Stats: United v Wednesday 07/02/09 12:00
UK time is: 02:13:38
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United 1 - Wednesday 2

Bramall Lane

07/02/09 12:00

Attendance: 30786

Referee: Mark Halsey

1 - 2
Lupoli 5
Spurr 1, Tudgay 29
Venue: Bramall Lane
Attendance: 30786
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Writer: Auckland Owl Mail feedback, articles or suggestions

Date:Saturday February 7 2009

Time: 2:25PM

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Goo wan Wednesday!
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07/02/2009 14:39:00

Abo*****ley fantastic!!!!!!!
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07/02/2009 14:47:00

at least that will keep moon pig off the site 4 abit unless he comes up with some sh"e about them bein robbed thats the result of the season 4 me all the lads did there job,super
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07/02/2009 15:00:00

you must love egg on your piggy face bfl
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07/02/2009 15:26:00

Utd are a poor side, their only quality player is the young full back. They only look dangerous from throw-ins. I thought Wedy sat back in the second half. If we had gone for it, we could have won by 3 or 4.
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07/02/2009 15:40:00

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07/02/2009 16:18:00

So why didn't you go for it then doitforlove?? that's rubbish, you weren't good enough on the day, accept it. ******** brilliant result and great idea by the board to let us watch it all happen before our very eyes at Hillsbro! UP THE OWLS!
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07/02/2009 16:49:00

yet again owls come up with the goods anyone seen bfl thought not still in pub pulling his hair out well done brian laws masterminded another derby win still on cloud nine GET IN THERE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.
beverley owl
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07/02/2009 18:18:00

im flattered that you all talk about me when i'm not even here, thanks i didnt think you cared!! just like to say well done, you were committed, determined, stubbon, worked for each other, organised and passed it about well at times. you looked threatening going forward and ran the midfield. laws is doing a great job there with no money, a small squad, and a shoe string budget -(dave bassett comes to mind). i thought we had a few good chances but just didnt have the brains or ability on the day to make it pay off. we were so predictable its was unbelievable and we played awfull. everything you were we were the opposite. we couldnt take a corner, a free kick - we couldnt string 2 passes together we were just ******** awfull. long ball ***** from blackwell with a team of midgets. its ok people saying we are 5th in the league and still in the cup - but at this rate not for much longer. or yeh - and it cost me 1,000 (a lossed bet) so all in all im fecking buzzing.
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07/02/2009 20:57:00

don't think you lot should get carried away too much though, i mean im getting text saying, 'you are going up this season' - champions league in 3 years - the tide has changed now!! i mean come on just a little bit over the top. i'm not going to be insultive or unfair as you deserve the chance to enjoy this. it says and means alot when you lot are reacting to this like you are. it proves how highly thought of sheffield united are in terms of a club. we did an amazing double in 2005/06 and we didnt come out with some of the statements you lot are coming out with today. enjoy the momont piggy's because you will be waiting for another 95 years before you manage to do another double. you hadnt won at the lane since 1967!! feck me - ALL IN ALL THOUGH AS HARD AS IT IS TO SAY LAWS IS DOING A BRILLIANT JOB - will be worrying though when clubs come in for grant, beevers, spurr, wood and jj. I'D CALM THE CELEBRATIONS DOWN A LITTLE - BUT THE CELEBRATIONS PRAISES US!! XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX
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07/02/2009 21:06:00

least we admit when we deserve to lose and deliver credit when credits due. unlike you lot who would have thought up of every possible excuse in the book to make and said we were lucky. thats where we are different.
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07/02/2009 21:08:00

bfl U WILL NEVER BEAT THE WEDNESDAY just admit u were wa8nk today premership u avin a laff
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07/02/2009 22:01:00

F*** you pigforlife. Dont come on here trying to be all nice and gracious in defeat after all the crap you've been coming out with over the last couple of days. Its brilliant that we beat you again this season, and it just shows that it doesn't matter how financialy stable your s*** little club is it will never measure up to the passion and commitment of a great club like Sheffield Wednesday FC. So, F*** you pig for today Sheffield is BLUE AND WHITE!! UP THE OWLS!!
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07/02/2009 22:54:00

yawn, change the record bfl. please read your above posts to see the list of excuses for your lot not winning today. yes you do make excuses, lots of them! just like you have in the past derbies. and stop making stories up about getting silly texts saying 'we'll be in champions league in 3 years' and crap like that, you just make up things like that to make us owls sound like idiots. truth is no wednesday fans think like that. we beat a very poor side today, nothing more. so stop coming out with crap.
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07/02/2009 22:58:00

as for the wendy fans making loads of noise. thats a complete and utter joke. you were like cardboard cut outs for most of the game and apart from doing that stupid bouce which looked absolutely comical that was it. highlight had to be when that fat tango to55er was giving it some and he fell over his seat - ha ha what a complete**** he looked. he also wouldnt bounce as his t1t5 were bouncing that much even the kids on the john street were taking the p155!! thanks tango dole boy for making the game so much more enjoyable!! ha ha
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07/02/2009 23:24:00

