Sheffield Wednesday - Milan: No truth in Megson quit rumours
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Milan: No truth in Megson quit rumours

Wednesday chairman Milan Mandaric has told BBC Radio Sheffield that there's no truth to rumours saying Gary Megson has left the Owls.

Rumours on Twitter and message forums were this morning saying Megson may have left Hillsborough after a disappointing run of results.

But those rumours have been quickly quashed by the Owls chairman.

The Owls are enduring their worst run of form of the season so far with four straight defeats in all competitions, the latest a 1-0 loss at lowly Chesterfield on Saturday.

But Megson is expected to be in charge for this Sunday's big Steel City derby clash against Sheffield United at S6.

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The Journalist

Writer: Nick Mail feedback, articles or suggestions

Date:Monday February 20 2012

Time: 12:47PM

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Im guessing if we dont win sunday Mr Megson will be out of a job.
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20/02/2012 13:30:00

This loss of form is dramatic - it would take a more dramatic improvement to stay in the play-off places - even more so to win the Final. Can't totally believe it won't happen, could do, but we have had a basic problem through the season: we don't score enough goals. All teams leak them as we do, but they score them also. Just a few more Wednesday goals here and there could have made an amazing difference to our position, but we didn't score them.
cheshire cat
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20/02/2012 13:43:00

Dont think its the right time to get rid.We need every wednesday fan we can to get behind the owls on sunday,Megson is one of us and if he cant get the players motivated nobody can.Lets hope things turn around soon
vic mobley
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20/02/2012 13:50:00

Here Here Vic I have missed all the doom a gloomers some who went into hibernation for the past 3 months. Its nice to see you all crawling out of the woodwork again. Things are not going well over the last half a dozen games or so, but lets look at where we are at the moment. (1) automatic is going to be tough now thats a fact. (2) we are in a great position to protect what we've got and anything else is a real bonus with the pigs & Charlton in a position to throuw it all away. Lets face it the pigs have a great history of such a thing. (3) At the moment if we played the play offs now we would struggle to beat any of the other 3 teams over two matches. Ladies & Gents we are still "in it to win it" one or if not two of the current play off teams will dip over the last 10 games or so Come on Cheer Up were still in business If the nerves can handle it a play off final day at Wembley walking away as winners is what we would all take now and its a real posability
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20/02/2012 15:07:00

To get rid of Meggo at this point in the season would just be a bit stupid. Don't get me wrong, I'm just as frustrated as everyone else but we need to stay positive. Hopefully we will turn things around, starting against the blunts on Sunday. If, no wait, WHEN we win on Sunday it will give the players a huge boost and get them full of confidence again. That's what we're lacking along with goals of course. Come on lads, repay the faithful that follow you through thick and thin, you can do it. WTID UTO.
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20/02/2012 16:00:00

Getting rid of Megson would be nuts. He has brought in some good players, permanently and on-loan, and most of them have played well until the last 4 bad results. Is that really his fault or their fault? He should at the very least get the chance to turn things around, if you can call it that, and we're third from top, not third from bottom. Everything could be very different in just two games from now so we shouldn't even be talking about if Megson is safe in my opinion. There is a problem and it needs to be sorted but sacking shouldn't even be a discussion in my opinion.
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20/02/2012 16:57:00

Perspective please. We would have taken 3rd at this point in the season at the start. Whats all this talk of quiting, sacking - Ridiculous! Forget it, move on, remain positive. Promotion is priority by whatever means. Starting by re-finding the form by battering the our pauper neighbours from that subbutio somewhere in the slums of Sheffield ha ha!
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20/02/2012 19:40:00

Megsons aim is promotion, anything less is a failure. Let's get this season and take stock.
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20/02/2012 20:28:00

See this is where things go wrong. When managers hit a slump they often don't change the team up enough. They look short of ideas because they haven't changed things up. I think that this season we have looked stronger in some areas than we have for years and Meggo deserves credit. We are much better in the air and a real threat from set pieces, we are better in the middle of the park with some teeth in Semedo and if we can find him a partner good enough partner (I'm looking to Palmer and Bostock here, both have the talent and need just a little faith from the manager) we could look really good. I think Buxton and RJ have turned into excellent full backs and are always certain starters IMO. They have been great finds over the past couple of seasons. We now have four strikers that with the right style of play will get goals but at the moment the rest of the team isn't performing well enough and confidence is low. So I say start from almost scratch, bring in your most talented youngsters and proven players this season. On comes Llera for Jones, Palmer into the middle or Bostock, what about this new signing Jones he looked sharp against Exeter and maybe just maybe give O'Grady and Rob (I know it's really Ryan but I love Wayne's World) and lets get a result on Sunday! Looking forward to seeing the Ginger man's pubes as he runs on naked after Reda Johnson scores the 5th in a 5-1 thrashing of the piggies. Then we will see who is sacked...
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20/02/2012 20:53:00

