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JJ set to miss start of Owls' season

Wednesday have been dealt a blow ahead of the new npower League One season with the news that winger Jermaine Johnson will be sidelined through injury.

The Jamaican could miss the first month of the new campaign through a knee injury, believed to have been sustained during the Owls' friendly clash against Stoke City at the weekend.

The club has yet to confirm the injury to Johnson, but rumours have been going around since the start of the week and BBC Radio Sheffield also announced the news this morning.

JJ has suffered numerous injury set-backs in recent seasons but was still offered a new contract by Owls boss Gary Megson in the summer.

The news will be a big blow to Wednesday ahead of Saturday's opener against Rochdale at Hillsborough.

The Owls already have a light squad and are still looking to bolster their attacking options before the visit of the Spotland club.

The injury blow dealt to Johnson may mean Megson and Milan Mandaric, the Owls chairman, will speed up their search for more attacking options.

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The Journalist

Writer: Nick Mail feedback, articles or suggestions

Date:Wednesday August 3 2011

Time: 9:49AM

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surprise surprise. i would have given him a pay as play contract. then we would see if he was really injured
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03/08/2011 09:56:00

I was against giving him another contract in the first place. At his age we can't expect much more than we've already had which is glimpses of brilliance but more often than not - total frustration! Let's just focus on the positives, Sedgwick on the wing for Satruday!
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03/08/2011 10:05:00

Calm down people, it's only one player and he was always going to be injured for a large chunk of the season - it's in his genes!
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03/08/2011 10:15:00

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03/08/2011 10:33:00

Was hoping to log on and found we have signed 2 strikers, instead this. It's all gone quiet on the Roberts front and I think we should be going all out on him. Huddersfield need to sell, he is quality and doesn't want to sign a new contract there. We really need to sign some players today or tomorrow. Would be very happy with Roberts, Le Fondre and Afobe. Whilst it has been frustrating so far just imagine what a triple signing would do for morale going into the first game! On a sidenote I see the OS is keeping quiet about the Alfreton game, WTF happened there
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03/08/2011 10:44:00

massive blow he has looked quality in pre season now down to one winger this is ridiculous get roberts signed now ! Also i see lee cook has'nt been allocated a squad number at qpr with a punt ?
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03/08/2011 11:06:00

This wouldn't be a massive problem if we had someone that could come off the bench with similar (some would say BETTER) wing/attacking abilities to replace him! Oh wait we have Sedge and DJ..... phew! (no offence attended for the two aformentioned players) WTID UTO
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03/08/2011 11:43:00

I'd heard this was a rumour and was hoping it wouldn't be true our attacking options are very short for the new season, feeling very worried about the start of the season.. Having said all this I fully expect Wednesday to turn around and win 3-0 with sedge morrisson and dj grabbing the goals , how that wouldn't be a surprise
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03/08/2011 11:51:00

Megson gone barmy in Sheffield Star about this news being leaked on here,he says it only benefits Rochdale.But surely they know he was injured when he doesnt come out for warm-up on Saturday.So we have no attacking threat whatsoever now for Saturday.Oh,we have Sedgewick! Rochdale must be shaking in their boots!
leons gloves
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03/08/2011 12:23:00

It's been clear we have no plan B for weeks in the attack department and the board and management only have themselves to blame!
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03/08/2011 12:37:00

Agree with ya Don. Yet we'll just get a bag full of excuses as to why there are no more signings (other L1 clubs can do it?!?). On top of that, it would appear the fans get blamed for leaking the story..... Mr Megson needs to be careful what he says to the press. He will lose the supporters (without whom the club would cease to exist) by making such ridiculous comments. I'm sure Rochdale are more than capable of adding 2+2 to get 4..... And as if they are overly concerened whether or not JJ plays.... I'm losing my patience with SWFC!
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03/08/2011 12:55:00

Wouldnt be at all suprised if JJ is gone by the end of August, could never see his petulance washing with GM. Its a crying shame, since Brunt left he is the only reason to get out of your seat.
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03/08/2011 13:03:00

So somebody leaks the fact that JJ - the man who struck an entire 5 goals last season - is injured and Mega spits his dummy and starts a witch-hunt? Like Rochdale will give a toss that a man who can't complete an entire match won't be playing? If I were him I'd be focussing on get players like ruddy Clinton Morrison to stop clinging on to his marker like a chav does her Burberry handbag, and start making some runs. It's all he did against Stoke on Saturday - roll roll roll - back in back in back in. Must be the easiest striker to mark in League One. If I see Morrison try to roll the defender and give away a free kick one more time...who does he think he is - Emile Heskey? He certainly falls down as much. Time to start shooting Morrison, it's what a striker does.
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03/08/2011 13:29:00

