Sheffield Wednesday - Hello, Dave Jones
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Hello, Dave Jones

Dave Jones has today been named as the new Sheffield Wednesday manager, following Gary Megson`s dismissal on Wednesday.

In what has been one of the club`s worst kept secrets, the speed with which Jones has been appointed will no doubt spark rumours of negotiations taking place between Jones and chairman Milan Mandaric before Megson was formally dismissed. Certainly, rumours were abound in the week leading up to the Steel City Derby that Jones would be the man to replace Megson.

This could all just be Milan`s master plan of course, to ensure a swift transition to the new regime. Megson himself was appointed just a day after his predecessor Alan Irvine was shown the door, so the timing of Jones` appointment shouldn`t actually come as too much of a surprise.

I had dismissed Dave Jones as one of the 'no better than Megson` tranche of managers, and I stand by this opinion. The truth is there are many similarities between Jones and Megson, and hopefully the former can win over the fans as well as the latter did.

The former Southampton, Cardiff and Wolves manager has had a bit of a rollercoaster ride at his former clubs. Overhauling the team and guiding them to the top of the table the following season seems to be his speciality, but with Wednesday already in that position maybe he`ll be able to push us on immediately. If the other teams around us win their games in hand, we`ll be 5th. It would take a run of epic proportions (and a similar sized slip up from our neighbours) for us to make the automatic places now.

Who knows, maybe 'new manager syndrome` will kick in and we`ll win 10 of our remaining 13 games. Maybe we won`t and we`ll end up in the playoffs anyway. We`ll have to wait and see.

All that remains is to welcome Dave Jones to Hillsborough and wish him the best of luck. Regardless of our feelings about how Megson came to leave, we have to get behind the new manager and the team for the rest of the season.

Come on Wednesday!

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The Journalist

Writer: NicNac Mail feedback, articles or suggestions

Date:Friday March 2 2012

Time: 2:00PM

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Well said indeed, echoes my thoughts entirely. Whilst the treatment of Gary did not sit well with me and I indeed wish all the best for him in future (and perhaps to see him once again at Hillsborough in some capacity) as an Owl I can do nothing but support the players and manager entrusted with delivering for us fans. Welcome Dave and the best of luck for a cracking start to your Owls career. UTO!
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02/03/2012 14:20:00

Well after jus watching his interveiw on Wednesday Player i now have a uplifted feeling racing through my body.If the team can play as gud as he talked then we defo onto a winner.Still feel sori for Megson n wish him all the best.
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02/03/2012 14:51:00

NicNac... that's just about spot on!! The Milan master plan is a little flawed if you ask me as progression within a club is rarely bought it is earnt and Megson was on the right path and with stability and investment he'd have done it. You could say that a 3 and half year contract hints towards stability but we all know that just means if Milan gets frustrated he'll be wasting more money on a pay-off rather than investing in on the pitch talent. (miwinter I don't think we've seen the last of Gary either, I think given the oppurtunity one day he'll be back to finish the job he started!)
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02/03/2012 14:52:00

Oh the above post was my last slightly slanted/negative post on the matter... It is now the Jones era!! Come on Dave win us over and show us you've the metal to be Wednesday. It's not your fault you have been appointed and you wont get any negativity from me if you remember that we the fans are the club... you've got yourself a half decent squad now get them playing the way they should... oh and if you can take advantage of the honeymoon period by getting Milan to get you a couple more loan players and sign some out of contract players all the better!! The number being talked about is 10 wins out of 13 do that and we'll all be happy... 13 out of 13 is preffered though fella. It's time the Blue and White Wizards pushed on let the others struggle feeling the pressure of being chased... they'll look at our squad and know that to be where we are with what we have means that it's not a case of if but more a case of when we will eclipse them. UTO WTID KTF
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02/03/2012 15:17:00

I must admit that Jones would not have been my first choice - Lee Clark got my vote, however, Jones has been appointed so its time to get behind him and his management style. I am still pretty miffed off at the sacking of GM, came as a bit if surprise to me, but one thing I will not miss about GM is his tactics and lack of ideas when things werent going to plan. Hopefully Jones can bring some more attractive and effective football, and guide us into the championship! UTO
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02/03/2012 15:56:00

I would also like to welcome Dave Jones on board, good luck Dave you will need it under this chairman.
ecco owl
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02/03/2012 16:03:00