Feel sorry from Gary, don't think he's had the full backing of the players or the chairman at times this season. I think a collection poor finishing and defending in a number of games this season have resulted in people starting to get on his back. I know the chairman has done wonders for this club, but when the supporters and Gary needed him most, he seem to have gone very quiet on the spending front, and i do remember him saying he would back the manager through the season to get us promoted. I hope he can turn it round starting this weekend with a few additions to the squad which is needed, then finish the season in style, because the job Gary's done for us is 80% complete, just need the players to step up to the mark, and Milan to remember where he left his wallet and jobs a goodun, after all i think most supporters would have taken where we are at the moment, but because the pigs are above us, its all doom and gloom, come on get behind Gary and the boy's for the rest of the season i'm sure they'll do us proud. UTO
ecco owl
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20/02/2012 21:25:00

Put this season into perspective guys. GM was appointed on 4th February last year with 20 games left in the season and with an inherited squad that he could do nowt about as the transfer window had shut 4 days previously. What was his hit rate in the league? Won 6 (30%) Drawn 5 (25%) Lost 9 (45%) This season with the new signings, some of whom are from the Francis Jeffers school of crockery, what has GM achieved? We have played 32 league games Won 17 (53%) Drawn 6 (19%) Lost 9 (28%) Rome, or should I say Sheffield. wasn’t built in a day. Yes we still have 7 hills to climb but given our precarious position prior to Milan Mandaric arriving on his chariot then we could all be discussing the upcoming games at Accrington Stanley and Burton Albion this season. It is all too easy to start baying for blood and calling for heads to roll when you hit a lean patch Forget the Clash song, cut the guy some slack and not the rope holding the Gibbet. OK, if we don’t achieve automatic promotion but go up via the playoffs then who is going to complain? Not me! Gary Megson has a passion for his and our club that is obvious as the following abridged article from the Daily Mail illustrates. “The reality is that a club with such history and a 40,000-capacity stadium have not been in the Premier League since the year 2000. 'The modern-day player might not get it,' says Megson. 'But this is my club, my town. Sheffield Wednesday means the world to me. 'The idea of bringing players up here is to get that message into them very quickly. Yes, we are a League One club, but even if we were riding high in the Championship, it is not where these supporters and this stadium should be. This is a special, special place.' As Megson says, even when empty, Hillsborough is impressive. Opened in 1899, it takes in - just - three centuries. . 'We have had some great times on here but obviously there have been some really sad things gone on here too,' says Megson. 'For us, this is a magnificent place and yet it is known for one of the saddest occasions ever.' The season, however, is not at its halfway mark and Megson is not about to say that Wednesday have bottomed out. 'You can only say that once you've gone on. Yes, we're a lot better, a lot fitter and the players have a lot more desire about them. But we are in League One. 'It's wrong to have kneejerk reactions and last season I got carried away when I came back and said we could still make the top six. After 45 minutes I knew it was more like the bottom six. Things needed to change - a lot of things. 'But unless you have the sort of money Fulham had to buy their way out of the divisions then it takes time, fair play to Al Fayed.' Milan Mandaric, who bought the club a year ago, has money - but Mandaric and Megson were shocked by the lack of infrastructure when they took over. There was no scouting system. . That has been addressed but Megson's emphasis is on first-team recovery. Its potential success can drive the club up again. 'When I came back we hadn't won a home game for a long time, there was talk about expectation and a fear factor,' he says. 'I didn't agree with that and I never will. This is a fantastic stadium. Yes, it's traditional, yes, it's old - yet you wouldn't swap it for the world.'” That’s a Wednesdayite talking and boy am I looking forward to Bacon for my Sunday tea UTO!!
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20/02/2012 22:22:00

Nice post tommacandernie. Megson is an experieced manager and has a huge passion for this club. It's time we gave him something back. Regardless of how people view this team and it's current players or player's current form, results have improved. Megson has given to the club thus far and I think he deserves something back from the fans. That isn't a criticism of us because we always give but we give to the club. Lets give to Megson and by that I mean a 12th line and our fans can get this club promoted if we just believe!
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20/02/2012 22:46:00

