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Dale reject Owls offer for O'Grady

Rochdale have rejected an offer from Wednesday for striker Chris O'Grady, according to reports.

The Owls have been linked with the former Leicester City man throughout the summer and is reporting Dale, Wednesday's npower League 1 rivals, have turned down an initial offer, believed to be £200,000.

O'Grady was a star performer for the Spotland club last season as they just missed out on the play-off spots under former boss Keith Hill.

He only has 12 months left on his contract with the Lancashire club and Dale could well look to cash-in on one of their star players if the right offer comes along.

O'Grady is understood to be high on Gary Megson's wishlist this summer and Wednesday are expected to return with an improved offer to get their man.

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The Journalist

Writer: Nick Mail feedback, articles or suggestions

Date:Thursday July 14 2011

Time: 6:39PM

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Thank god! Awful player. Think we should be more ambitious than O'Grady… there are plenty of League 1 strikers who would jump to sign for us. But we're wasting our time with flops like O'Grady. Starting to worry about this season now…
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14/07/2011 19:08:00

speaking as somebody whose actually watched him, get him signed asap.
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14/07/2011 19:34:00

agreed dezzy he is much better than we currently have if he plays wide and can also do a job as a striker get him before someone else does
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14/07/2011 19:45:00

i live in rochdale and take in the odd game when nothing else to do. He's much more effective as a striker, but very good on the left. in a good team he would score a bucket load, he has everything in his game. People who say he rubbish or a donkey just annoy me when they havent watched him.
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14/07/2011 19:49:00

I'm sold
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14/07/2011 19:56:00

consider me your chief scout for this one pal. Rochdale is a good little club for getting strikers careers back on track. Dagnall, Le Fondre, Grant Holt, Ricky Lambert. O'Grady is just the latest in a soon to be long line.
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14/07/2011 20:01:00

Even if he isnt the greatest goal scorer he still causes panic in defences and creates lots of chances, get him signed!!
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14/07/2011 21:25:00

from what you guys are saying he sounds like an exciting player, hope we can sign him.
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14/07/2011 21:49:00

Madine has been cleared.
Carbone's Padawan
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14/07/2011 22:00:00

Dezzy I don't care where you live. Ive seen him play. He's absolutely dyer. 13 goals in 51 games at Rotherham? He's played for 9 teams and he's 25 (clearly doesn't settle) he's had one prolific season and that was in League 2? But how many seasons has he has in league 2 where he has not been prolific. He is not going to fire us into Championship… and for those of you saying well he played on the left for some of the season… he got 1 league assist all season! Fact! So he doesn't create problems. Let's look elsewhere please!
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14/07/2011 23:50:00

SheffWed93, he got 3 assists in one game i watched against huddersfield....FACT. Dont make up facts with me boy. Like Grant Holt, like Ricky Lambert, he too 1 step back to go two steps forward, its called development. Start caring where i live, because iv watched him a damn sight more in the last 2 years than you. yet again you are talking turd and have no clue at all......theres always one on every site isnt there?
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15/07/2011 00:07:00

I didnt see rochdale either game last year but from what you and my uncle have said dezzy he seems a good buy. I havent seen us linked with a player this pre season without seeing people moan about it why not relax and trust megson it makes a change for us being linked with players for fees
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15/07/2011 01:33:00

As long as it's not Paul I'm in! More competition up front and could solve the left wing problem. Would like to see Oliver blooded this year
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15/07/2011 08:14:00

When they asked Johnnnny Sheridan about being linked wiv him he wasnt impressed with him he said something along the lines of 'ad im at Oldham dint do much to impress mi theer' 'so definitely NOT interested' - but if he comes hope ya right dezzy personally think we could do better.
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15/07/2011 08:53:00

Dezzy,,10441~201010441,00.html 1 Assist in the league last season boy... As for the Huddersfield game, they won 3-0 and O'Grady scored but didn't set any up. Barry-Murphy set the first up, and Akpa Akpro ran past 2 defenders on his own before scoring? Don't make up facts with me boy.
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15/07/2011 10:23:00