Mandaric as taken a huge gamble anything less than promotion this season and supporters will quite rightly turn against MM and DJ that said we now have to get behind them and give them our full support can't blame DJ for taking the job but we can blame MM for sacking Megson.......
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02/03/2012 16:12:00

As others have said, MM has made his decision and now we can only get behind the manager and the team. I am a little surprised how many people are already writing off the chase for automatic. 13 games is still quite a few and means that 39 points are up for grabs. It only takes two losses from them and two wins from us and the picture is very different. We're only where we are because of a blip and there is no reason it can't happen to them. I think the fight is still on, even with games in hand, so now its over to Davey Jones to get us over that finish line. No matter what, he needs to feel the support that Megson did.
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02/03/2012 16:41:00

Well said baldowl I haven't written off the chance of automatic either it aint over till the maths says it is!! lol I think that the next week is maybe the most critical yet this season. (In a season of critical phases) Three games 1 away 2 at home, a new manager and the unsettled period after a Derby win... The push starts again, so lets get behind the lads and get them over the line!!! TCIO
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02/03/2012 16:50:00

I would like to wish Dave Jones the best of luck, will be intresting to see if the players can adapt to his passing game, would also like to wish GM all the best.
SWFC Tubes 84
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02/03/2012 17:58:00

I for one can't wait to see what he's got in his locker...
Auckland Owl
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02/03/2012 19:24:00

I think things would have sat a little easier if Milan had chosen to relieve Gary of his duties after the Chesterfield game. I believe that if it was any other team than Sheff U for our next game he would have. Good luck Dave all the best Gary.
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02/03/2012 19:39:00

Ok this is a new era, not a welcome one but hey ho. At the end of the day, we have to get behind the boys, lets not forget its the squad that Meggo put together, and if we do, sorry, when we get that 2nd spot, its because of the team that Megson built. Letting the dust settle a bit, as mentioned before, its not DJ fault that he is here, he just wants to be at a MASSIVE club. Welcome DJ, you have a lot to live upto and expectations are high, lets hope you have the bo**cks to deliver, cos our bunch arent very forgiving, but we are loyal to the cause. IMMIT is frail at present, but will probably heal with time. MM you have to realise, this club is ours, its in our blood, you may have been think of us, but thats not the way to conduct business. 3 points tomorrow boys, we are behind you. WE ARE WEDNESDAY, YESTERDAY, TODAY and TOMORROW, what ever hurdles are put in our way. WTID UTO
Hereford Owl
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02/03/2012 20:17:00

p.s could have been worse, we could of got Warnock!!!!!! LOL
Hereford Owl
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02/03/2012 20:20:00

warnock is a good manager
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02/03/2012 20:34:00

come on ozzie don't be daft now
Hereford Owl
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02/03/2012 20:36:00

I can't help feeling that MM and GM were in a bad place. Whether it was voiced or not, GM must a felt that with a bit more cash forthcoming, results and our position would have been better - and they would both know that. MM couldn't really complain, but he probably did. It's going to be a struggle - Good Luck DJ and the lads. If it works out, MM and DJ will get most of the less considered credit. Some will wonder if we would have made it anyway - but we would never know. If we don't get there, GM, I fear, will be the scapegoat for not having achieved more in the time he was allowed. MM has definitely shaken things up - we can only hope the pieces land neatly.
cheshire cat
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02/03/2012 20:43:00

Interesting that Milan mentioned the "style of play" in his reasons. Maybe he felt that it will be the playoffs and in the playoffs you need a plan B during a game. I do feel sorry for Megson, but looking forward to maybe more attractive football from SWFC. Welcome DJ, and best of luck.
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02/03/2012 21:40:00

Welcome Dave. All the best to you and our beloved club...
Colorado Owl
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03/03/2012 01:20:00

good luck dave jones. i for one think is a positive appointment, i got behind megson but i was never happy with it in the first place. i could not condone picking weakened teams in the autoglass and FA cup (particularly the FA Cup) and if this was what got him sacked then so be it. i reckon the defeat to blackpool was the catalyst for the following three losses and ultimately that could be what costs us automatic promotion. so David my old son get out there and try and win every game! up the owls
Hirsty's Shinpads
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03/03/2012 02:07:00

I again echo the thoughts of others on here and think we need to get behind the team and the manager. At the end of the day, Meggo is a Wednesdayite and surely although angry and gutted, he would want the (his) team to succeed. We all feel for Gary and wish things were different, but they are not and that is that. MM has certainly put all his eggs in one basket so let's hope Dave Jones makes a good basket cause I for one don't like scrambled eggs. What the..... am I talking about? I think this week has sent me slightly delirious. onwards and upwards. In Milan we... Errr... Tr.... Tru.... Trust?!? I think? UTO WTID.
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03/03/2012 07:48:00