Thats funny because I thought the highlight was Tudgays 25 yard winner into the top corner! btw keep your "compliments" to yourself we dont need telling how f***ing great we were today and what a great manager we have.
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07/02/2009 23:31:00

i agree the highlight of today was the 25 yarder that was scored by tudgay,(i think paddy may need glassers) because he dived no where near the ball,we was fu$king ace today fully diserved the win,we could see all week how they would faulter,they lost henderson,but still they played long ball,thats all they have got fu$k all else,i want 2 know what time there midfield finished 4 lunch because they were late getting back,paddy must have tought them well fat bast$rd,well done the owls its all about change ,but thats not what the piggy s migdets got from beevers and co ul never lick the beever
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08/02/2009 00:35:00

''least we admit it when we derserve to lose and deliver credit when credits due. unlike you lot who would have thought of every possible excuse in the book to make and said we were lucky'' HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHA thats THE MOST RIDICULOUS THING YOUVE EVER COME OUT WITH moonpig thats the EXACT opposite of what you pigs embody nothing but moaning squaling excuse makers ''oh it was the refs fault tevezs fault blackwells fault the fa the premier league west ham,that bloke from the daily mail the police the f'in weather. Not the any of that matters all that matters is tudgaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay do you want some salt with your sour grapes? Cue the all to predictable its your cup final and we're still above you like the game means nothing to you, youre not even fooling yourself keep looking over your shoulder moonpig and enjoy your SUPER FUN HAPPY SLIDE down the table LONG HOOFBALL RUGBY TEAM THERES ONLY 1 FOOTBALL TEAM IN SHEFFIELD
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08/02/2009 11:07:00

head to head sheffield united are still the best if thats what we are going on!! - by all your comments it is to thats it............sorted!! your season's now over, well done pig fans!!
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08/02/2009 12:17:00

I've still got :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) all over my face!!!!
will it ever happen
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08/02/2009 12:22:00

Head to head we've won more trophies and the more successful side bfl, end of story. Sour grapes again, you lot just cant take a defeat on the chin. Egg on your face yet again, it's getting quite boring now. you paid that 1,000 yet pig? haha love it x
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08/02/2009 12:36:00

i have and he's a member on this site which makes it alot more worse. if look back in history of both clubs you will see that united have been more succesfull than wendy overall even taking into account you early 90's mega money spending!! FACT!! XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX ps - we can take defeat but you lot certainlly cannot and the crap that you are spounting is laughable of a club always under sheffield united!!
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08/02/2009 14:52:00

Now you're getting boring BFL. You're only being gracious because even you couldn't justify it any other way. You were beaten by the better team and, even though I hate to agree with the majority of piggy fans, things are only going to go from bad to worse for you lot while Blackwell is in charge. Hope he's there for a long time to come!!!!! And if you're still in a betting mood, what odds would you give me that we go up before you sorry lot? Keep playing the way you are and you'll be going down quicker than a 2 dollar whore.
US Owl
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08/02/2009 16:43:00

Anybody have a clue who scored for them ? I'll tell you now it WASNT Lupoli and it WASNT a piggie player either.
Skeggy Owl
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08/02/2009 16:53:00

Bladesforlife1889 when you say Sheff Utd lead in head to head matches you must do better research. If you just count league and cups then yes its 44-41 to Utd. But if you count every time we have met then it is 51-48 to Wednesday. When you use stats you cant pick and choose to suit you, You have to include them all. See Wikipedia - Steel city Derby
Handsworth Owl
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08/02/2009 19:26:00

just how are you taking defeat bfl other than in your usually terrible way? Blackwells whinge sums up how you lot take defeat no dignity no class no points no trophies in 80 odd years how the flip is that more sucessful moonpig?
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08/02/2009 20:24:00

skeggy it was lewis buxton own goal i think
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08/02/2009 20:27:00

Pigs - always will be the second club in sheffield. Small ground, shocking support yesterday. It was supposed to be derby day and there was only 3,000 of us! I was in an executive box in the Blades end and all I could hear was Wednesday!
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08/02/2009 20:38:00

handsworth league & cups? what else are you taking into consideration the under 16's? my god
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08/02/2009 22:24:00

Which history books are you looking at bfl???? 'United are the more successful'!!!!! absolute clown! Wednesday have won more trophies, Wednesday have spent more years in the top flight, Wednesday have been more successful. FACT!!! get your facts right before making things up..... again!
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09/02/2009 11:02:00

Your seasons in the Anglo-Italian Cup are not considered a success bfl
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09/02/2009 11:21:00


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