I agree waddle1993 - things have not been the same since Brunt left. His crossing was a major asset.
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03/08/2011 13:31:00

GET YOUR MONEY OUT MANDARIC....600 for Mcdonald....500 for Le Fondre....400 for Roberts = 1.5 mil which the club probably earns thorugh ticket sales and merchandise in 4/5 games...YOU GET WHAT YOU PAY FOR MANDARIC!!! dont buy these 3...we finish mid those three and your looking at automatic....JUST GET IT DONE!!!!
Report Abuse
03/08/2011 13:57:00

Sorry, did you say something SGoodwin?!? lol. Short and to the point, agree wholeheartedly....
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03/08/2011 14:11:00

SURPRISE SURPRISE NOT.Thought it too good to be true after his pre season games and managing to play 90 mins apart from stoke game.Like most av sed on ere our strike force isnt deadly enough and we are in big demand for a winger,i do though think sedgewick looks better this year.
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03/08/2011 14:18:00

Totally agree with SGoodwin. Surely Mandy is not going to tie Megson's hands as every manager has had his hands tied (par Irvine's January spending-spree) since 2001? These are the three we want, need and can get if we pay these fees. Mandy, use some fo the 4-5million season ticket revenue to land these three players on 3yr deals. If not, we're going to be having the same debates this time next year.
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03/08/2011 14:21:00

It's disgusting how Megson has gone off today about this news coming to public knowledge. It's his and Mandaric's fault we haven't got a clear back-up or another option. We've had 3 months to prepare a team for this season and we don't look to much better than we did last season. Agreed we looked fantastic defensively, but what I don't get it people going "oh we need 2 striker and we're sorted" because what we need is a but of creativity and as it stands every player we have that gives us something going forward is predictable... It doesn't matter who we sign because if chances arn't made my the midfield then the strikers aren't going to score.
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03/08/2011 16:15:00

How can it be Megson's fault SheffWed93, how many manager's do you know shell out their own money to buy player's, get off his back for god sake, the season has'nt begun yet, if you want to blame somebody blame the man at the top, he's the one that's gone back on his word.
ecco owl
Report Abuse
03/08/2011 16:45:00

Agreed echo and it's hardly disgusting. If you read Megson's comments he is hardly going off on one. The quotes I have read say that the leak is doing the club in fans a disservice which is arguably correct. I think keeping quiet on transfers till they were done helped to speed up productivity last season. We all want to hear but are we the only ones who benefit from this information. I would rather just hear when a player has signed and get rid of all these PR ups and downs when we finally succeed or fail to get a player we were linked with.
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03/08/2011 16:59:00

Devon Owl, I think Mandaric has been at fault for a number of the PR quotes. He's gone decidely quiet of late - in all areas!
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03/08/2011 17:04:00

To be fair, Megson has been preparing for this season thinking we're now only playing 7 a side in league 1, so it's not all his fault!
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03/08/2011 17:57:00

When did I ever mention a manager spending there own money? It is there fault because we clearly dont have a team ready for the season, The season finished in May so he's had 3 months to prepare a side for August and he's moaning about someone saying he's injured. His job is to have a team capable to bring in players that can win us promotion and he has brough in good players but don't get me wrong. but he is complaining about JJ but hes only bothered because thats our only real attacking option which is sad to say. He hasn't prepared a side so therefore he'll take the blame.
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03/08/2011 18:54:00

jj is no loss. he produces sweet fa. hopefully now this will mean we plan some kind of realistic attacking system. if our plan was to let johnson terrorise defences we would've looked like a complete joke, any decent defender would show him the touch line and not let him inside to try a 1 in 100 shot being as can't cross a ball anyhow. i agree with sw93 in that a striker won't be the complete answer as we still need someone with some creativity
Hirsty's Shinpads
Report Abuse
03/08/2011 19:34:00

You said it was Megson fault SheffWed93 that we haven't back-up, Mandaric has to give him money first, so explain how on earth it can be his fault.
ecco owl
Report Abuse
03/08/2011 23:41:00

You guys are ridiculous. The season has not started yet and I can see the snakes crawling out. It's x's fault, it's y's fault... Mandaric do this, Megson do that... What is wrong with you, people? Just relax and be supportive to your club.
Report Abuse
04/08/2011 01:19:00