P.s. Very best of luck to Mr Jones. We don't blame you and will all back you now don't duck it up! (oh don't you just hate predictive text, haha)
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03/03/2012 07:54:00

Sorry to see Megson go but we must move on.As DJ said in his interview its not his fault GM got sacked if he had'nt taken the job somebody else would but speaking to MM last week before the Utd game seems a bit underhanded.But we must move on and get behind the team and that also means the new management aswell.p.s Gonner miss the ginger Mourinho chant unless DJ starts using henna.
vic mobley
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03/03/2012 09:15:00

Just watched the press conference. I think people should stop giving Milan a hard time. He is the guy who has to make the decision and it is different when you are supporting to paying the money to run the club. I've looked at the fixture list and we really stuffed up February. Before that month I was saying full points. Now if we hadn't sacked Meggo who really would be confident about this month. Bury, Bournemouth and Walsall.... I remember those results. Gary wasn't doing a bad job no and I loved his passion but was he good enough? We will never know? If we went through March though and threw away all our chance of promotion we would say the sacking was too late, if we got to the championship and came straight back down, we would say we didn't have the right man. I think MM is doing great for us so let us just see. He is better than the last board. Megson was better than Irvine. Lets see what Dave Jones can do. If he fails MM will find someone better. Having a go at MM after what he has been through this year is crap and ungrateful. UTO Win today please. Maybe DJ can get something out of Bostock. A midfield that has Antonio, Bostock and Semedo should really achieve something in this league!
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03/03/2012 09:35:00

Good luck Gary and thank you for everything you have done to move this club forward. To give you an idea of how far that is meant it feels fickle to wish good luck to the new replacement, David. Yet of course experience of life and loss tells me I will feel different soon enough. Ho hum. So better be pragmatic and start now and with gusto. Good luck David. May you bring fortune, success and guile to this team.
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03/03/2012 09:51:00

Good Luck Dave Jones Its all about the club and none of us should forget that Meggo is a toptop man and good luck in future to him. There is a new man a t the helm and Milan is quite clearly setiing the objectives for his mangement team and if they fail or do not perform no matter how commited they are MM will change the Manager NO ONE SHOULD BE SHOCKED WHO TAKES THE JOB THE OBJECTIVE IS CLEARLY SET.AND I HAVE FAITH IN OUR SAVIOUR
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03/03/2012 15:31:00

It could be a masterstroke by MM and our form apart from the derby was poor of late. The change of manager has everyone on their toes now and gives those players like Ryan Lowe, Mike Jones, Julian Bennett plus others a real lift.
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03/03/2012 16:07:00

Mighty boosh, interesting you give a list of Megson signings who have yet to fulfil their potential at Sheffield Wednesday. Hope we pick up on tues. Where would we all stand on the meggo situation if he had only achieved a 0-0 draw away at Rochdale. Not trying to dick on Megson who was great servant to the club but maybe MM has a point!
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04/03/2012 02:35:00

Were those three Megson signings? I'd bet this bowl of Cornflakes Bostock wasn't. Think Uchechi & Kasnic compared to (say) ALF & Mellor. There's history here of players being brought in over Megson's head. We've also been given a peep into the shady world of football transfers; influence of agents, % of sell-on profits. All of a sudden it seems clearer why the club might prefer to chase up the Lines, the M. Jones & the freebies in preference to valuable prospects such as Marshall & Roberts (who the fans would hope were here to stay). Sorry guys, I can't share your optimism, or trust in what is happening right now. I can't believe a single word I hear or read. Maybe I'm allergic to wool, especially when it's being pulled over my eyes. Football seasons are events. Entities in their own right. They have a beginning and an end. A pattern. They're often a rollercoaster, they excite us and sometimes they crash badly. Some seasons need rescuing. This one has been ruined. Would we have drawn yesterday if we'd had a passionate Wednesdayite calling the shots from the touchline? Only if you think there was no momentum to be gained from last Sunday's morale boosting victory. Okay, we'd lost three league games prior to that but no-one can deny the fact there were mitigating circumstances behind each one of them. MM cites the previous ten results whilst ducking any responsibility himself. Promotion was a realistic aim then and it's still a possibilty now. But should it be achieved come May you'll just have to count me out of the celebrations. By the way, I hope we don't meet the pigs in the play-offs as the real ace in our pack will be sat at home kicking his heels.
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04/03/2012 07:46:00