... good to see our fans are all singing from the same hymn sheet. anyway, thoughts on the new kit??
Carbone's Padawan
Report Abuse
15/07/2011 10:26:00

hmmm, maybe a touch of confusion on my part from the season before. Regardless, numbnuts, why don't you actullay move away from your computer and go and actually watch some football, rather than basing your "knowledge" on what the internet tells you. i dont think you have ever actually watched him play, so you still remain a clueless downs.
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15/07/2011 10:35:00

I think we should all calm down a bit and some people should be a little more respectful to other peoples opinions. No-one knows how O'Grady will do until he actually comes, if he does. He won't be playing for Rochdale or Oldham, he'll be playing or Wednesday with new team-mates and expectations. Megson obviously sees something worth taking a punt on and its what O'Grady does if he comes that matters. That said, I actually like the new home shirt!
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15/07/2011 11:16:00

why dont we give that donaldson chap a go at crewe is'nt he available on a free ?
Report Abuse
15/07/2011 11:46:00

Ok Dezzy well saying "You've never seen him play" is just an assumption? I wouldn't jump to telling me what I have and haven't seen when your spouting off that he set 3 up against Huddersfield when he didn't? and your telling me to "watch some football", maybe you should pay attention?
Report Abuse
15/07/2011 11:53:00

Bout time Wednesday started signing some players for cash and not just rely on freebies, we've got money in for some of the players that have left and haven't spend anything yet as far as I know. if we don't act we may end up with Paul O'Grady up front let along Chris!!
Report Abuse
15/07/2011 11:59:00

Well numbnuts, saying he's a flop and awful leads me to believe you havent seen him play, if you had, you would realise how wrong you are. Yes i got mixed up regarding huddersfield, he scored, he did better than what i said and also a damn sight more than our lot did against them. Go on then old wise one, what strikers should we go for?
Report Abuse
15/07/2011 12:23:00

Can you two keep arguing please? The news isn't exactly firing out of S6 at the moment, so any entertainment is much appreciated! Hey SheffWed93, Dezzy said something about your mum mate....don't take that ****, have a go at him...!!! LOLS!!!
Report Abuse
15/07/2011 13:56:00

DezzyP and SheffWed 93 will you two get a room and sort out yoru differences! As for Balli80 - great stirring!!
Report Abuse
15/07/2011 14:14:00

Carbone's Padawan thats great news but what about the other charge? Impersonating a footballer?
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15/07/2011 14:24:00

Sussex your bang on mate we need to spend some cash or we will still be hear next year! as for dezzyp and sheffwed93 it's great lads keep it up i just hope the team has this much Passion
Report Abuse
15/07/2011 14:29:00

think me and SheffWed93 will just have to agree to disagree on this one. In other news, Rob Jones has named as captain, which was the logical choice for me.
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15/07/2011 15:26:00

Well he's played for 7 clubs since 2007 so he hasn't impressed all these clubs enough to stay? He had 1 good seasons in L2, not cut it in L1 up front or on wings. Saying i've never seen him is your only point, which is wrong, as is everything else you've said. There is more than Just Huddesfield in the league? Wednesday scored more goals in the league last season overall than Rochdale so again you have no point? Happy with Mellor he proved he can do it at Wednesday so why take a gamble on someone whose unproven, plus another striker. But our main priority is wingers or at least it should be, someone like Dean Cox, Nicky Adams, Liam Feeney maybe.
Report Abuse
15/07/2011 16:49:00

i watched him more than once as iv said, which allows me to form an accurate opinion, unlike having a look at his wiki page. Jesus wept you are poor, what happens quite a lot is that people work on there game and get better as they get older, then better and better and better, its called realising potential. Thats what you dont see by just looking at a website, now stop being a sheep and believing what mr internet tells you and actually watch. It may be my only point, but its THE important point.........fecking idiot.
Report Abuse
15/07/2011 16:58:00

