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Wednesday 2 - Brentford 1

Promotion is on. The brief for Wednesday is simple; beat already relegated Wycombe at Hillsborough, and they`re promoted.

Dave Jones masterstroke inspired today`s win at Brentford. Keith Treacy made his first start for the Owls in a game that had potential to be tricky.

The first half an hour was like a Roy Hodgson interview; very pleasant and well mannered, but nothing much actually happened.

Then on 37 minutes Brentford captain Jonathan Douglas produced a moment of magic, managing to target the cross bar perfectly from 10 yards out; good aim.

Wednesday took the hint and scored within 2 minutes. Debut boy Keith Treacy (remember him from the Dave Jones masterstroke?) curled a free kick inside the near post. It was taken quickly and caught keeper Simon Moore wondering what he was going to have for tea.

Clayton Donaldson tried to repeat the trick at the other end with a more drawn out affair of a free kick. The shot was accurate, powerful and only bettered by the save Stephen Bywater pulled off to keep Wednesday in the lead.

Donaldson wasn`t to be denied though, and in the 62nd minute he was brought down by Mark Beevers. He stepped up to drive the ball into the middle of the net and equalize for Uwe Rosler`s team.

Beevers, already booked, escaped his marching orders, but was living dangerously. He mistimed a tackle on Forrester. A free kick was awarded, but that wasn`t enough for the Brentford players who, keen to show the spirit of the Olympics that`ll be taking place up the road from them this Summer, surrounded the referee and demanded that Beevers be sent off. Having a continental manager must have tricked them into thinking they`re playing in Europe.

Jones sensibly took the defender off a couple of minutes later.

Another minute gone and Treacy (good work Jones) curled a corner straight onto Miguel Llera`s head for his fourth goal in 5 games; 2 - 1.

Brentford had their chances to get back into the game, but through a combination of Bywater playing like Kevin Pressman reborn, and an ability to finish befitting a eunuch at an orgy, the score stayed 2 - 1.

Coupled with Sheffield United`s big choke against Stevenage, and this win keeps Danny Wilson`s undercover mission very much on.

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The Journalist

Writer: Nick Mail feedback, articles or suggestions

Date:Saturday April 28 2012

Time: 9:18PM

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The perfect weekend please just one more needed Wednesday
ecco owl
Report Abuse
28/04/2012 22:28:00

I said I’d be the first to say I was wrong had Megson’s sacking backfired. But I wonder how many of you are man enough to admit you were wrong. Step up you numpties and take a bow... [ Balli80]: "Where's that bell end Megson_out?? Don't tell me he's not realised his dreams have come true!! This is just a joke the timing stinks and if we end up with Dave Jones then that's Karma for all the fans who didn't realise what a good job Meggo was doing”...You look a right chicken karma now Balli80... [Our_Mauruce]: “My 2011/12 season ended last night. The owner will bring in his next contestant and I couldn't care less. Our owner must be seriously deluded as I'd expect a habitual liar to sound more convincing. Someone pass me the sick bag”... There, there you poor sod... chuck it up and av a nice lie down... [Prestonowl]: “OurMaurice sums up what most fans are thinking [he’s not thinking, he’s puking] hope Dave Jones has a mobile home - I can't see him being here very long”...And what’s ya crystal ball telling you now Mystic Meg??... [4evaowl]: “We all know it's the wrong call”... [we do do we?] “Oh hold on the poll says 15% agree with the sacking. Megson_out must have two sign in names”...Wrong. But it’s been nice watching my fellow Wednesdayites quit puking and come to my way of thinking... [Owl25]: “Dave bloody jones!!!! I actually feel sick [he actually felt sick] we've sacked the best manager we've had In a while [puke] i agree whole heartedly O_M [puke! puke!]. im finding it difficult to rally behind the boys now [puke!] yesterday i really didnt care about the result. [puke! puke! puke! – somebody call a Doctor!] im not happy with this dave jones appointment i really dont think hes the man for the job”...Vomit all down his shirt. Eww! Here’s one smart post that really sent Our_Maurice reaching for his sick bag...”I don't support Wednesday but I do support football. I wrote the match report for the Morecambe v Owls game which so many of you appreciated. Getting rid of Gary Megson is the best thing that has happened to your club: he has been a disaster for the Beautiful Game everywhere he has gone. You've got some good players and Dave Jones will get the best out of them. Wednesday might actually be worth watching again. Good luck for the rest of the season... Drog”... And Our_Maurice’s response to this excellent post? “**** off, there's a good drog”... But for me this season’s most outstanding effort is up there with Shankly and Clough at their finest. Who else but Our_Maurice commenting on Wednesday winning promotion under anyone other than Megson could have wrote: “should it be achieved come May you'll just have to count me out of the celebrations”... And we will mate...we will :)
Report Abuse
28/04/2012 23:06:00

