Sheffield Wednesday - Owls Takeover - No Deal
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Owls Takeover - No Deal

Well the press conference that Wednesday fans were waiting for has happened, but it's not the news we were waiting for...

Or was it news at all?

We were all (well, most of us) expecting some good news on the takeover front at Hillsborough after chairman Dave Allen revealed that he was in discussions with former Everton director Paul Gregg earlier this week.

But instead, Allen came out and blamed fans group Wednesdayite for the collapse of the proposed takeover, after the group failed to agree to sell their 10 per cent-plus shareholding in the club to make the takeover more manageable.

And the Owls supremo had some harsh words for Owls fans, saying in a statement today: 'I would suggest the majority of fans get together and sort the minority out.'

So it looks as though the gap has widened between Wednesdayite and the Owls board, and any hope of a takeover in the not too distant future has been ended.

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The Journalist

Writer: Nick Mail feedback, articles or suggestions

Date:Friday July 20 2007

Time: 3:26PM

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Wasn't it Allen who gifted the group the shares in the first place and now when it suits him he wants them back. Just shows what a numpty he is!!!!
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20/07/2007 15:50:00

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20/07/2007 15:51:00

What a sham - Why is 10% of the shares going to make any difference? Why doesn't Allen concentrate on acquiring the other "missing" 40% of shares from people that never use vote at AGM's? He could end up with 70% then!.
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20/07/2007 16:05:00

It's embarassing and a total discrace!
will it ever happen
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20/07/2007 16:37:00

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20/07/2007 17:26:00

Yep to all the above. At the minute I feel that SWFC is a very bad punch line to a long and not particularly funny joke..... I've got one for ya, Question: How many people does it take to buy out SWFC? Answer: None - they've got no F***ING chance with Allen as chairman... HA F***ING HA....
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20/07/2007 18:23:00

What is the biggest disgrace is that Mr Allen and is cronies on the board are trying to divide the fans, between the fans who are not members of Wednesdayites and those that are, SHAME ON YOU ALLEN! To the Wednesday fan that are calling for Wednesdayite to give back the share too Allen, do not buy into the boards Bull S***.
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20/07/2007 18:34:00

Come on, see sense. No one is going to invest millions in a business if they haven't got control. Whether its with Wednesdayites shares or someone elses, until someone holds 51% of the shares, there will be no investment. Surely its time for all the principal shareholders to come together to agree a way forward and to stop having public slanging matches
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20/07/2007 18:42:00

You can't blame the board. Its those nasty fans. Mr Allen is right, the club would be much better of if it didn't have any.
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20/07/2007 19:08:00

Thanks wednesday*****e !!!! Forget all this Dave Allen slagging that is going on. Mr Gregg wanted to buy a large stake through Dave Allen, and these shares that Mr Allen "GAVE" to Wednesday*****e should be returned for free so this deal can go through.
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20/07/2007 19:10:00

Bollox. If Gregg wanted to take over, he would have. People like him find ways of making things happen. He obviously didn't want to, otherwise he would have dealt with Wednesdayite directly if their shares were the issue. So, ask yourself, why has Carson Yeung , Paul Gregg, Berger Larsson and the Jersey Consortium all pulled out of buying SWFC in the last few years? Answers on a DA shaped postcard please!
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20/07/2007 19:53:00

Just read the comments on there any wonder Mr Gregg wouldn't put his money in?
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20/07/2007 20:07:00

Blaming Wednesdayite. That's a new one.
Disgruntled Owl
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20/07/2007 20:59:00

Needing 51% of the shares to buy in? Well, Yeung was OK buying in to Brum at the 30% level. Blaming Wednesdayite? Typical smokescreen from Allen.. begone with you, we've had enough of your lies.
Auckland Owl
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20/07/2007 21:09:00

Quote from the Wednesdayite site: "Surely, if the issue of the Wednesdayite shares was a deal-breaker, someone would have thought that it was important enough to talk directly to Wednesdayite about it." My big question is why did Allen call a press conference about this? We've had plenty of failed investment before. I can only assume it was so he could have more of a go at Wednesdayite.
Disgruntled Owl
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20/07/2007 21:19:00

hes an arse, hes offered wednesdayite 500k for the shares, so this means his valuation of our club is 5million... for some reason i think he may be tryin to buy the shares cheap to make a few more million lol ALLEN OUT
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20/07/2007 22:14:00

well smiggy if you want him out that much let him buy the shares on te cheap and make a few quid, and he is gone forever, but you are like all the wednesdayite mob, holding out for every penny.
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21/07/2007 02:32:00

