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Megson Favourite To Become Owls Boss

Former Wednesday player Gary Megson is the favourite to return to Hillsborough and become the Owls' new boss, according to reports this morning.

The former West Brom boss has been one of the front-runners since Alan Irvine departed Hillsborough on Thursday morning and reports on are today putting him as firm favourite to land the job.

Wednesday chairman Milan Mandaric has already confirmed that Megson is on a shortlist of four potential new managers of the club.

That despite the 51-year-old walking out on him at Leicester City after a matter of weeks to take the role of manager at Barclays Premier League side Bolton Wanderers.

Mandaric has already said that: 'I'm interested in Gary, but whether he gets job, that's different.

'He's top drawer and has tremendous experience. I rate him highly.

'He's the only manager who has earned me money thanks to the compensation I received for him.'

Megson made 223 appearances for Wednesday in two different spells at Hillsborough, following in the footsteps of his dad Don, who was one of Wednesday's greatest ever players.

He cut his managerial teeth at Norwich City and Blackpool before being best known for a successful stint at West Brom. He then moved on to manage Nottingham Forest, Leicester and Bolton.

Former Peterborough United and Bristol City boss Gary Johnson is also understood to be on Milan Mandaric's shortlist, as is Notts County manager Paul Ince, while Roy Keane has been linked.

But Megson remains the favourite and would arrive at Hillsborough after a year out from the game.