Interesting points OurMaurice. Do you see the sacking as a breakdown in the relationship between Megson and Milan then. Maybe Milan said I want better results and Megson said I want better players. They definitely had a big conversation after the Chesterfield game. It seems as Wednesday fans we forever live in doubt. I felt Megson did well in getting a good team spirit, the Semedo signing, the work with Reda Johnson and Chris O'Grady had been his shining lights on the pitch. I don't think he had put together a good team so to speak in the style of play but I felt we were getting there until the February blip. I have no idea why the wheels fell off, just how much they fell off and who was to blame. Milan I would think knows more than me, I don't see behind the scenes. I began to doubt over the last few weeks whether we would beat the likes of Rochdale, Walsall and Bury under Megson. The team looked short on attacking ideas against Exeter JJ was our only hope. I have no idea what has happened to Gary Madine. But as I say, as a Wednesday fan I live in doubt, I always think alright we will probably lose but we can hope. So I hope that it was all Megson's fault, I hope Milan is a saint and I hope Dave Jones is a tactical genius. The last board had to go, things have improved, more transfer activity in January would have suited me rather than a change in manager but if I don't have faith in Milan then it really starts to look bleak again. There is the truth behind my blinkered optimism
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04/03/2012 09:34:00

Okay, here goes. I'll try and keep it as brief as poss, haha. MY dream (which for about five blissful months I actually thought had a chance of becoming reality) was for MM's timely intervention to herald a new era of stability and continuity, and I thought in Gary Megson he'd appointed the ideal manager to achieve our aims, ie. promotion through the divisions leading to our long-awaited return to the Prem. Right now, I feel like a complete and utter pillock to be so naive. Radon called it right months ago (Sept?) although I preferred to think differently at the time: MM's business is to buy cheap and sell on at a profit. He snapped us up for a song and will make a sizeable profit if he bails out once we reach the Championship (to lead us into the Prem would require big bucks. What d' you think, folks?) Now GM, being the Wednesdayite he is, set about the task with the kind of commitment few managers today could hope to match but he was working with one hand tied behind his back. He identified one target after another and the club failed to deliver. I admit I'm speculating here, but I doubt half the players who have arrived since August were on his wish list. Back then, I'd applauded the club's stance against meeting outrageous wage demands but I was probably missing the point. Things were looking good in Dec., transfer window coming up, remember Meggo's 'the club must move heaven and earth' quote. Suddenly MM was in court and his CEO was holding the reins. I can imagine Meggo chasing him down for a daily game of 'Where's my ****ing winger?', to be told one day: 'Got him. Absolute snip too.' Just not the one he wanted. MM meanwhile gets to hear all about his manager's ingratitude and has a word with 'Arry. 'Yer, I can help you there. Got one, lovely boy. Club paid good money, just needs a rocket up his a***.' In the meantime, check the stats and compare the goals per game ratio when Ben 10 was in the team, and not. GM soldiers on but says he needs to find a player within the club who's capable of stepping in. A period of chopping and changing, erratic performances, but despite that (Blackpool aside - my one grievance) those defeats were hardly deserved. Chezzy? An injury to JJ, our one shining light (cough!) and MM decides to offer his views on the team's decline. Perhaps GM said 'and if that clown you sent up here hadn't given away a soft penalty...' Well. you see what I'm getting at. Thing is, even if Meggo's departure was due to an irreparable breakdown in the relationship between owner and manager then those were not the reasons given (although MM's apparent refusal to publicly thank Meggo for his efforts and offer best wishes for the future speaks volumes). So what can we believe? Nothing that suggests the latest manager will get the full backing of the club when the last one clearly didn't. And not that MM is going to be here for the long run. Yes he saved us. Yes we should be grateful. I am! But he bought the pram and the right to sit in it. Not all the toys were included though, and perhaps that's something he ought to consider before he starts chucking them around.
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04/03/2012 10:36:00

i agree whole heartedly OM.... im finding it difficult to rally behind the boys now, yesterday i really didnt care about the result. im not happy with this dave jones appointment i really dont think hes the man for the job(hope he prove me wrong). although there alot of speculation in your last post it does make sense and wouldnt surpise me at all if it was all true. for now though ill keep trying to rally behind the team and ill take yesterdays resuts as a good omen and good thing to come.
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04/03/2012 12:37:00