Also, you said earlier he played for 9 teams, now its 7, make your mind up lad, shouldnt be that hard with his wiki page infront of you.
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15/07/2011 17:04:00

No the important point is he hasn't done anything in League 1 to prove he can play for us. The main argument is about the players ability which I know. Yet you claim he is this menace up front and lie to get people to actually think you know something (E.G Huddersfield) I meerly stated a fact which is that he didn't do half the things you say? I called him a flop? I said he played for 9 teams and 7 of them since 2007, wow you really never do see whats infront of your eyes...
Report Abuse
16/07/2011 00:07:00

The ramblings of a madman continues. its like talking to a brick wall, but you would get more sense out of a brick wall. Never have i heard anybody so stubborn and stupid, its borderline pathetic. iv watched him (unlike your idiotic self) been very impressed, most rochdale supporters i know say he's the best player to pull on their shirt for years, and they have had players who have gone on to play in the top flight, and all them are wrong because some internet retard looks at a wiki page........grow up.
Report Abuse
16/07/2011 00:17:00

Come on SheffWeDd93, it's your turn!
Report Abuse
18/07/2011 19:52:00

They say that because they got out of L2 for the first time in 40 years? Insult me with your stupid but the only one who has stated things that are not true? You say you seen him play and exaggerated how he played so who can believe you? You say he did all this and that but I proved you wrong and all you say is "you haven't seen him play". Rochdale are not the only club to have players go and play in the premier league ha. Infact the only player I can think that has gone to play in Prem is G.Holt and that Dawson centre half but none of them have played in the Prem yet. You say you've watched him but tried to overexaggerate what he has done to get people to think he's good but you clearly didn't have a clue. Charlie Austin played for Poole Town in non league does it mean we should go and sign their current centre forward just because he came from the same club as another good player? No. Yet again your fingers are typing and your brain doesn't have a clue whats even happening. Rochdale FC... The only source of footballer on the planet since Dezzy went to watch Chris O'Grady.
Report Abuse
19/07/2011 00:15:00

If anything i understated what he had done in one game, i said he set up goals, he didnt, he actually are so thick its untrue. Oh, Alan Reeves and Paul Butler both played in The premier league. Come on lad with your computer in front of you that should be clear. Im glad your mum has let you back on the computer, i was wondering what clueless rant you would come up with. Iv seen him play plenty lad and know what a good player he is. So, as i asked 1 question last message and you missed it, i'll ask again, you think you and your wiki page know better than any Rochdale supporter who say he's better than Holt, Lambert, Dagnall or Le Fondre? I didnt say just because he played for rochdale he was a good player did i?
Report Abuse
19/07/2011 09:30:00

First of all you asked no question haha. 2nd you did say " Dagnall, Le Fondre, Grant Holt, Ricky Lambert. O'Grady is just the latest in a soon to be long line" so you are saying because he plays for Rochdale he is a going to be a good player. Apart from filling your messages up with petty computer insults do you have a point? please if your going to try and put up a respectful argument remember what you've said... You clearly have no idea what your on about. All you can say is Rochdale this, Rochdale that, I live here, no one has ever seen him play apart from me and the town of Rochdale, you make out like you must live in Rochdale to know what a basic player like O'Grady is like? Keep up lad.
Report Abuse
20/07/2011 01:09:00

its not a case of living in rochdale to know if somebodys a good player, its a case of watching them to see if somebodys a good player, thats just common sense numbnuts. Iv never met or seen anybody talk so much turd in my life. Anyways its probably irrelevant now, he limped off after 10 mins last night. Thats my last post on the subject, you have bored me too much. Just stop being a sheep, get out there and form your own opinion, save anybody else from this boredom.
Report Abuse
20/07/2011 09:07:00


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