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The Journalist

Writer: Nick Mail feedback, articles or suggestions

Date:Friday February 4 2011

Time: 8:46AM

Your Comments

Seems to me like it's nailed on if he wants it! Which of the other 3 contenders will want the job knowing that MM has already gone public with his admiration for Megson and that they'd be 2nd or 3rd choice?
noooooo!!! every club he's been at bar west brom hate him for being boring and uninspiring - which are irvines main faults.
Patrick Blondeau
I hear Johnson is now out of the equation, and that Megson will be named Wednesday manager today.
ecco owl
I genuinely, honestly don't want Gary Megson to be the next Sheffield Manager. Yes he's a fan and yes he used to play for us but that didn't help Chris Turner much. Megson's style of play is godawful, turgid dross and it's only gained him a patchy record of minor successes. Teams all the way through the leagues from Blackpool and Bolton all the way down to Huddersfield and Chesterfield are turning away from that style now and with some good results. The chief one being the entertainment of the fans. I can't see myself parting with the best part of 30 to get neck ache watching the ball being lumped forward time and again. If it's just a results business then I'll spend 30p on a paper and read the results. At least Irvine expressed a desire to see us playing decent football once (if) we had stabilised. With Megson it will never happen.
A lot of rumours over here in Ireland, that Roy Keane is in talks!
Now, i will always turn up to support the team as im sure we all will, but i am massively disappointed with this. most of my family are man city supporters, i wonder sometimes how i got dumped supporting this bag of ****.
I was hoping Rafa Benitez would be revealed as the new manager!! That said, I'm backing MM 100% so whoever he appoints I'll get behind.
Yeah we all would turn up and support whatever happens but id be gutted if we got megson in i just want to see some exciting attacking football at s6!
If Megs gets the job I hope he makes us eat our words 'cos I don't want him either. Of that list Keane is the only one that would lift the club but even then we'd be wary of him after he lost the plot at Sunderland and struggled at Ipswich. Johnson and Ince, not for me.
Ok i can see nobody wants Gary Megson, but out of the explayers that are managers now, if your going to call for someone to get the sack you would'nt want it to be Sheridan, Pearson,Nilsson, but one thing i do no is that Megson will not except any slackers in his team, he's a Wednesday fan and anyone not doing it on the pitch will get his ass kicked and not played week in week out like Irvine use to do with his favourites, he still comes to watch Wednesday and i'm sure he'll have is idea's what needs changing, so i say if it is going to be Megson get behind him give him a chance till the end of the season, then judge him, anyway one thing all pigs hate him so thats a start.
ecco owl
I definitely don't want Megson, he's not the right sort of manager for the fans of SWFC, I personally am amazed that John Sheridan hasn't put himself forward.
MM is a winner. If he had stuck with AI then I would have backed him. I am not overly inspired with Megson but if MM thinks he is the man to do it I will back him 100%. I wish AI well in the future, he seemed a very decent, honest bloke. Up the Owls
Howard Wilkinson please come back and sort this mess out!!!!! I dont get it? We tell all the fans its the "start of a new era" then sack Irvine because of his defensive/negative approach towards games and poor run of results...... and then employe Gary Megson!! How is this guy any better than Irvine.? I hope to god im proved wrong.
Just the usual managerial merry-go-round then. Just think back - not that long ago, Preston supporters were really unhappy about Alan Irvine being sacked. Over at Bolton, the venom aimed at Megson by supporters was much greater than anything Alan Irvine had from Owls supporters. How things change!
Just the usual managerial merry-go-round then. Just think back - not that long ago, Preston supporters were really unhappy about Alan Irvine being sacked. Over at Bolton, the venom aimed at Megson by supporters was much greater than anything Alan Irvine had from Owls supporters. How things change!
It's only really O'Driscoll for me and he should take a leaf out of Nigel Adkins book! Left a comfortable Championship club in Scunthorpe to take on the challenge of a BIGGER, EX-PREMIERSHIP club in LEAGUE ONE due to the OPPORTUNITY and INCREASED FUNDS available to him! Sound familiar!? That said, I will get behind whoever MM appoints! I'll have a grumble to begin with if its Megson, but like someone said elsewhere, he is a Wednesday fan so wont take any shizzel or slackers which some are doing now and just assume there place is a Shay Given! I live in Newcastle so compared to all the goings on up here, this is pretty standard!
Owls That!
Oh dear. You probably thought things couldnt get any worse. Megson can certainly spot a good player, he just doesnt know how to get the best from them. Plus most of his players hate him even the ones that get a game. Worst manager we ever had. Rejoicing in the streets of Bolton when he was sacked. BTW we got him from leicester and Mandaric extorted a fee from us even though he wasn't on contract and had only been there a few weeks. That was long enough for the leicester fans who were delighted to see the back of him even in that short a time
Back of the Net
BTW he was popular at West Brom because he got them promoted (he was the one who got them demoted in the seasons before and after that I think) and Forest fans hate him more than we do I think. Yes we still hate him
Back of the Net
Im hoping MM reads this and thinks about putting Ginger Minger in charge hes not the fans choice and hes got nothing but bad feed back from previous clubs.Come on MM if you reading these threads got AI sacked then PLEASE OH PLEASE dont appoint another waste of space.
ha ha micky adams is your manager - even better news
Patrick Blondeau
Please No its even worse than who we just sacked
All these managers that are getting mentioned have one thing in common-they have all been sacked and are out of work because they failed wherever they were.John Sheridan for me but I reckon that MM had Megson lined up weeks ago.
leons gloves
Betting suspended anouncement later.
ecco owl
A year or so out of management and no offers from any other managerless club that for me says it all.
for the next few years we need results first and foremost, does it matter how we get them? Laws wanted to play good football, we got on a losing streak and it got him sacked. A few days ago I read on here a few time that this is a results based business and Irvine isn't getting them, which was correct. Megson doesn't inspire me at all but why not if MM thinks he is the right man. I have also read about passion and motivation and Megson as a Wednesdayite should be able to inspire that. If it gets us up I'll take that for a while then change when we are in a better situation to division 3. I don't think Mandaric read this website then bulleted Irvine and I don't think he'll look here to see who we want next either, his club his choice
Hirsty's Shinpads