I feel there is far more going on behind the scene than we know. Our club has been use and abused for well over a decade and to think all will be rosy inside 1 year is optimistic at best. I like many fans would like to see us sign the sort of players that could make us great again but I'm glad to see we are no longer being taken for fools in the transfer Market. If this has to be a season of progress then let's see it done without jeopardising the next 5 years. Players will come soon enough when they realise this is a well run club not just one for a fast buck! If we are a tight unit and in the hunt then January could be a different story. Good luck to M & M let's get behind them.
Report Abuse
04/08/2011 06:52:00

well said random and auzzie. I repeat we might not have had a club had it not been for Milan Mandaric and we would probably be the next AFC Wimbledon right now. Why turn on a manager within 6 months when he has shown promise and has pedigree? I am delighted with the signings of Prutton, Semedo, Bennet, Batth. I am delighted with the exits of Potter and Teale... The club is moving forward but sometimes you have to take two steps back. Sheffield Wednesday is a great club and I have always loved the spirit of our fans. We have a lot more humour than other clubs but it seems some fans are losing theres and turning into whingers
Report Abuse
04/08/2011 10:20:00

Who said anything about sacking the manager or chairman?!? I thought we were discussing the issue around lack of attacking or creative players currently at S6. I will support my club through thick and thin (and have done since the early eighties). Just because I feel we need more players in doesn't mean I'm a boo boy. My concern is that we could really do with a good start to the season and with limited numbers this could be difficult. At the end of last season both GM & MM went on record as saying they will bring in at least 7-9 players to improve the squad. This has not happened and means pre-season was not utilised to the maximum to build a strong team ethos. With all the hype (created by GM & MM) at the end of the season, I think all fans were expecting great things... Is that our fault? NO. So don't come on here saying that we are whingers or that we are snakes. We're just loyal fans whom feel fustrated at our beloved club and need to vent our issues. Come Saturday, we'll be stood on the terrace singing our hearts out to WHOEVER is on the pitch in a blue and white shirt... rant well and truely over... WTID UTO
Report Abuse
04/08/2011 11:32:00

As I was saying some people on the forums seem a little too easy to upset these days... Owlsmad I admire your passion and am pleased to have you on board, my comments weren't to be taken personally
Report Abuse
04/08/2011 11:52:00

Yeh, I think I got out of bed on the wrong side this morning... sorry! Life's to short aye!! WTID UTO
Report Abuse
04/08/2011 12:15:00

Some people are saying there will be less than 20,000 people there on Saturday but I just can't see it. People may moan on here but they will still turn up to watch the boys!
Report Abuse
04/08/2011 12:23:00

On top of that I don't think ANYONE should be mentioning sacking the manager or getting on the chairmans back. Let's not forget where we could have been without MM. My only worry right now is we have gone from being a squad of average players to what appears a think squad of better quality players without much depth. It's obvious to everyone and I'm sure that behind the scenes the club is working feverishly to put it right. I can't knock them for any of the transfers made so far this season and the departures have been pretty much the ones that I would have let go. Even the likes of JOC who we kept I think was good business because he won't be first choice with Semedo there but is vital should something happen to him. Put it this way, would you rather replace Semedo with JOC or Nyoni? Onwards and upwards (if a little slower than a lot of us would have liked!)
Report Abuse
04/08/2011 12:27:00

Its hard to be a Wednesday fan and not feel frustrated by the lack of signings, in the forward areas at least, but I do think that alot of this frustration has only come about because Mandaric has cash and vowed to spend it. All the same, he's a smart businessman and no smart businessman would go out and spend wads of money just because he said he would or on players that are way overpriced to please the fans. I think we would Sheikh Mandaric for that to happen. I'm not happy that we haven't got more players yet and I don't blame Mandaric for that or even Megson - he doesn't do the negotiations on players. I'm Mandaric will spend but only the right players at the right price. This is best for us long term, rather than being bent over barrells for players that may not work out as we'd hoped and splurging cash because we can. We need patience and this is the time to do nothing other than support what we have.
Report Abuse
04/08/2011 13:03:00

Agree with Waddle1993,JJ is the only player with have to get you out of your seat. Say what you will about him but he is the only attacking threat we have.We have no Plan B.Like the majority of you I am very frustrated with no attacking signings but very happy with the defence. Just hope that Morrison & Madine dont get injured.
leons gloves
Report Abuse
04/08/2011 13:09:00

the don...thought tickets were selling fast which is why wednesday said if you not booking arrive early to avoid massive cues?
Report Abuse
04/08/2011 13:26:00

just a rumour but heard mellor and le fondre will sign
Report Abuse
04/08/2011 14:34:00


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