Interesting read OurMaurice, some very valid points although speculative. I currently sit on the fence with regard to MM and his plans for OUR beloved club. The problem is football is not what it used to be, it's business more than sport. Will Dave Jones get something out of Meggos players, who knows? Will MM show his commitment and ambition to The new manager, err dunno? Was sacking Meggo with 13 games remaining a master stroke, pah clueless? Lots of questions and no answers, only time will tell. As a lifelong Wednesdayite, all I seem to have is time. Maybe next year is a commonly use term in my house.... For now I sit upon my fence and back the team, manager and chairman. I only hope they repay my faith with promotion and strengthening
Report Abuse
04/03/2012 13:33:00

Oops, that's not the space button..... the team for championship and hopefully premiership football. It's in my heart, it's in my brain, my blood runs blue and white. Forever your servant, COME ON WEDNESDAY! UTO WTID.
Report Abuse
04/03/2012 13:37:00

Like all Wednesdayites I see us as a massive team but sadly in my view, one that fails to deliver on a reoccurring basis. I attended my first game at Hillsborough in 1963. So like many of you, very little surprises me at S6. Thankfully though, another difficult week in the colourful history of SWFC has passed. The sacking, timing and obvious lack of tact in Megson 's removal. Was hardly a classy move on the owners part. Mandaric has made it quite clear that he is not in a popularity contest and wants to shake things up to see if promotion can indeed be achieved. He obviously no longer thought that Megson was capable finishing the job. I agree with what many have said that the type of backing that Megson received was hardly extravagant or fully supportive. When Mandaric first came here. I expected big changes but he has been quite conservative,considering his history. Whilst at Leicester he sacked Ian Holloway and Martin Allen in quick succession. He then appointed Nigel Pearson and got the promotion that he demanded. That is his way. Since the Huddersfield game, in the league and prior to yesterday. It had been 5 wins, 5 defeats and 2 draws. A growing desperation was setting in, even though the pride and passion displayed by Gary Megson was admirable. Football is a results business. That simple truth is a constant reality. The harsher truth is that we could not get out of this mess,on our own. So we turned to Mr Mandaric. In all honesty, is there a Wednesdayite out there who thought that from now on it was going to be plain sailing? Good luck to Dave Jones. His tenure is as long as he delivers enough winning results. Starting with Tuesdays game, Wednesday now need to start the mother of all cup runs and everyone is a winner. If only it was that simple? Up the Owls!
Report Abuse
04/03/2012 14:40:00

Has Meggo been writing our match reports?? Now he's gone we dont get any? Don't get me wrong, i'm not desperate to read how poor we were against relegation fodder Rochdale, but some kind of analysis would be nice!
Report Abuse
04/03/2012 20:36:00

Sorry Balli, our usual editor Nick was away and I dropped the ball on this one! No doubt there'll be something up later today.
Report Abuse
05/03/2012 09:18:00

We will let the lack of a match report slide NicNac with smiles on our faces if you can make the video advert an option rather than it auto-running everytime the site is refreshed or you change pages. (I'm sure Im not the only one that it's annoying either.) :o)
Report Abuse
05/03/2012 13:36:00

To get rid of the advert download ADBLOCK its free and it works...
Report Abuse
05/03/2012 16:55:00

I would like to say "Hello Dave Jones" don't know if its been mentioned so far !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Report Abuse
05/03/2012 17:18:00

Hello Again Dave Jones
Report Abuse
05/03/2012 20:59:00

3 points tomorrow please Mr Jones to cheer everyone up, after all we are only 4pts behind the Berties, thanks to Shefki scoring that last minute pen. LOL. We need a good run in now lads, BELIEVE.... Ok we should have put Dale to the sword, but with the events of last week, but enough said about that. Its a new week, new begining. COME ON WEDNESDAY!!!!!! WTID UTO
Hereford Owl
Report Abuse
05/03/2012 21:18:00

3 points tomorrow and we may will see the start of something good. This article gives a balanced view about our new manager.
Report Abuse
05/03/2012 21:40:00

Thanks Burtenshaw, I was slipping into depression until point 5 where it says Jones plays attractive football and his signings were good. Before that it doesn't look good. Only time will tell. Lets hope things get going tomorrow. Will be interested to see the team selection.
Report Abuse
05/03/2012 23:08:00


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