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Sodje In Owls Talks

West Brom defender Sam Sodje is said to be in discussions with the Owls over a possible move to Wednesday before the close of the transfer deadline.

Wednesday boss Brian Laws has revealed he's desperate to sort out the Owls' defensive problems after two heavy defeats in their opening two Championship clashes this term.

And West Brom's 28-year-old defender was spotted at Hillsborough watching their latest defeat to Wolves yesterday afternoon, reports BBC Radio Sheffield.

'We've spoken to a club in the last few days and managed to reach an agreement and we've now had talks with the player,' Laws told BBC Sport.

He added: 'We're making silly mistakes in games and that is costing us. I'm extremely concerned with the goals we've conceded and I need to address the problem.'

The Nigerian spent his early career in non-league football with Stevenage and Margate before proving himself in the Football League after being signed by Brentford and securing a 350,000 move to Reading.

Sodje featured for Albion last season after moving to the Midlands on loan for the last part of the season and played in Albion's 1-0 play-off defeat to Derby last season.

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The Journalist

Writer: Nick Mail feedback, articles or suggestions

Date:Monday August 20 2007

Time: 10:22AM

Your Comments

Thats a positive
We need somebody, thats for sure
Has to be an improvement than what weve got at the minute.
Skeggy Owl
dont know much about him, but like ive said before we seem to only be able to attract players who cant get into the first team of our rivals
i not sure if he was there it might have been folly cuz hes had his hair cut short and i couldnt reckonise im apart frm in back of programe
up the owls 2k7
Reading are our rivals then???? I think this would be a good buy.
Disgruntled Owl
thought he played for wba :-s
About Folly, who's cat has he kicked? How can Hinds get on the bench, and Burton O'Brian and not him?
he dus he came from reading
up the owls 2k7
amen, thewalkleyone, its a ******** disgrace, he has so much talent yet for sum reason he is left to rot in the stands, like the rest of us!
he does play for west brom played against us last season and he was clumsy i dont think hes the answer he was great lower league though
Reading website says he's their player. Was on loan to WBA last season, but I don't think he's there now.
Disgruntled Owl
kenny lunt is rubish all he god at is freekicks crap at corners whelan was running his heart out and u got a prat at side of him like lunt his set pieces are good but thats about it we need yoann folly!!!!!!!! brian must know though because soon as he come he gived him a 3 year deal if i am correct folly works his heart out to WE NEED FOLLY BAK !!!! WE NEED FOLLY BAK !!!! when hudderfield and sunderland was intrestead in lunt i would have gived him away
up the owls 2k7
Sorry but if Laws cannot see that Lunt is ******** ***** and for some reason does not even but Folly on the bench he is not fit to be our manager. It is a disgrace! Remeber how quality Whelan and Folly were last year at the start of the season. Sorry but Folly has the potential to be such a great big player for us and Laws for some reason unbeknown to us cant even find a place on the bench for him. This is one thing that really *****es me off at the moment! Laws sort yourself out or get out!
I like the sound of Sodje coming, hes a good quality, strong no nonsense defender who Im sure will do a job for us. Glad Laws is looking at sorting out the right area. I know alot a people doubt Laws but I have a lot of time for him and really rate his managerial abilities. Hes got a very difficult job under the current circumstances behind scenes at Hillsborough especially finacially and has to be given the upmost respect for what hes trying to do with what hes been given. I feel Sodje aint the only answer I think we still would need another central defender, and I know its a luxery to have at hillsbourough but we are so much in need of more strength and depth so that players stop becoming complacent feeling guaranteed a first 11 spot every match as has been the case for so long and causing comitment levels to drop.
u remember on tele vs wba when we should have had a penalty because dat big kid pushed burton over that him
up the owls 2k7