hmm youre a bit of a**** arent you? change your name and let it go. people only object to you because of your ridiculous username. you dont go on the main forums and i dont think people really give a toss what you say.
Report Abuse
28/04/2012 23:33:00

As a neutral - Megson_Out - fans wanting their manager backed is no bad thing. This time has worked out well, but sacking a manager is always a gamble, especially when you're on course for promotion. I'd rather have fans that back their manager than those who call for a sacking every loss - that way Leeds lie
Report Abuse
28/04/2012 23:51:00

Best result of some really good ones this season. Manager-bitching isn't appropriate on a day like today. MM does what he wants (it's his club, after all) and fortunately (and to my immensely pleasant surprise) it very, very much looks like he called it right, barring a final slip up. So, back to today's matches - and points - great result - brilliant, lads and well done DJ. Slightly better if the Blades had lost - but we need only match their points next weekend (it'll need 3, almost certainly) and we're up without the trauma of the play-offs. Then, United to come through the purifying fire of said play-offs and join us and also wipe away some of the shame brought upon them recently and show that without 'him' they are still deserving of promotion.
Cheshire Cat
Report Abuse
29/04/2012 01:20:00

great result Wednesday! it's in our own hands now and when Jones took over it was pretty difficult to see that being the case. I was happy with the appointment at the time and I'm even happier now! up the owls. I wonder if they will re try Evans and include the rape of sheff u and danny wilson?!
Hirsty's Shinpads
Report Abuse
29/04/2012 03:16:00

Great result and to be honest i was thinking this was a typical bananna skin for us.But hey promotion is now in our hands and with a full Hillsborough next week i feel we will cross the line.Im glad we are in the position we are in because if you look at Stevenage i would not fancy them in the playoffs as they are well organised and a good side.And should we seal our destiny next weekend i dont think the blunts and doctor Wilson will fancy Stevenage over the 2 games.Lets not temp fate but i hope we do the job next weekend.UP THE OWLS.
Report Abuse
29/04/2012 05:55:00

90 mins left of a long up and down season,you can rest your voices all summer but lets all chant scream sing for the full ninety minutes(even if god forbid, we go behind and drag the boys over the line if we have to,COME ON BOYS YOUVE SCRAPPED AND GIVEN EVERYTHING NOW FINISH IT AND GO CLAIM YOUQ PRIZE !
Report Abuse
29/04/2012 07:03:00

He wears a headguard on his head miguel miguel hes a blue and not a red miguel miguel ,llera comes from sunny spain he heads the ball and scores again miguel llera wednesdays centre half na na na na na na !
Report Abuse
29/04/2012 07:09:00

It's not over till the fat PIG sings!!! Leira was brought in by who? I wasn't happy when Megson went but it was the way it was done that I didn't like. Now that's all history and can't wait for next weekend, come on lads!! And I do hope the pigs get promoted as this city needs its Derbys, there no other like it in the country, but they can do it the hard way!
Report Abuse
29/04/2012 08:05:00

