle as he'd be my choice for new manager? I reckon it would be much closer to the 50% bracket!?
Sorry Mr Irvine, be a man do what you know is best hand in your notice, with immediate effect.
Hereford Owl
I see your point Hirsty... if we're talking stats, I wonder how many of those managers racked up their loss percentages with long losing streaks in a row, like we've seen over the past while. It's when they come in a row that teams begin to lose confidence and forget how to win league matches, which is a big problem.
Colorado Owl
I see your point, Hirsty... if we're talking stats, I wonder how many of those managers racked up their loss percentages with long losing streaks in a row, like we've seen over the past while. It's when they come in a row that teams begin to lose confidence and forget how to win league matches, which is a big problem.
Colorado Owl
sorry... crap internet connection
Colorado Owl
Surely he should be sacked by now!!! If we are going to have any chance of going forward we need a new manager. Irvine's time as been up for a fair while now and he's known that... the results don't lie and its a reflection of a man who can't handle it or take us forward. He can only take us backwards. We can't afford to go any further down the football league even with Mandaric. We need a new manager and quickly. There are some good managers out of work. Any of them would be better and more experienced than Irvine.
Hirsty's shinpads just take a look at which division are we in with all your stats, i suggest you try going to the games because anybody that defends this useless 8a5tard is not a fan, unless your a pig in disguise.
ecco owl
What about Sean O`Driscoll as next manager
Handsworth Owl
Wow ecco something bugged you! The stats are were playing, losing, getting battered with 4-5 goals against us in 3rd Tier football! He's crap useless and should go
i do go to the matches ecco (although not so many away games now) and all i was doing was showing what his win percentage is, his loss percentage is similar. the division we are in is irrelevant in terms of this as we are only as good as the division we are in! lets face it regardless of what anyone says the players at hillsborough are league 1 standard otherwise they wouldn't be here, even with the recent signings (who I rate) we haven't raided any players from their clubs other than reynolds maybe. i reckon most of the managers get their losing percentage up at the end of their time in charge, stands to reason doesn't it. hughton's win percentage is higher due to the fact he only had 1 full promotion winning season in charge.
Hirsty's Shinpads
I'd be very happy with O'Driscoll! Won't happen though!
Owls That!
The league is irrelevant but surely a manager that can't string wins together in this league with this squad Against teams like Exeter, Yeovil, leyton orient doing somthing wrong?
Radio Sheffield said tonight that from the beginning of february 2009 to now we've had 44 league games and got 51 points, it just baffles me how on earth he's kept his job this long.
ecco owl
what worries me is that just over a year ago we had all this laws out now so we have enough time to escape relegation, well that happened we got a manager who at the time everyone was pretty pleased with. it didn't matter we still got relegated and now its happening again with the expectation that a new manager will resurrect our season. i'm not happy at all with our current results and form but i'm not sure that binning irvine now will achieve anything especially being that he has now signed all the new players who still need time to bed in. just an alternative view that's all
Hirsty's Shinpads
And thats is the same view i have Hirsty. (but a may have been a little rude to others in the past few days that didn't agree with me for which i appologise for) Sacking peolple and starting againg is the last thing this club needs. Regardless I still think Irvive is the man for the job, Let him work with the people he has now brought in and i hope to god I (like very few others) will be saying I told you so at the end of the season.
Word going round on numerous message boards that he's gone!
Were 5 points clear Relegation, we shouldn't be worrying about the playoffs it's relegation that should be on peoples minds, how can this be happening? And how can people want this bloke in charge, were not going up this season I've accepted that but with this idiot were going down quicker than the titanic!
According to radio Sheffield it will be announced later that he's gone
ecco owl
Irvine has been sacked
Perason, O' driscoll, Keane, Sheridan, Curbishley - Who do we fancy then? Dowey, dont think so.
One thing it won't be cheap option like our poor neighbours.
ecco owl
SSN now saying he has gone too, now to get someone new in!! UTO!!!!

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