I don't think Folly is quite the saviour some of you are making out. I think he should be part of the squad and certainly deserves a shot because Lunt hasn't started the season well, but at the end of last season, Laws switched between Lunt and Folly a lot and neither of them really excelled. Folly was fantastic at the start of last season but he never got going after that. I'd say that he's definitely worth a go, but if Laws is anti-Folly then he needs to get him out of loan so wages can be freed up. I think 6 months at a league 1 team would be fantastic for him.
Disgruntled Owl
On an unrelated note, does anyone know who this midfielder that we were going to loan was? Got injured on Friday so we didn't get him. Quite fancied us picking up Eddie Lewis from Leeds but he's gone to Derby. Think he'll have a total mare in the premiership though. Would probably have done well for us. Could have Thanksgiving with Frankie too!
Disgruntled Owl
well if he gone 2 derby he a left winger maybe teale
up the owls 2k7
lol disgrunteled and i reckon sodje would be good signing
i second that s66owl
steve booker, so what ur sayin is that we need 2 another central defender ? we have the best centre defender in the league, sodje and wood wud make a very good partnership! and disgruntled owl, follt isnt a saviour bt at the side of whelan, it wud b 100% improvemtn on the usles tosser lunt! id get rid of lee bullen now i know most wednesday fans like him but 4 me, he has cost us 4 goals ALREADY this season and he ha on played 1 and a half games im sorry wednesday fans but he is not gud enough! i still believe we need a brand new left side and centre half (sodje) and a centre mid! i thinkeverywhere else is fine, we just need that belief that we can go nd beat teams, cos when we walk out on pitch, dunt know bwt eery1 else, but i think the team dusn't look interested at all! so lets start this weekend against charlton, they r there 4 the taking! lets get behind lads and climb up that table 2 where we belong! CUM'ON U BLUE AND WHITE WIZAAAARDSSS
i think we can beat charlton with pure courage and effort and that would kick start our leauge campaigne at least a draw
If Sodje is the man, i agree Luby02, him and wood at the back wud be a cracking partnership! Maybe a petition shud be started to give Folly a go again?? He looked useful at first and has to be better than wot we got a the minute. Him and whelan cud work but then wot about Watson?? His is experience is important!
i agree what about watson,but it needs 2 happen now and yeah whelan and watson played well at the back end of last season, but folly has hat little bit more 4 me, and well id like whelan and folly 2 get back in2 the form they where in at the start of last season! not 2 sure bwt the petition hahaha the only thing i can think of is, he must have done summat 2 laws or laws'smissus! only explanation (in my eyes)
Could be his allegiance to Sturrock. After all, the big Sturrock fans (Maclean, Coughlan, Adams) have all been shipped out sharpish. Allen can't have dissent in the ranks.
Disgruntled Owl
Bigash signs the "We Want Our Folly Back" petition. If we sign Sodje on a permanent, it'l show intention to compete in the top 12. We all know the first 2 games are nothing to go on........we are a confidence team and hopefully soon we'l get a result that gives us the much needed boost. Wonder if we can do a double deal for sodje and Bobby Convey???? then sell Lunt for around 500k to hartlepool....
Luby02 I agree with you Wood is a class act, what I ment when I said 2 more central defenders I ment another quality defender as back up. As I stated before its a luxery to have right now but strength and depth is what we are sadly lacking.
We need a central defender, a left back, a ball winning midfielder and a quality forward. Then we might start to go forward. Simple as
we are lacking strength indept steveboker but we have other priorities first like winger center mid left back
Sheffield Star reckon the fee is 350k. If that's true, it's a bargain!
Disgruntled Owl
Yep 350K is an absolute bargain...if it is true
we was never going to be shelling out 5 million though was we but your rite fellas bargin
Apparently 10% of anything over 350k goes to Brentford
let em have that 10% they can ave 50% got ***** all 2 do wi us! anyways, ye sodje wud b a class signing, him and wood wud b 1 of the best centre back pairing in the league! thats not me being biast 2 wednesday, i just feel them 2 r very good and wud suite each other perfect! i believe we do have a quality forward, his name is jeffers but once again he has the hillsborough curse, play 1 game and get injured the next, y does it always happen 2 us! we wud never get 500k for lunt, wud b nice, but cnt c it 2 b perfectly honest! lets hope we can get a ood result against charlton on saturday and kick on from there we can do it, just nee that first win 2 get us going, seems 2 b bit of a stumbling block these first couple of games, always have at begining of a new season! btw i know its nothing 2do with wednesday but R.I.P anton reid at walsall!
