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Beevers agrees permanent Lions move

Wednesday defender Mark Beevers will complete a permanent transfer to Millwall when the transfer window opens in January.

The Barnsley-born player is currently enjoying a successful loan spell with the Lions but will make the deal a permanent one on January 1.

The Owls have agreed a transfer fee with their Championship rivals and Beevers has also agreed personal terms over a deal to move to the New Den.

Beevers, who came through the Wednesday youth set-up, moved to Millwall on-loan in October and has played for them eleven times, helping them climb up the Championship table.

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The Journalist

Writer: Nick Mail feedback, articles or suggestions

Date:Thursday December 6 2012

Time: 5:46PM

Your Comments

what a *****n joke, this is an absolute pss take. why dont we sell antonio and madine while we are at it? jones can leave now im solutely fed up!
what another cracking example of our transfer policy
If we sold the aforementioned players then DJ could be paid off.
At the moment we have 4 CBs on our books :- one is 33 years od and a complete donkey, born in Northumberland. One is 32 years old and a crock born in Stone (Staffs). One is 33 years old and has made himself a legend, born in Castilleja de la Cuesta. One is 23 born in Barnsley, an up and coming star of the future and a complete Wednesdayite. What do we do? Get rid of the future and rely on old men. Just hope to God he doesn't use the money to buy Bothroyd.
dooleys left leg
dooleys left leg, is it just me or is there a pattern developing here? Since being stung by the whole Megson/ fans' loyalty thing MM seems determined to eject anyone or anything with sworn allegiances to the club. Rob Jones was shuffled out with indecent haste, RO'D & Sedgwick were shown the door, Weaver is the forgotten man and not worth a squad number, Palmer was farmed out on loan and Beevers followed him, and now we're told it's for good. Blimey! I bet Ozzie Owl's sweating!
@OurMaurice - Ozzie is absolutely fed up! (see first
it kind of reminds me of the Leeds team that was relegated from the prem e few years ago that was made up of loanees and over the hillers just there for the money and the few that gave a ***** gave up in the end as every one else at the club was just there for the pay-check and knew they were off at the end of the season so it didn't matter what happened to the club. It frightened me that a whole club could be run like that and now it would appear it is happening here. MM needs to sort things out before we are well and truely up the creek without a paddle. I don't just mean DJ needs sorting the players with the exception of the few need a kick up the arse and re-focus on where they could take this club. It seems the players are fine to hide behind Dave Jones being blamed for everything maybe if some of them were to forget Jones game plan and play the way they want to we might have some sucess - on the other hand maybe it's fear of having a good game as they would be dropped??
This really sucks, Millwall cant believe their luck 7th in the table and a cheap centre half that has helped get them up there, Christmas comes early and we are left with all the donkeys
Brighton Owl
Good Luck Mark I am convinced you must have run over the club cat and clearly you must not be forgiven
A good post OurMaurice because you may have hit on the issue which is driving this whole situation. Even if that is what's driving things its still bewildering. Selling Beevers leaves me speechless: what possible game plan can that be playing to for the benefit of the Club unless its all down to personalities. And even then its hard to justify it being to our advantage. Wedalways suggests DJ sort the players out....he can't....he isn't capable. If he could do it he would have done it before now. If any individual has an ounce of sense he learns from his mistakes but all this guy seems to do is repeat them and put the blame somewhere else when it goes wrong.....again. I have a really deep worry now that we are stuck with this guy up to and possibly beyond the point of any possible return
Fantham's Hairnet
A good post OurMaurice because you may have hit on the issue which is driving this whole situation. Even if that is what's driving things its still bewildering. Selling Beevers leaves me speechless: what possible game plan can that be playing to for the benefit of the Club unless its all down to personalities. And even then its hard to justify it being to our advantage. Wedalways suggests DJ sort the players out....he can't....he isn't capable. If he could do it he would have done it before now. If any individual has an ounce of sense he learns from his mistakes but all this guy seems to do is repeat them and put the blame somewhere else when it goes wrong.....again. I have a really deep worry now that we are stuck with this guy up to and possibly beyond the point of any possible return
Fantham's Hairnet
It's nonsense. If there was any substance to that Our Maurice, Beevers would not have been given a new contract at improved term in the close season.
its me next!
don't get me wrong ourmaurice I'm only offering an alternative opinion here! Rob Jones hardly played in the run in last season due to Batth being a more versatile player, I would have liked RO'D to stay but he was already down the pecking order and for his own career needed to be in somebody's first team, Weaver was a big Wednesday fan but I'd have rather seen any of our goalies play first, Sedgwick was only being picked when we were out of options. Palmer is only on loan and needs games but we definitely shouldn't be selling him. Beavers was steadily coming along but none of recent managers have been prepared to play him regularly so is there something we don't know about? some of our transfers and selections have concerned me but I don't think there is a hidden agenda.