I remember visiting this site a while back and reading some comments on why nobody posts their views on here anymore. I come on here after one of the greatest days of being a Wednesday fan and read 20 minute posts from Megson_out b!tching about managers and telling us how right he's been all season. Get a grip ffs. I love a bit of banter but your becoming draining and very predictable. Anyway, To the FA, please please please do not award Dave Jones with the cursed manager of the month before next Saturdays game. Cant wait. UP THE OWLS!!!
Report Abuse
29/04/2012 09:32:00

Wonder how many L**ds fans thought it a stroke of genius on Cap'n Birdseye's part to sack Grayson and hire Colin when they were comfortably placed on the edge of the play-offs? And up the road how many Udders' fans would feel more confident of going up if they'd kept hold of Clark? Most of us on this site couldn't believe it (Udders I mean, most couldn't give a t*ss about that other lot) but when MM apparently decided to jump on the same bandwagon it seemed more than a gamble, it seemed crazy. His decision might so easily have backfired too. The fact it hasn't says more about the squad DJ inherited than anything else. But full credit where it's due, he took over a side sitting 3rd in the table and up until last night he'd managed to keep us there. He's rode the luck that deserted GM on occasions but automatic promotion now seems like a probability when (realistically) I'd only ever seen Meggo taking us up through the play-offs. Which, incidentally, I'd have been happy to bet the farm on given his legendary powers of motivation. As for celebrations, I won't deny success would have tasted (for me) ten times sweeter without the change of manager but if we get 3pts next week then I guarantee I'll be wearing this stupid smile all summer. ps to my old chum Megon_In: I always thought you carried a huge chip on your shoulder but now I suspect it's puke. Lighten up. This could prove to be our best league finish for fifty years, let's all savour the moment when it arrives. We have the best home record in the division and I believe we've just equalled our best number of away wins. But remember, the season started in August, not March, so why not spread the credit around more evenly?
Report Abuse
29/04/2012 09:46:00

What a day it was we took the lead then Beevers for what ever reason decided to hack down Donaldson (what a threat he is) and it was 1-1 to say I was nervous is an understatement, fearing the worse I took to praying (this bit will feature alot) and 4 minutes later my prayers were answered in the form of that Spanish god with a glancing header 1-2, the nervous pacing up and down then began which isn't easy when you fiancée is at work so you have to young children attached to each leg shouting come on Wednesday (they have been taught well) then it finally came the final whistle I have never bounced so much in my life then it all started again with Sheff Utd against Stevenage, hoping for nothing less than a draw I settled down to watch the game not even a minute played and United nearly took the lead I don't think my can take any more drama, as the game went on I was thinking this is pretty even and then boom 0-1 beer in hand and my brother sat beside I lept in the air as if the Owls had just scored, half time came and went feeling confident Stevenage could actually win this game I started to text my mate (Unitedite) to give what I had been receiving ever since they took 2nd when boom boom 0-2 my brother ended up wearing my beer and took a pounding at the same time could the so called mighty united have thrown this away so back to the taunting I went even when United pulled one back I wasn't to worried knowing a draw would still be enough until the 85th minute that is, all of a sudden it was 2-2 and my taunting turned into the afore mentioned praying consisting of 'please please don't let them score again' I had gone from being sat back relaxed and enjoying what was quite a good game to being perched on the very edge of my sofa praying and nervously watching as the last 5 minutes unfolded just for the 4th official show another 4 minutes and United piling the pressure on, screaming at the tv as you do for the ref to blow the whistle he finally obliged and there it was 2-2 meaning that going into the last game it is finally in our hands drama over that is until Saturday where fingers crossed in front of a MASSIVE (had to get that in) crowd of 38k/39k Wednesdayites we will secure that 2nd spot and be hailing MM,DJ and of course GM who laid down the foundation. This is going to be the longest week of my life UTO!!!
SWFC Tubes 84
Report Abuse
29/04/2012 11:07:00