I'm not going to lecture about how reliable Lunt is in midfield (Read the Wolves Comments). This would be a great acquisition. Sodje and Wood in centre half and Watson pushed into Defensive Midfield. All we need now is a reliable goalscorer but I can see that in Jeffers when fully fit. COME ON WEDNESDAY
remember sunderland lost their first 5 games last season, I really believe we have the players to climb up the table, possibly lacking depth in our squad but thats the case with most championship clubs. Anyone know the extent of Jeffer's injury?
excelant signing
It would be an excellent signing but not sure its been done yet, although I may be behind the times. thought he was having 24 hours to think about it. Hope he has/does though.
I'm starting to get worried. Whenever someone goes away to think about it, it invariably ends up bad for Wednesday. Don't think, sign!
Disgruntled Owl
Yeah I am getting worried too. If he doesn't sign then we obviosuly have major issues within the club
Anyone heard anything about this guy we were trying to bring in from the continent? all gone quite, or perhaps it was bull*hit?! has mark pembridge got himself a new club or has he called it a day? could maybe do a job ............
I think the guy from the continent, and supposedly playing in the Champions league qualifiers was total bull*****. Mansfieldowl. I agree with the majority of things you write, but please spare us from the return of the Ginger haired one. We couldnt wait to get shut last time,anyway, if he hasnt packed it in, his wages would be out of our leagueme thinks.
could be worse, i could be campaigning for the triumphant return of danny sonner!!!!! on an unrelated note does any1 know what happened to orlando trustfull and oneil donaldson after they left wednesday?
Sodje is a Reading player he was just on loan to West Brom last season and played up to the play off final. I thought he looked quite good and believe he would be a good signing as Bullen is way way passed it he's looked awful so far this season. As for Lunt and Folley they are both useless fairies and have no talent whatsoever!!!!
is neill danns still rotting in the brum reserves? cud be a more than able "creative" midfeilder. it must be bad ive resorted to making my own rumours up - hope im not turning into kaven walker!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1
You know who we need now. Graham Hyde!!! :-)
Disgruntled Owl
we need a miracle more like it
Petter Rudi still plays, lol. Whats Emerson Thome doing these days too and What wing did Regi Blinker play on while were at it?
Marc Degryse?
regi played on the left i think remember him scoring 2 great goals away to villa on his debut but after that he wasn't too impressive. Yes your right we need a miracle and a new board
Emerson Thome plays in Japan for Vissel Kobe who got relegated to J2 in 2006 but made it back to J1 last season finishing 3rd :) Marc Degryse retired in 2002 according to wiki
how about goce sedloski at the back and guy wittingham up front what was his name with the mullet who played centre half a few years ago? I know his face but the name has gone, I remember orlando trustful used to try and break people's legs whenever he went in for a tackle, how about putting the steel back into midfield with adam poric
ian pearce
no andy pearce
b*llocks i doubt myself now
Yesterday when the site went down for a time, it lost one of my replies. In it I drooled over the aforementioned Regie & Orlando. Jesus, have we all gone mad, such random thoughts cant be common. Or is it we are all that desperate? Has this Sodje guy actually given an answer yet? And while Im here, why is the Official website so uninformative these days? absolute crap.
This Sodje deal is sounding less and less likely. Can't understand why no one wants to come to us. It's not like the club is in a complete mess and we're going to get relegated. Ahem.
Disgruntled Owl
He might have been promised a few players would sign at the same time.........????? I can actually see 3 players signing at once, which would be pleasing for the squad.
We're being linked to a good few people. I think it might be hoping a little too much to think that we're holding out to announce signings together. I think if a deal was done, he'd be in the squad for Saturday. God knows we need him.
Disgruntled Owl

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