Hirsty's Shinpads
dobby1/ Hirsty's Shinpads, I wasn't really trying to add fuel to any conspiracy theories, y' know. It was just a wry observation, that's all. Besides, we have more serious things to worry about right now. Just thankful we have such a brilliant manager or else we would be in the ****!
I liked Beevers but we have 3 left footed centre halves, is beepers the answer to fixing it? I'm not sure. I think the balance of how good a decision this is, will be who replaces him between now and Feb, preference should be sooner rather than later
And beepers is beevers spell checked,
Doesn't seem like we're gonna get a match report to post comments under, and as I don't like the font under the 'preview' article I'll try and start the ball rolling here and see where it ends up. So, here we go then: Sheff Wed 2-3 Bristol C. What a load of ******* ****! Sorry, start again: A must win game against a side who were going through a run almost as bad as our own, at home too. If I could have magically dropped Kirkland, Taylor, Helan (& perhaps Prutton) from the starting XI and replaced them with Bywater, Batth, Reda (& Semedo) I'd have happily bet the farm on us winning that one. Although we might also have needed GM patrolling the touchline with a chair and whip, just to be sure. Either way, the line-up had a more familiar look to it and they started like they meant business. Should have had it all wrapped up by half time but once we did manage to get our noses in front with about 10mins left I thought DJ might be experiencing a rare moment of clarity but then he made two strange substitutions which, combined with a couple of even stranger refereeing decisions, condemned us to yet another home defeat. That's seven and we haven't even reached Christmas yet (although we are generous when it comes to handing out presents). Meanwhile DJ bemoans his luck (again), whilst blaming his players, the officials, us (actually we were being targeted before a ball was kicked), and afterwards even the Almighty Himself was fair game for the unfairness of life in general. The rest of us have all but given up on Divine Intervention and would settle for some from MM. Alas, ostrich rules continue to apply and so the circus trundles on to Dingle Land where we'll probably witness Bothroyd's return, Sidibe's latest injury and another festive defeat, sorry treat. Merry Christmas one and all!
if ever there has been a must win game Barnsley has to be it. Yorkshire Neighbours - 1 point above us and I hope the last chance saloon for Jones. Madine hat-trick and Llera adding to the scoreline making it a 4-1 wednesday win
Sorry wedalways their more likely to be a big star over the local barn than us getting 4
Brighton Owl
ok I have just crawled out from my preverbial rock and noticed we are on sky sports 2 sat and that changes things for me. Brighton I would love to see the second coming and you never know he might be a wednesdayite. I still think we will score 4 but Barnsley might get a couple more than 1 but untill further notice I am not prepared to say how many more. seriously though if ever there was a time for Jones to prove he has been trying the this is it surely
wedalways, I think if there was a corner DJ was capable of steering this here bus around it was Brizzle City at home. He couldn't do it and that speaks volumes IMO. The team may well surprise us by taking all three points next Saturday night, but they'll do it despite the manager rather than because of him. Then it's Charlton at home and once again we'll all be hoping for the best and expecting another disappointment. We're talking the best part of four months of failure here, fifteen defeats - most of them back to back, and no convincing signs of improvement from one game to the next. I seriously doubt MM is happy to sit by and let this situation continue unchecked but if plans to reach inside his pocket and splash out on a magic wand, then I really hope he presents it early... and to someone else.
Maurice thanks mate prozac for dinner again for me tonight and there was me trying to put a semi positive spin on things. to be fair i am tired of the Jones arguement he is clearly not the right man and is really ballsing things up for us but no-one would appear to be doing anything about it so even if they are false positives I intend to bombard you lovely people with all the positives I can find or indeed fabricate ( there has to be something for us to cling onto )
wedalways, you're welcome. I was like you once. Ever the optimist. Strutting around in my 'Danny Williams Is God' T-shirt. And he'd just won a major trophy before we snatched him up. I'd be surprised if DJ could win a friend right now. It's still hard to find any sympathy for him even though Amazon are said to be doing a bomb on those 'K-Tel Heavy-set Supernatural Activity Play-dolls'. 6.99 with free super-saver delivery. They're available in three styles: Grumpy, Paranoid & Bullish and come complete with a wide assortment of pins to stick in. I'm not kidding, word has it they actually work and all. Gary Megson swears by the one he's been road-testing since the end of August.
Hmm, well that ball didn't seem to roll very far, did it. Sort of took an unfortunate deflection past optimism and ended up wedged under a table in the occult toy section. So, anyone out there want to talk about owt else?
Been thinking whilst waiting for Bristol report we might be being a bit hard on DJ, what if it's not down to him who they sign and who plays every week we know GM had problems with MM DJ might be having the same trouble hard to imagine he is so stupid as to sign and play the players he is every week, surely if the supporters can see they are a load of garbage he can. he might be just guilty of being a yes man