Forgot to mention aaaaaaaaaaaaaarrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrgggggggggggggggggggghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhghrkjghvkjguifwyhfihv;bqwufg!!!!!
SWFC Tubes 84
Report Abuse
29/04/2012 11:09:00

Good one, Tubes! So what do you do if you're not particularly religious, you spend far too much time trying to convince yourself you aren't superstitious, no way, no chance, me? Nah! and you don't have access to Sky TV? I'll tell you then, you stare at the clock is what because it just wouldn't be right to 'tune in' on the laptop in case you, I dunno, influence the result. Sounded like a plan until my resolve crumbled and I logged onto the BBC site at the PRECISE moment when the Pigs equalized! Aarrgghhh!!!!!
Report Abuse
29/04/2012 11:18:00

Oh, that's just too weird. Cosmic aarrgghhh-ing!!!
Report Abuse
29/04/2012 11:20:00

great report . hahahahaha. UP V BLUDI OWLS. KEEP V FAITH
Report Abuse
29/04/2012 12:22:00

Ah that's scarey OurMaurice, I must have turned to the BBC site at the same time as you too. Guts were chrning till the final whistle! A full Hillsborough next weekend will make me a very proud Wednesdayite
Report Abuse
29/04/2012 13:59:00

I was sat doing some work with scores flashing up ont laptop, 0-2 Stevenage up thought I'd go and listen to them in car (only place I can get it on the radio) and low and behold its 1-2 followed by 2-2, thought they were going to do it but luck was looking on our side for a change. Yeehaa
Report Abuse
29/04/2012 17:49:00

you have more resolve than me fella, I wouldn't be able to last 5 minutes looking at the clock it would kill me not knowing what is happening especially a game with so much riding on it!!!
SWFC Tubes 84
Report Abuse
29/04/2012 18:58:00

Bees fan here - glad you enjoyed being completely outplayed - and out-sportsman'ed. You might learn that there's a huge difference between playing ugly and playing cheating. You could easily have had TWO players given straight red cards let alone two yellows - and your right back committed three blatant foulds in the first five minutes, how he stayed on is amazing. Now I don't know if I want United to go up - at least they're just a dirty team - or you, because with your shambles of a defence you'll be straight down when the Championship boys get at you.
Report Abuse
29/04/2012 19:10:00

Who's this idiot!? Its refs that determine that kind of stuff numbuts! You're not going to get Lewis Buxton saying "Actually ref, I've had 3 shockers there so I'll just end it there if that's ok with you?" are you! Saying that, I'll take stick from a Brentford fan all day because, well, you're a Brentford fan!
Owls That!
Report Abuse
29/04/2012 19:27:00

Yep owl - a proud Londoner. WE don't cheat our way to win football games. Note you don't mention the other points - especially your shambles of a defence.
Report Abuse
29/04/2012 20:04:00

hey bees fan do one you prat
Report Abuse
29/04/2012 20:04:00

Wow are you bitter because:- A. Last time we got promoted we you in the Playoffs? B. We just ended your slim chance of making the Playoffs this year? C. We will be in Championship next year if we win on Saturday? D. All of the above. With regards to the game I will admit we were a little lucky but to say we cheated is an horrendous allegation seeing as it's the ref that decides the punishment, our so called shambles of a defence is better than yours hence the goals against! now be a good lad and sit down, shut up, sit down, shut up.
SWFC Tubes 84
Report Abuse
29/04/2012 21:01:00

Wow are you bitter because:- A. Last time we got promoted we you in the Playoffs? B. We just ended your slim chance of making the Playoffs this year? C. We will be in Championship next year if we win on Saturday? D. All of the above. With regards to the game I will admit we were a little lucky but to say we cheated is an horrendous allegation seeing as it's the ref that decides the punishment, our so called shambles of a defence is better than yours hence the goals against! now be a good lad and sit down, shut up, sit down, shut up.
SWFC Tubes 84
Report Abuse
29/04/2012 21:01:00