Wednesdayite r just loving feeling important with their 10% of shares. These so called "loyal" fans should surely do anything possible to get new investment in and therefore get rid rid of Allen as well. Personally im siding with Allen, he's already 1-0 up over the Ken Bates affair. What a joke that would of been.
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21/07/2007 10:28:00

You're all assuming that this magical takeover will happen if Wednesdayite gave up the shares. What guarentees do we have that that is the case? Only Allens. Surely it is just as likely that Allen wants more money for HIS shares and that is why no deal is being done. That wouldn't change if he had more shares either. I think Wednesdayite hate Allen so much that if they were asked to give up the shares to guarentee his exit, then they'd do it immediately. Their problem is that it could well just be Allen talking out of his arse again.
Disgruntled Owl
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21/07/2007 10:58:00

Well if Allen is 1-0 up over the Bates affair, here is the extra-time own-goal equaliser. Allen GAVE Wednesdayite the shares in the first place, and therefore this situation is ENTIRELY his fault.
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21/07/2007 11:08:00

I am not a dave allens number one fan by all means but he has my support on this one he has like it or not made the club more financialy stable he the single handedly fought off ken bates angainst the backing of the wednesdayite which is only there cause he put them there they stabbed him in the back over the whole affair and lookm at leeds now. If you was true owls lads you would give the shares back you dont have no financial input I think its great how you have a say put your not that important especially to any one who wants to buy the club they see you as a pain that could hinder the support from the other fans involved in the club PLEASE I have faith in Dave Allen wanting to sell the club let him have the shares back I think you lads have said enough now and it isnt good enough
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21/07/2007 13:13:00

Having listened to both the Allen and Wednesdayite interviews on radio sheffield I feel they are as bad as each other. With the clubs interest in mind they should put their shares together and allow an investor in to change the regime at Hillsborough and give us a shot at the Premiership. Why waste time bickering over this when we had an investor willing to come into the club. I'm not a massive Allen fan but he is right and as fozzyp said he told Bates to sling his hook. We are more stable now than we have been in a long time and this is down to Allen. Plesa sell up Wednesdayite and give us a chance. Listen to the majority of the Wednesday fans, we all want the club to do well. WEDNESDAY TIL I DIE!!!
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21/07/2007 13:54:00

I agree with you Fozzy. Allen has done alright with the club but he wants to sell. Give him what he needs and let's move on.
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21/07/2007 14:17:00

Guys the main problem is that Allen will not talk or discuss anything with Wednesdayite ! Wednesdayite are offering to discuss with Aleen about the shares but Allen wants to do an unnegotionable deal over the shares . This leaves the whole thing at acomplete stalemate because at the end of the day they both hate each others guts and it is a bit of a childish slanging match especially from Allens part. Beside that I wouldnt believe aword Allen says as he has promised so much in the past that has never happened with his latest comment being that he wont fund anymore money out of his own pocket to the club. To be honest I am more interested about completing a deal for a new number 9 rather than a new owner. A new good quality striker could help us to the prem without mega finances !
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21/07/2007 15:52:00

sell up wednsdaydayite, uve done nothing worth while 2 the club, so its time 2 sell up and get out! UP THE OWLS
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21/07/2007 18:09:00

Compromise is the word Like Luby says, wednesdayite have maybe not done anything wrong, but how much credit would they come out with if they offered to give shares back ?
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21/07/2007 20:47:00

haxey, im not saying wednesdayite shouldnt give up the shares all im saying is if the bored sell there 30% for 3million (easy example) then the investor should deal directly with wednesdayite and pay the same amout to them, then wednesdayite can put that directly into the club and not 500k that allen is offering
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21/07/2007 20:48:00

I feel wendesayite are a stumbling block and halting progress. They give a list of conditions to a potential buyer, as if they own the club. I wouldt expect anyone to come in and wipe off our 26m debt, although it would be nice. UP the owls and i think wednesdayite are blades in disguise.
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