You could have a point there, brinsworthowl. We've often speculated on here who's responsible for bringing players in (because if it's all down to Paul Aldridge I'd say his judgement sucks!) but surely good management is about getting the best out of whoever's available. In that case, there can be no argument that DJ has done a lousy job since the end of August. This whole 'loan' business and Bothroyd in particular. He was still insisting a permanent move is possible before the Bristol match and if that isn't a good enough reason to give him the boot then I don't know what is. Personally, I think he's completely lost touch. It's as though he has this picture in his head of what 'his' type of team looks like and Bothroyd is probably part of it. Trouble is, the other ten pieces don't fit. Unless you count Kirkland, Taylor and maybe, I dunno, Barkley. I'm not even sure Antonio's in it TBH, but the results speak for themselves. There's no progress being made, no corner turned. If I had one wish this Christmas it would be GM's return. At least he says 'This is my job and this is how I do it.' With DJ it's 'They keep doing it wrong and this is what happens.' The time to get rid was weeks ago when the problem was instantly treatable, this delay is not only baffling but at this rate it'll need a miracle to pull off a full recovery.
Hideous though it is to look at what has happened, to look forward beyond the next game is not a thing I can bring myself to do. The manager is here til new year I reckon. Unless MM brings in some foreign managerial talent - say from MLS... Ha! Bearing this in mind the opening gambit for the Barnsley game should really not be anything other than attack attack attack. Score first to avoid watching the moral slide. Stick big COG up front to hold it with Madine and give it to Mayor or antonio to run. May be offer Rodri an attacking midfield job? Llera and Taylor in the back with Buxton and anyone else, JJ ? as the other backs. Experiment a bit. There is now nothing to lose except your hearts.
I'm just hoping CO'G gets a game Saturday night. I've a hunch this foot injury is a smokescreen and if he's 'rested' because of it then it's all the proof I'll need that he'll be a Dingle come January (for an undisclosed fee of course).
if COG goes replaced with Bothroyd I may have to eat my own feet in protest. I'm not confident we would be able to replace him with any one remotely near as talented or as affective as him for double what we get for him
Think about it though: DJ keeps his job, CO'G off to Barnsley the moment the transfer window opens and Bothroyd's loan extended till the end of the season. Who can honestly say it won't happen? At the end of the day it doesn't matter what we think about it.
I realise that it does not make 1 bit of difference what we think but in all honesty I do not believe if that scenario happens even Jones as deluded as he is can not seriously stand up and tell the whole world he has done the best job he could - could he???
It makes a difference to me what you think. I care. I know we can take action. Social, vocal action. Get radical. Sit in. Stand up. Oh come on, really, now sit down. Nope not ready for that yet. So it really is only us then that will care about what we think.
the trouble is OddOwl ( nice name by the way I think being a wednesdayite makes us all a bit odd ) all the people who care are all in the wrong places - by that I mean if they were in the directors box rather than the stands things may be being done alot sooner than they are or at least I hope they are
OddOwl, we all care. Meaning, each of us value our own opinions and express them as a way of demonstrating our lifelong commitment to the club we love. The question is: Are our opinions likely to influence MM's decision making process? Sadly, I'd say no. Not a chance. However, I would say our ongoing commitment is vitally important to his prospects of success and he'll be keen to keep us sweet, as it were, but he's probably chasing a different set of targets than the rest of us anyway. We're not used to being 'owned' and there are pros and cons even when the concept seems to work and delivers trophies on a regular basis (ie. Chelsea). But when Abramovich fires a popular manager the fans might get the hump but they can still sit back and wait for all that dosh to keep the show on the road. MM chose to fire a popular manager rather than spend the dosh in his pocket and as a gamble it seemed to pay off. Now though, when we should all be setting our sights on brighter horizons we look like keeping a manager who's hit a brick wall as opposed to a 'lairning cairve', who seems to content to either loan out or sell our popular players whilst standing by a bunch of expensive, underachieving and ageing turkeys. I want to take comfort from the fact MM has recently pledged to keep us up this season, although we'll have wait to see what he has in mind because he wasn't giving anything away either. He asks us to trust him, we trust him because we have no other choice in the matter. We're Wednesdayites. We were here before he came to our rescue and we'll still be here after he's moved on to whatever comes next on his business agenda. Yes, his timely intervention did us all a massive favour and for that we remain eternally grateful, but when it all boils down he, together with his chosen staff are merely custodians whose first responsibility ought to be the club. And the true value of any club can only be measured by the size, strength and potential of it's fanbase. It's one thing to disregard our views and opinions but I reckon it would be a huge mistake to ignore them.
speaking of which Maurice - these fans forums where does the feedback go ?? does Milan recieve it or does he trust his business managers and Pr staff? Is Milan a technophobe who has no idea that his award winning website is akward to navigate and the twitter acount which we were promised would keep the fans more in touch with the goings on at the club. does he know there are forums about that are screaming for some common sense? or is Milan blissfully aware and just looking at financial figures?

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