Look, I agree with most of the sentiment on Megson here, but I am backing MM all the way, if we get megson and we go up happy days, but if we dont and MM sees no marked improvement he be swiftly moved on. MM knows what he is doing lets behind the club this season and see what happens
Hirsty's shinpads i'll 2nd that mate.
ecco owl
totally agree hirstys shinpads, we gotta give him a go, he may not have had the greatest history in the premier league but he does come with a history of premier league management i suppose :)
Here Here Aston well said totally agree some of the comments I have read are unbelieveable. YOU ARE BORN AN OWL AND ITS IN YOUR BLOOD No Wednesdayite gets this club dumped on em. Thats left to the Grunters or closet Grunters
If mm wants him I'll back him, he's done everything we've wanted so far so why not, he's had him before so gm knows how ruthless he can be! Could be good!
as long as we dont get Roy Keane I'm happy. I can't tell you how devastated I'd be if we employed him. sheer hatred.
Carbone's Padawan
Im really hoping we go for Nigel Pearson. Its a long shot for the simple reason that he's in a job with a championship side but he'd be the perfect man to take us forward!!!
OWL25 he had him for a matter of weeks and Megson walked out to go to Bolton.Im just trying to find if theres any criminal evidence involving Megson thats making him favourite for us.Look if he comes in a does agud job then all of us that is against the idea can eat our words and bury our heads and i truly hope he does but i will not be holding my breath.
Sky sports are saying that Sheffield Wednesday are set to announce Gary Megson as the new manager.
ecco owl
Good appointment imo
5pm press conference.
ecco owl
I love Mandaric but for F*** sake
5-15pm the canal at side of Hillsborough for all those who don't want him.
ecco owl
That said if he gets us out of this division he will do for me
I heard we went for Sheridan but DA wanted 100 million compo!!!
Also in his year off, Megson's been on a coaching course and is now said to be a blend of Wenger, Ferguson and Mourinho......exciting times ahead!!!
Bring on the next sheff derby... it will have to be in the cup as were going up and their going down but will be awesome having a united fan in one dugout and a wednesday fan in the other!!!
sky have said deal done to be confirmed at 5pm news conferance
I have just come out of the owl shop and Im sure on the way back to the car I saw Megson...........
Handsworth Owl
well said paulo - wouldn't be my choice but he's got the job he's a wednesdayite and by the sounds of it he's seen plenty of games already so he knows eactly what he's got - if he doesn't deliver MM may decide to change in the summer but until then lets get behind him. UTO
Patrick Blondeau
Its on the bottom of the screen on sky sports Gary Megson new manager of Sheffield Wednesday
ecco owl
Personally I have no problem with Megson. I think his reputation suffered badly from his time at Bolton and it was evident from his time there that he was not wanted before he even arrived. He's a Wednesday fan and I think he is the kind of manager that won't stand for below par performances or the conceding of 4/5 goals a game. The whole dour boring football argument sounds a bit weak to me. We need to turn this team around completely and start being hard to beat and winning before we get carried away with how we want to play. If Megson does that, he'll be good enough for me. I think those making any argument for O'Neill or big sam etc are really just kidding themselves. Maybe if we become a team challenging at the top end of the Championship or get back in the premiership but not at this time. If it is Megson then I just hope that any whinging about his appointment goes away straight away and he is made to feel welcome from the start. Also hope that fans don't get on his back as soon as we lose a game - so long as there is no more shipping of 4 and 5 goals a game.
sussexowl does this mean he sees nothing cos he drinks too much andthinks hes the special one?
i av just come out of our lass n im sure i saw megson.
brian Sweeney (Bolton Wanderers fan) says... OMG!! My heart goes out to all Sheffield Wednesday fans. Now you are a club that I like, with great fans, but I really really wouldn't inflict this man on my worst enemy, and I was a Wanderers fan who tried my hardest to give the man a chance, and not slate him from the start! You have my condolences. All you have to look forward to is dour, boring, defensive football. It will be very hard work for the faithful to keep watching the Owls now. Posted 10:26 4th February 2011
Asa O'keefe (Bolton Wanderers fan) says... Believe me you do not want gary megson as manager he is the most negative man in the game. At bolton he took the club backwards we were poor at defending aswell as attacking. Bringing him to your club would be a mistake and you could see yourselves in league 2 next season.
Aaron Knight (Bolton Wanderers fan) says... How Megson is still in the game is beyond me. The worst manager ever: Lacks charisma to unite the fans and club, infact he alienates fans from there own team. That wouldn't be as bad if his tactics didn't match his personality of being unambitious and boring.
Well thanks for that but we'll judge him ourselves, you've got 20 mins to get to the canal.
ecco owl
My sincere condolences. He is poison incarnate. He will destroy the confidence of every player you have and you will not reckognise them in a few weeks. He bullies the players behind closed doors and screams abuse at them during the game. He has had a lobotomy and had all man (and fan) management skills surgically removed. He NEVER learns from his mistakes and has no plan B. I pity you all. He almost stopped me going to see my beloved Wanderers after supporting them for over 50 years through thick and thin. I know nobody who has a good word for him.
Handsworth Owl
I watch his side play when I lived in Bolton. I dont want to go through all that again god help us.
Handsworth Owl
Its confirmed Megson is our new manger
confirmed its megson lets get behind him...
Well goodbye Hansworth
ecco owl
or even Handsworth
ecco owl
he's got the job lets just get behind him - give him a chance for gods sake
Patrick Blondeau
Handsworth Owl are you a really blunt ????? How can anyone chant that when he hasn't even been in the job hour, get real.........
FANTASTIC NEWS just the man for the job.Gary knows how to win promotion and that's what we need right now. Anyone in their right mind would rather win 1-0 than lose 5-3. Thank you Milan
Did'nt know Gary had been on gardening leave for last year, and been offered two jobs recently, so thats the answer to your question ollyowl post 25.
ecco owl
Didnt really want Megson, but he has been given the job. MM must have faith in him to bring him in as manager, he has invested a lot of money with us and I dont think he(MM) wants to go backwards and lose his investment. Let see what happens over the next few games then judge him.
Hereford Owl
Skipper430 I lived in Bolton for a year and had to watch Megsons team play week in week out so I know whats coming so dont tell to ( get real ) this is real we could go down now. and most of all do not ever call me a blunt
Handsworth Owl
It must have been a big garden if it took him two years
Hereford Owl
or even one year. lol
Hereford Owl

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