Good shout Tommac, doe's anybody else feel that not having a reserve side is not helping it's causing GM to mess about with the team to try and keep players match fit also congratulations to Stevenage for treating the FA cup with the respect it deserves .
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20/02/2012 22:54:00

@ this point in the season I would keep faith in GM he is a very experienced manager and Wednesday through and through, to get rid of a manager at this point would be suicide which is what Huddersfield are about to find out. Even if we lose on Sunday god forbid we all need to remember that the blunts have hit a good run of form at what seems to be the right time and the rapist has started to find the net again I would still sick with GM at least til the end of the season then review our season before we decide to change anything.
SWFC Tubes 84
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21/02/2012 10:31:00

Keep the faith. I'd much rather we kept with Megson and built something then, had knee jerk reactions to bad results. If we have another season in league one and I don't think we will, I believe we would take a far better team into the Championship. If we are promoted via the playoffs then we have a very short summer in order to get ready. Otherwise it'll be struggle. Let's keep the faith. Put a run together until the end of the season and see what happens.
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21/02/2012 13:21:00

Im jus wondering bout this rumour of megson leaving.If hes still ere wudnt it make sense for him to appear on wednesday world and talk bout this.
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21/02/2012 14:56:00

That's the trouble with rumours, you can deny 'em, quash 'em but until they're 'laughed off' there's always that nagging doubt, no smoke without fire. I'd feel a lot happier if Meggo came out and said something but until he does I can't help but think what could possibly happen that would make him quit his dream job? The only thing that springs to mind is frustration that promises have been broken, goalposts been moved. tommacandernie's post makes interesting reading, particularly the comparison being made with Al Fayed's strategy at Fulham: 'unless a club buys it's way out of divisions then it takes time'. I know MM backed Irvine last January (and sacked him a week after the window had closed!) but he's hardly given GM a fortune to play with. £600k in transfer fees by my reckoning to buy two players from Bury, one from Rochdale and one from Bristol Rovers. And about half that figure was recouped in sales during the summer clearout. All other recruits have come in as freebies under a rigid pay structure. I recall in December GM saying the club 'should move heaven and earth' to secure the services of four of his loanees, and despite assurances that the club would give him their full backing Ben Marshall was the one that got away. Given GM's opinions as to his value to the squad, I can understand why he must've felt let down by that. We apparently matched Stoke's asking price so if it was entirely a wage issue then the club's policy undermined the manager's position over a figure that could well amount to a couple of grand a week. Chicken feed compared to the benefits promotion would bring. So do we assume MM is comfortable with the 'takes time' option? He must be, if immediate promotion was the target we would surely have seen a higher level of investment without necessarily aiming to 'buy' success. A fortnight ago 'success on the cheap' seemed possible, less so now. So rather than be commended for his tireless devotion to the cause does GM think he's being used as a scapegoat should his team fail to meet expectations? Most of my opinions have already been expressed by others on this thread, progress has been undeniable over a relatively short period and to even consider a change of manager is preposterous. But if Meggo feels as though he's expected to deliver a miracle under impossible circumstances he might just put his love for the club to one side and choose to retain his sanity instead.
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21/02/2012 16:29:00

3 points on Sunday and everything else will be forgotten.
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21/02/2012 17:46:00

Totally right OurMaurice.I never wanted Megson in 1st place cos of his style of football,but he was getting results.Now though the players are showing a lack of confidence and dont seem to have that same bite as before.
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21/02/2012 17:47:00

Whereas I was delighted by his appointment, ollyowl70. I wanted him here before Irvine got the job and I want him here next season regardless of how we finish this one. Stability is key and his work has only just begun.
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21/02/2012 17:56:00

Yes it wouldnt help to keep shipping out the managers every time we go on a bad run.Im Wednesday through n through m8ty and know we are in a better position than we have been for a long time.Jus hope now we can turn our luck around and rebuild fortress hillsborough and get bak to winning ways starting sun.
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21/02/2012 19:46:00

I agree with you both OurMaurice and ollyowl70. Stability is everything for when the next bad run comes along there will then be a history of going through it and coming out the otherside. This builds belief and so will improve general confidence. One thing affects the next and the culture at our club seems to have started to shift with the arrival of MM and then GM. If the way we do things at Sheff Wed is to give up (ie sack the manager) every time things go wrong for a while then that will transmit to everything we do including the way the players think. Sticking with this manager is obvious to me. Let him show his class throughout the whole of this season and into next.
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23/02/2012 10:57:00


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