Wow are you bitter because:- A. Last time we got promoted we you in the Playoffs? B. We just ended your slim chance of making the Playoffs this year? C. We will be in Championship next year if we win on Saturday? D. All of the above. With regards to the game I will admit we were a little lucky but to say we cheated is an horrendous allegation seeing as it's the ref that decides the punishment, our so called shambles of a defence is better than yours hence the goals against! now be a good lad and sit down, shut up, sit down, shut up.
SWFC Tubes 84
Report Abuse
29/04/2012 21:01:00

stupid laptop posted it 3 times, suppose it gets my point across though.
SWFC Tubes 84
Report Abuse
29/04/2012 21:03:00

He's only a poor little Cockney, his face is all tattered and torn. he made me feel sick,so I hit him with a brick, and now he don't sing anymore. Just because you aint getting to play-offs you bitter southern *wat
Hereford Owl
Report Abuse
29/04/2012 21:25:00

On a lighter note. 90 minutes away from the promised land, big respect to GM for starting the season off, and should have really gone after the Chessy game, even though I liked him. respect to MM for doing what was best for us, in hindsight, and respect to DJ for continuing the best season we have had for ages. and last but not least to the players of our MASSIVE club, finish off what you have started and claim your prize . WTID
Hereford Owl
Report Abuse
29/04/2012 21:34:00

So, do we have to thank Megson_out for getting us promoted this season (if we win at the weekend??) way to try and make Wednesday being on the brink of promotion all about yourself jack a$$!! This will make the fact that we got no players in the PFA team even more ridiculous now. A brilliant effort by the team, happy days are almost here again!!
Report Abuse
30/04/2012 07:01:00

Bees fan, it was never about the performance that day, it was all about the result, the difference between a good team and a wxxk team is always getting results even if you don't play to your strengths. Lesson learnt? One another thing is why does dj keep playing ranger? He couldnt score in a, well you know the rest.
Report Abuse
30/04/2012 07:28:00

Great result sat, really looking fwd to Hillsbrough on sat it will be bouncing. One last thing how the bloody hell did Harry "Moonface" Maguire get in the team of the year that lads useless
Report Abuse
30/04/2012 10:36:00

This may be unpopular, but you have to give credit to MM. He made a very unpopular decision, which ultimately is about to come off as a great decision. If we do get to the championship, I am now a lot more confident due to our style of play under DJ. Lets hope he can spot a few good players as well!
Report Abuse
30/04/2012 11:25:00

DJ has bought along a better style of football, I think we can all agree on that, however, we never know what GM would have ended up doing. All I know is that as much as I think GM was unlucky, I wouldn't change where we are now. A home win (after 16 already) away from going up, and we're playing a team that's already down. Couldn't wish for much more!
Report Abuse
30/04/2012 20:26:00

Hi Balli80 i have to agree but i reckon we wil have to be at our very best against Wycombe they have been playing well appaerently over the last 6 games and must not be taken lightly at all and have a leading goal scorer who has banged in 24 goals in a relegated team Still a lot of hard work left mate
Report Abuse
30/04/2012 20:44:00

Agreed, it's a huge game, all we can hope is that we don't let the occasion get to us and seal a deserved place in the Championship! Wycombe haven't been battered by the top 6 this season, 3-0 being their biggest defeat if my stats are right, they usually only lose by the odd goal. So yes we'll have to play well, but the table doesn't lie - we are polls apart in terms of quality. Just hope we play the game not the occasion.
Report Abuse
30/04/2012 20:57:00

Bye bye Brentford
Carbone's Padawan
Report Abuse
30/04/2012 21:58:00

Yes. "Buzz off, there's a good **********."
Report Abuse
01/05/2012 09:34:00


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